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  1. I bet you thump your chest and burp after you're done, too, don't you? I used to date a currently collegiate female wrestler, and one of my favorite coaches/mentors is a previous women's wrestler as well. Both have been served greatly be wrestling, and so have all of their peers and colleagues. At this point, your chauvinistic opinion is already well threaded into your psyche, and unfortunately, I can't change that in a forum, nor will I attempt to. I just hope that in the hypothetical situation of Ronda Rousey throwing you in an armbar, or one of the Japanese wrestling legends blast doubling you, you will be a "man" then, as well, and take your humiliation with a bit more grace than you show on this thread.
  2. This thread is full of straight up, plain ignorance. Of course, on a male-dominated board, you're gonna have more discussion of male wrestling. I, for one, was more interested in the women's wrestling team than the men's (then again, I didn't see that fallout of our team happening, but that's besides the point). Until you've wrestled alongside girls and women, I think you can't really appreciate the fight they have inside of them.
  3. Gonna try this at practice this week. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Brown's unique curriculum, where you can pretty much shape your own major out and cater to exactly what you want, rather than find the best in what classes are pre-determined for you, is actually very popular. Also, my high school senior year, Brown was actually more selective than Penn, Cornell and I'm pretty sure Dartmouth, as well. I don't really think you can give out a Worst of the Ivies title. Sure, not all of them will be for everyone, and some of em will be better than others, but all of them are great at something.
  5. #1 Pound-for-Pound female wrestler in the nation? USA's Highest placer? I guess Cadet World Champ Teshya Alo might have something to say about both of those.
  6. Flo used to have a forum. They took it out when they implemented all of the FloPro stuff.
  7. 125 - Jordan Conaway 133 - Jimmy Gullibon 141 - Mark Grey 149 - Andrew Alton 157 - Joey Lavalle 165 - Garrett Hammond 174 - Elliot Riddick 184 - Matt McCutcheon 197 - Kyle Snyder 285 - Jimmy Lawson We Are!
  8. Guess Mark Ruffalo just lost 11 bucks.. what a shame
  9. First day results: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2014/August/26/Ahmadi-Aliakseyenka-win-gold-medals-at-Vets-Worlds Live webcast & results: http://www.2012eurowrestling.com Photos will be here eventually: http://www.cscsportsphotography.com
  10. Is it just me, or do I see a possible world championship team? Ramos: Can't see him going one and out, but call me biased - I could see him slipping into the medal rounds. Realistically, I don't think he'll make the finals.. yet. This is his warm up year. We saw Coleman Scott get a bronze at the Olympics his first year on the team - why can't Ramos? Kennedy: If he keeps up the pace he's had this year, I don't see him not getting a medal, plain and simple. Metcalf: Like everyone's been pointing out, the latest set of rule changes are heavily in his favor. He's the epitome of Iowa style wrestling, which, on the international level, is pretty akin to USA Style. He can wear and tear his way to the podium. Marable: Lost a 1-0 decision to the current #1. Hopefully all of the co-op training camps have been getting him to roll with the likes of Burroughs, Green, Metcalf, etc - guys that will get his offense going. Once he starts creating opportunities, he'll be a freight train. Burroughs: Let's keep 'em coming. I wanna see him break John Smith's record of 6 in a row. Last year, I watched him win Gold during my class.. I'd like to make that a tradition these next couple years. Ruth: Right now, all that's keeping him from being the consensus #1 is international experience. Personally, I wanna see him win Gold.. I got a bet with a guy on the club team here at PSU. I don't think a bronze is out of the question. Varner: STACKED weight class. Let's hope we see the US Open Varner. Dlagnev: Man, he's always right there in the top 5, and this looks like a year he can snag a medal. Overall, I see 1 definite medal (Burroughs), 4 likely's (Kennedy, Marable, Ruth, Varner), 2 possibly's (Metcalf, Dlagnev), and only 1 reach (Ramos). If our other age-group Men's FS teams' success is any indication, with the perfect storm, we could be #1.
  11. There's a lot of NCAA regulations involved. If you already have eligibility, it's a matter of the team having enough space on their roster available. Contact the coach directly ASAP so that you can figure things out.
  12. So you really think that schools, despite all of the academic and economic issues plaguing public education across the country, are going to set aside the money to fund this? School buses? Coaches? Sites? Insurance? Equipment? Anything else?.. In Philadelphia, before BTS started helping out, we had nine public high school teams. We now have 14. Do you honestly think I should contact my local AD to suggest that they look into starting beach wrestling? Is that really what the sport needs? This is the second time you gave a misleading topic title to a thread to give the illusion of interest in Beach/Sand wrestling. I appreciate the enthusiasm, I really do, but please, use more discretion and common sense when you're trying to push for this style. I think it is safe to say that most people do not see your methods as positive advocation for Beach wrestling, and are rather turned off by it.
  13. I wish for a healthy, speedy return to as normal of a life as he can get. Shows how dangerous weight cutting can get.
  14. Any certain reason why they're using Angry Birds plush toys as challenge cubes?
  15. Matches are now free to watch.. WTT matches and all HS matches
  16. Wait, the same Michigan that beat Minnesota couldn't out-place Mizzou? I know, dual vs tournament, but really? Also, consider that it is a conference tournament vs national tournament that we are talking about here. MUCH more bonus points to be gained at the conference tournament, and looking at each squad, I think Michigan would win the MAC tournament over Mizzou. Might be a bit close, but it'd be a W.
  17. 65kg finals: http://www.dartfish.tv/Player.aspx?CR=p85865c97759m2175503&CL=1 70kg finals: http://www.dartfish.tv/Player.aspx?CR=p85865c97759m2175502&CL=1 74kg finals: http://www.dartfish.tv/Player.aspx?CR=p85865c97759m2175500&CL=1 Ruth's loss, 86kg semi: http://www.dartfish.tv/Player.aspx?CR=p85865c97759m2175007&CL=1
  18. Manville grinds out a gritty 5-0 win.. shot clock point in the first and two go-behind takedowns in the second. Two cadet champs in a day! Very nice!
  19. Lee dominates in the finals as well, winning 11-0.. that last low shot was a thing of beauty!
  20. Gavin Teasdale takes 5th.. kept getting in on low singles, but finishing was a bit of an issue. Lost 8-5, but the scoring was a bit confusing the whole match - but the ref WAS consistent. Good to see that.
  21. didn't we run into this situation before? Iirc, they put it into a fund that isn't released until they graduate/use up their eligibility.. don't quote me on that, though.
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