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  1. Has nothing to do with trials wins/losses.. anyway, it was just speculation. No harm, no foul.
  2. He'll be the only 4x'er to win 4 B1G titles (assuming he wins this coming year, of course)
  3. 3 Silvers, 3 bronzes. 2 Of our finalists lost to Yeats and Lappage - very accomplished Canadians. Good job today. We are owning this year's University Games!
  4. Perry defends against an arm spin, gets the TD, gets 3 laces for the 8-0 tech
  5. Does anyone happen to know the qualifying process for the National Team of Puerto Rico? I always hear about wrestlers moving countries and obtaining citizenship to wrestle elsewhere, but with Puerto Rico being an unincorporated territory of the US, what exactly is the rationale for a US wrestler who wants to represent PR? Do they need to be of Puerto Rican/Taino heritage, born there, or could any American try to qualify for their team? I do know that Franklin Gomez(MSU) and Jaime Espinal train at the NLWC, but I do not know the specifics of the situation.
  6. Pico loses in the finals, 4-2, to an Italian opponent. Pico got two pushouts in the first period, and his opponent got 2 takedowns rather easily.
  7. I can't comment on any tweets, but the official press release seems to use some creative accounting. They said he would be paid six figures as a percentage of sales, but never disclose either the percentage or what level of sales would need to be reached to get Dake to that sort of payout. Also, this is happening with those clowns over on Twitter. That's interesting.. they're using the same namesake they were gonna give Kyle Dake's shoe for Daniel Cormier's. Also, what did Mike throwing out the legal opinion have to do with the conversation? Complete red herring.
  8. http://cfathletic.com/cagefightercom/ht ... ory_id=366 http://www.cfathletic.com/legalopinion.pdf Turns out, CF won against ASICS, and has retained legal rights to market the Jordan Burroughs name. They still use his likeliness in advertisements, interviews, and still sell his gear, albeit at a discount (presumably to get rid of existing gear). There is no more Kyle Dake gear on the CF site, BUT on Kyle Dake's official site, the merchandise he sells still has the CF logo (http://www.xcelonlinestore.com/collecti ... erchandise).
  9. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... The-Jungle (Wasn't sure if this belonged in college or international - I felt like college best suited the type of conversation I was looking for) (TL;DR - How do we get a culture more like Russia's, where poverty is not an issue when it comes to success in wrestling?) Very interesting, short video on wrestling culture over in Russia. The good part starts at 4:50. Long story short, the concept of 'The Jungle' is that here in the USA, the majority of kids who want to wrestle have a decent facility, good living and training conditions, support, etc. Over there, however, you have 50-100 kids drilling in cycles on two mats so there's enough room, all of them fighting to survive. The notion is that if you skip one practice or take it just a bit too easy, you will NOT be successful. Over here in the USA, I think it's a bit different. Wrestling, for most of us, is a vessel for success. Success is not completely and only your wrestling accolades. Let's take that kid who started early, got 1-on-1 training with an amazing clinician, had parents who took him to camps and tournaments, went to a high school with an amazing program, and ends up relatively successful in college. Now, contrast that with a kid from NYC, Philly, Chicago, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, LA, Compton, Houston, etc - the ones that start in HS with struggles that most on this board cannot relate to. We hold these kids to the same standards, and some of them do reach them - State Champ Joe Galasso of Philly is headed to Cornell this semester, Henry Cejudo of LA won the Olympics, State Champ Godwin Nyama went to Pittsburgh - but the reality is, the situation is very, very different. Those kids in Russia with poor conditions are able to succeed because the culture tells them to. It's just like how we have homeless kids getting into Ivy Leagues and scholarships to other great institutions - the emphasis is on academia. Now, I'm not saying everyone across America should drop books and lace up their shoes, but imagine the amount of athletic potential we have untapped in those poor rural and urban settings. For every success story we have, there are 10 kids behind him who wished he had the money to buy a healthy meal instead of fast food, or could go to the gym before school to get strong enough to compete on a high level. My main question is, how do you help out a culture like that? What would it take to make sure we can start turning the misfortune of our inner city kids into successful wrestlers/people? Football does it.. Baksetball does it.. Track & Field does it.. I'm pretty sure wrestling can, too.
  10. I think a lot of people don't know that Title IX extends beyond just athletic departments. It really changes the dynamics of the whole campus.
  11. http://time.com/2912420/titleix-anniversary/ Good bit of wrestling mentioned. Decent read, as well, and good insight on the law that's been tearing us apart (maybe in a different way than we had thought, however) Thoughts?
  12. Where did you read/hear this? Obvious question is "why?". Other questions: 1. Is he now considering wrestling at 70KG, Srs, in July? 2. When did he make this decision and announce it? Did Ashnoult travel all the way to AZ only for JO to withdraw last minute or was his decision communicated thoughtfully and with consideration for Ashnoult et al? Official spin is here: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Fe ... ge-matches As for your #2 question, I'm pretty sure all University/Junior/Senior National Team Members had to go to the training camp, anyway. National Team Members include the #1, #2 and #3 wrestlers at each weight class, so Ashnault had to be there regardless of Oliver's challenge. Hopefully, Jordan is alright, and the hospital visit was not due to weight cutting. Best of wishes for a speedy recovery.
  13. Hopefully, a different name comes into play. United World Wrestling sounds like a professional wrestling circuit. I do think we need a new name to differentiate us from the athletic sportswear company, Fila.
  14. http://www.intermatwrestle.com/articles/13291 'United World Wrestling.' Hard to believe they needed to hire a branding agency for that name and logo, but I'm sure there's more to come. Thoughts?
  15. Not exactly a list, but you can search up all OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) affiliated schools by county and conference here. http://schedules.myohsaa.org/
  16. Pretty sure he's referring to the younger Ryan.
  17. Will you only accept the opinions of State Champs?
  18. I remember reading somewhere that Anthony was held back a year so that they could be in the same grade, but I don't know that 100%.
  19. Why is Adam Coon declining, as well? Are Junior Worlds and University Worlds too close to each other?
  20. Keep in mind, these are college kids who do have plans with their lives outside of wrestling. The possibility of redshirts or olympic redshirts also has to take into consideration their academic plans. Not everyone is a James English and is willing to take multiple extra years just for the chance of breaking the starting lineup. Sure, the graduate schools at PSU are great, but it's hard to tell someone who might not exactly be a starter (most likely meaning they're not getting too substantial of a wrestling scholarship) to spend all that money for extra semesters, when there might be better opportunities else where.
  21. Anyone know how the academics at ASU are? I mean, the girls are hot, the parties are great, it's in a prime location, is heavily endowed, they have the Sunkist Kids club there, and they just got Zeke Jones as the head coach.. seems like a great college choice for most kids if the academics are on par.
  22. Someone over at Flo had tweeted ASU last week, I'm pretty sure.
  23. which Big Ten schools don't have 10 or more? Purdue, Rutgers and Maryland. Northwestern got their 10th this year (Tsirtsis, 149) To add to the list with ten or more champs: Illinois Indiana Nebraska UNI Pitt Pretty surprising. Also, another sad note - Syracuse had 7 champs. I'm sure if they never dropped their program, they would have passed 10 by now.
  24. cant forget, DF.. you can sue your way onto an Olympic team. Cant sue yourself into the NCAA tournament. Case closed. NCAA's > Olympics, by far.
  25. You say it is based on skill achieved, not based on career accomplishments, yet all of your rationale are based upon career accomplishments. I'd say 'skill achieved' can be pretty ambiguous.. but, my list: 1. Sanderson. Three Hodge trophies, in completely dominant form. 2. Dake. Bbeat an NCAA all-time great in Taylor twice that season. 3.Taylor Only had two matches without bonus points his senior year. 4. Burroughs. Bumped up a weight from his previous NCAA Championship and ran through everyone (literally) even after a torn ACL, much less in better form than before. 5. Nick Ackerman. Won the D3 174lb Title by way of beating a defending undefeated National Champ.. and had both legs amputated as a child. No legs, at 174! Robles had 1 leg at 125. That is insane, regardless of division.
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