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  1. To my understanding, wrestlers get to bring an extra workout partner outside of the National Team Members, right? Why would Burroughs pick Taylor? That'd be a waste of a spot, since he's already on the team.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornell_Bi ... _champions Looks to be 11, I think, if Koll started as HC in 1993/1994. Not bad at all. As a comparison: Since the (and including) the 1994 NCAA championships, there have been 30 for the Hawkeyes, 26 for Okie State, 15 for Penn State 13 for the Goophers, 11 for Iowa State, and 9 for THE Ohio State University.
  3. What I think made the most sense out of all of that: The NCAA's rules are so meticulous, and I feel like allowing attached and unattached wrestlers to travel together is a no-brainer.
  4. Camp pays for itself* I'd definitely say to make sure that parents know that its serious; at first, if I was a parent, I wouldn't take it seriously. I'm sure that if your coaching style is like how the brochure is, then the kids will love you and have a ton of fun, which is a huge components of camps.
  5. I tried listening to their other wrestling-related songs, and it's a bit hard to listen to. Really like the idea behind it, but it's just not the thing for them.
  6. No cutting weight. At all. That's a first! I think in wrestling, with the season being so drawn out, it's important to get a lot of progress done in the off-season, but in a fun manner. Camps are always fun (bit pricey, but worth it - especially with a team). High school and college guys usually love getting in the weight room, but make sure not to overwork any muscle groups. I feel like every wrestler has a different off-season regimen. Chance Marstellar and Joey Davis are two names that come to mind for wrestlers who took the off-season off and still wreck everything in their way. Others like to practice 5 days a week still, if not more. I'm gonna be coaching HS/MS kids all summer, having my intense workouts at night with other college wrestlers. It's all a matter of preference - what's fun for the kid. I'd definitely suggest local tournaments, and Fargo/National Duals if you can afford it. Besides cutting weight at National Duals, those have to be the best memories of my wrestling life. Local tournaments are fun and lighthearted, and still give you plenty to learn and give you something to gauge progress by.
  7. I had saw that Greco wrestler Keith Sieracki got sued for a re-match by Matt Lindland in the Olympic Trials of 2000. Will Sieracki get a chart-topping hit single, too? I only think it's fair.
  8. It was really interesting to see his comments on the All-Star match. It's weird to think that no one wanted to see an ambitious Joey Davis step up.. I'm sure that'd be great for the sport as a whole. Great to see that someone out of a city like Compton has really made it out into the spotlight, too. There's way too much athleticism in the urban areas throughout the country for it to go to waste.
  9. What's the list of current hnnnnngs that we already have established?
  10. Still don't understand why there's no facial hair allowed in-season. The month after states, kids have beards at off-season tournaments and the wrestling still goes perfectly fine. All the power to the kid. Seems like he has a genuine love for the sport.
  11. "A few years ago, Pico made the unusual choice to forego his remaining high school and college athletic eligibility.." A few months ago.. "Not only has Pico never lost a wrestling match, he has never won by fewer than 10 points. He captured two national wrestling titles in the Police Athletic League, a prominent youth sports organization." At first I just thought they were looking at international records, but the fewer than 10 anecdote changed my mind. Also, PAL doesn't have a national wrestling tournament, do they? I do think he won it in Pankration or boxing, though. It's great to see another article on Pico, but is obviously stretching the truth really worth the publicity?
  12. Won't he be the only 4-timer to also be a 4-time B1G Champ (if he wins next year)?
  13. What sort of senior level gold do you mean? World? Domestic? International?
  14. How would you propose to account for the pity point for getting in on a shot but not finishing? Or did I understand the JB-DT match wrong?
  15. Could we get a Jadidi photoshop on that, MM? Or are you on hiatus in respect of his recent kidnapping?
  16. Underneath all of the sarcasm, he does bring a good amount of relevant information and discussion to the board. I do like the sarcasm and acting more, though. Stay
  17. Did he let them take him away, or was he kidnapped by force?
  18. Yes, walking on is still the goal, thanks for asking. I'm meeting with an academic advisor this week to discuss staying on campus over summer to work out with the NLWC in hopes that it will get me more exposure to the coaches. A club wrestling teammate of mine told me that he had done the same during his undergrad years, and if it weren't for his eligibility, his time in the NLWC was enough to get the coaches to notice him to the point of actually having interest in him being on the team. His skill level was about the same as mine prior to that experience. Club wrestling has been a ton of fun. We weren't given any funds this year due to paperwork issues so we couldn't get out to any tournaments, but getting different looks from partners from all sorts of wrestling backgrounds has helped me evolve as a wrestler immensely, while also having time to ease my way into college life. Freshman year, as well, has been great! I know for a fact I picked the right school after these last few months. Again, thanks for asking!
  19. You don't understand. U of O is owned by Nike, and Phil's support is as a super rich alumni, as he is at Stanford too. It was strictly an internal decision by a misled, unqualified autocrat Phil installed for other purposes that he didn't want to publicly (or privately) question as long as the arena was moving forward. How is PK a PSU alumni? I apologize - I got PK and Mark Parker confused. Parker is a PSU graduate. Honestly, I most likely do not know as much as you all do on this subject - the only information I see is what other people say and old articles I have read. I do not know Nike's involvement in the U of O beyond its proximity to it, so I will take your word for it.. thank you for the insight.
  20. What if a guy is stuck behind a stud for a year, so one of their years they are "eligible" but are not the starter? Are they considered a 3 year AA, still? Also, what if someone doesn't place at all, but did qualify? Or doesn't qualify at all? EDIT: Don't get me wrong, I think this is a pretty efficient system. Was just wondering with those two scenarios.
  21. I'm assuming this is the shoe you guys have been talking about? It would seem that they have already come out somewhere overseas, as they are all over ebay listed in UK sizes. I was looking for a pair of inflicts and found them. Indeed, they're beautiful, but the Inflict series will always be my favorite - any of them from the first to the latest. Look great, feel great and last a while. I feel like you can't blame Nike for Oregon's situation, regardless of how funded the other teams are there. I could understand if no other Nike-affiliated institution supported wrestling, but this is not the case. Sure, Portland and the Ducks have a close relationship, obviously - the football and basketball teams get loads of exclusive special edition Nike and Jordan Brand gear year round - but so many other teams are sponsored by the brand, as well, and receive the same treatment (on a much, much, much lesser scale, nonetheless). Maybe I am biased, in that Penn State Varsity Athletics is sponsored by Nike and Phil Knight is a PSU alumni, but plenty of other wrestling teams have a check on them, as well.
  22. You know, as a kid who started freshman year in Philly, it's great to see the progress you have made, since it's been the same for me. The way you laid out the video really pulled me in. It was cool to see that you started off at the beginning when you were new, then eventually started winning, and then your pretty solid college career. Seeing your last HS match really hit deep, sending me back to a little over a year ago when I lost my last match. I'm sure the majority of us have been there. Those classicals version of 'Dance, Dance' and 'Holy Grail' sounded great, too! Where'd you find them?
  23. ^^ I hope I'm not the only one who's excited to see that all laid out!
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