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  1. What exactly are both guys risking? And is your desire to see this match the reason they agreed to? I thought they both were risking little/nothing to do an exhibition for the benefit of Beat the Streets. One could argue most wrestling fans are being deprived, by one of these, of seeing the development of one who might have been CA's best HS wrestlers, and also with no future collegiate experience, exposure, or following. The Cejudo model only works because of an Abbas knee injury. I'll root for Tsirtsis. He's a collegiate wrestler, a B1G member, an elite university representative, and an American. Four for four. Did you really just bring race into a wrestling match that's happening at a charity event? Seriously? Also, what makes Tsirtsis any more AMERICAN than Pico?
  2. If Pico wins, I'm interested in seeing how many people will support his eligibility deference, and how many more kids will start doing it.
  3. wait is Northwestern an IVY or in Big Ten? All these conference changes, hard to keep up Northwestern is a Big Ten. It is the commonly regarded as a high-level academic institution, which can get it confused with the Ivy Leagues, which happens to schools like Stanford and Berkeley, as well. The Big Ten, for the most part, has it all. Most of them are public, state-related schools with high academics, great job rates, amazing athletics and school spirit/tradition. Hard to beat that, unless you're Zeke Jones or Rob Koll and have a whole athletic department behind you.
  4. Happen to be close to UM? Do you know how Billy Rappo's looking?
  5. You know.. I just don't see how this won't be a huge success. It's just like Penn State - both are party schools, located in/near the nation's best wrestling hotbeds, great academics without the stringent standards of acceptance, and a charismatic Olympic-caliber coach. This is great for not just west coast wrestling, but now that we have a chance at more than just the East dominating.. it's gonna be a fun season. Hopefully Zeke can start the turn around immediately.
  6. Hoping that Galasso can recover from his injury in time to maybe jump right into Cornell instead of greyshirting, but I'll be following regardless. I'm waiting for Alex Cisneros from Cornell to start puttin' in work, too. I'm hoping that Whitford can find his way in school and wrestle hard, and McCauley comes out with a bit more fire next year.
  7. Pretty sure that Paul Donahue and Kenny Jordan cemented themselves as the handsomest wrestlers back in the day.. who else got PAID to be handsome?
  8. Ed Ruth. Have fun with wrestling!
  9. As a club-level wrestler, I have the utmost respect for your son, along with the thousands of other NCAA wrestlers, all Divisions alike. I agree with you that these boards are very focused on solely the absolute elite upper echelon. To be honest, I think it takes more guts to step into that room every day, train year round and endure that grind and be an "average" division 1 wrestler and have to fight for recognition than it is to be a David Taylor, a Logan Stieber or a Cael Sanderson that will run through competition. Your son's the kind of guy I want to be, if that is any consolation. I would kill to have any spot on a Division 1 team and still get a great education. Best of luck to him in grad school.
  10. I think Port's quick turnaround vs Henderson was pretty cool. Gets knocked out of the championship bracket in the quarters, then majors him in the consolations.
  11. Micah Burak of UPenn and his brother at Iowa, Nathan Burak, almost met. They both fell in the blood round. If Nathan would have beaten Alfonso Hernandez and Micah beat Kyven Gadson, however, they would have met in the consi-quarters. Coincidentally, they both got knocked out of the Championship bracket by Dustin Kilgore.
  12. And 2 weeks later, Flo STILL has their highlight videos behind the paywall.. "growing the sport"
  13. Your name Must be Dick kids getting stabbed and u ploy on the innocent Or, he realizes that Philly is a bit more outside of an isolated incident.. sure, there's violence, but there's also millions of people outside of that part of Philly culture.
  14. Of course, that depends - when it comes to wrestling, which is primarily an individual sport before it is a team sport, what exactly are you trying to measure when it comes to team achievement? I think that is our biggest problem in this debate. There is no clearly defined measure for "team strength."
  15. Maybe you would feel more comfortable getting one of those "gift card" credit cards, charging it with exactly enough money for whatever subscription you want and then using that for the service? That way, nothing is linked back to your bank account itself, and you won't have to be afraid of the things most people get subject to.
  16. I feel like this is all stuff we as a community should know, but surprisingly don't. A proactive approach is always better than a reactive one. Great post.
  17. Yeah, I'd kill to be the dual team champs. Definitely. I'd rather be OSU. Individual championships definitely make up for not being the team champs. Minnesota must have a bad taste in their mouth after being so close, too.
  18. I remember him from Midlands. I'm pretty sure every team has someone like him! It's great for telling stories.
  19. http://newsok.com/wrestler-arrested-on- ... le/3946588 I feel like student-athletes don't get enough credit for the level of dedication necessary year-round. Sure, out of season a lot of athletes party, drink, whatever it might be - but when you have a ton of kids your age doing all these crazy things, going to practice is a lot less admirable than cracking open a beer or rolling a blunt. Especially when you add in having to maintain high grades in order to stay eligible, the stress must be unbelievable. I see what it does to my current varsity-athlete friends, and it's an extremely tedious lifestyle, regardless of your love for the sport. I feel like this is an even bigger problem within the wrestling community, where we are all wired to accept no less than first as the benchmark, and it being so focused on personal gains and losses. The weight cuts and solidarity of the sport really take a toll on these guys mentally. I'm not defending Kilmara's actions, but looking at a guy who is probably cutting a ton of weight like OSU guys tend to do and made it so close to AA'ing in the Round of 12, I could see how he cracked. I hope he finds another way out from under all the adversity. I'm sure this is a problem with other athletes, as well, just they were not caught (that, however, does not mean it is not still a problem). It takes a while for some people to find a way out; some not ever finding it at all. Just remember what these guys are going through.
  20. Lincoln McIlravy and Pat Smith did it, as well
  21. James English has kept me inspired since I paid my deposit to Penn State a year ago. Now to even see him AA'ing pushes me even more. Great guy on a great team.. amazing
  22. They're both going to have very tough brackets next year. It'll be interesting to see how they handle having a target on their backs.
  23. I'm rooting for Ophir to get through Dechow and Sheptock. He's really talented, and it'd be great for the sport to see a Brown wrestler in the finals. It's the year of the upset, ain't it? Plus, his last name is Bernstein.. Brown's mascot is the Bears. Bernstein Bear. Yes.
  24. I feel like DSJ doesn't use much strength.
  25. Organizations dedicated to a singular sport, such as with rowing and boxing, work when there is no NCAA-regulated system for it. In the case of the NCWA, where wrestling is already sponsored (albeit on the decline), it would be near impossible for people to accept the NCWA over the NCAA. Sure, it's great for the club teams and women's teams, but as far as varsity programs go.. not so much. I'm not so sure that the NCWA's main goals even include being the de facto body for ALL of college wrestling, just for those who aren't able to maintain a varsity program. Isn't the main goal of the NCWA to create NCAA programs?
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