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  1. Out of everyone, I'm rooting for James English and Nestor Taffur. English due to it being his 6th year of a career plagued by injuries, and Taffur AA'ing would be a bit reminiscent of Nebraska-Omaha being eliminated as a program the year they won the team title. It's gonna be a great weekend!
  2. Slightly unrelated, but I love that Beat the Streets is doing this for thousands of inner-city kids, as well. It's just a matter of time before we hear about more Romero Cottons who beat the statistics. I feel like sports in general are very helpful in this, but that above all, wrestling helps the most, given the level of dedication and universal appeal. I see it happen in Philly all the time - it really helps with getting kids off the street and righting their wrongs, so to say.
  3. That's amazing. Congratulations to him!
  4. Gonna post here so that it's bookmarked in my posts.. thanks for this! Ton of great DIII wrestlers!
  5. It seems that sometimes, its advantageous to have a lower seed, given stylistic match-ups. I know that there is seed protection, where in matches are skipped so as to protect records and get a higher seeding argument, but are there any cases in which the argument is made in favor of a lower seed? For instance - take 197. Hypothetically, let's say the seeding ends up like this: 1. Heflin 2. Cox 3. McIntosh 4. Gadson Assuming the seeds all play out, McIntosh would meet Cox in the semis. Mac came much closer to beating Heflin than he did Cox. Would the argument be made in favor of moving Gadson to the 3rd seed so that McIntosh meets Heflin in the semis, and thus has a statistically better chance to reach the finals than if he was the 3rd seed himself?
  6. What happened to ASU? Didn't they have a pretty solid line-up?
  7. To my understanding, being 1 spot outside of the AQ bid is one of the rationale for determining at-large picks.
  8. Crazy to think that it seemed like a stretch to consider Iowa a contender for anything at the beginning of the season. Wonder if Dwieza and Grothus can kick it into high gear come NCAA's and give the Hawkeyes those few remaining points to steal the win.
  9. In this day and age of technique and physical prowess, is it possible to have another Karelin-type streak? I feel like Karelin was ahead of his time in terms of both, but nowadays with so much media, it's much easier for someone to catch up.
  10. Does anyone else find the Tony Ramos picture hilarious?
  11. I'm pretty sure the majority of us who have actually wrestled ended our careers on sour notes, and have all had that long, hard cry after our last match. Sure, it stings here and there when mentioned, but eventually, you start to find the good in it all. Wrestling is a beautiful sport in and of itself, and it takes all you got, it definitely makes you a better person overall. Best of luck to your son.
  12. Feel like there's too many obvious options, so I wanted to pick some dark horses. 125 - David Terao hasn't AA'd yet, has he? He's been having a pretty solid year. 133 - Mark Grey is a real competitor. I'm sure he'll show up. 141 - Josh Dwieza. Been rootin' for him, being that we're from the same WC. He's looks to be low-AA material. 149 - Grajales! He seems to be getting more and more consistent. 157 - It'd be great if Nestor Taffur would secure an AA, being the face of Boston U. in its last few days. 165 - Joe Booth - He's been right there. Even though he's at Hofstra now, it'd be cool to have a Drexel alum AA. They need it. 174 - Elliot Riddick. Seems to have the tank and skill for it. Took Matt Brown to the wire earlier on. 184 - Lorenzo Thomas. Has all the tools for it, just needs to have the right mindset! 197 - Brandon Palik. Another Drexel guy who has been pretty tough! 285 - Jon Gingrich. Tough last-second guy who takes it to a lot of AA-material guys.
  13. Toughest - 174. Definitely. You got Howe, Perry and Brown who have all seen the National Finals, and then you got Storley, Kokesh and Evans who have all shown that they can beat these guys on the right day. 157 and 197 are going to be the most fun to watch I think, though. Lot of depth up top at these weights, but more up for grabs than 174. Every weight except for 165 is pretty much a dogfight. It's gonna be a fun weekend this year! Especially with the expanded ESPN coverage!
  14. This keeps me going every day. Ever since I read it, I haven't given up on trying to walk on. Great read!
  15. That's what I was thinking. He is, by no means, a big 141, yet he throws in the legs and no one is getting out. The way he rides is kind of odd, too - it always looks like he can just be bucked right off. Pretty sure in the next couple of years, he'll perfect it and start getting back points and pins off of it.
  16. Interesting concept, but how do you gauge matches against different divisions? Also, since certain conferences are bound to certain numbers of matches against certain opponents, how do you standardize results? IIRC, the Ivy League gets less competition dates than everyone else. The B1G also has a rotation of which in-conference matches they will have each year. I'm sure there are other instances that I am not aware of. This could work for conference titles maybe, if everyone in a conference is forced to wrestle everyone else in that conference, but I don't see how it could feasibly work for a National Championship.
  17. Anyone have a link to where EIWA tickets can be purchased, if there's any more?
  18. Penn State definitely has the hotter girlfriends.. +2 per guy
  19. I think the hanging would've been pardoned if it weren't for the pointed hoods.. that's probably what caused the problem. Sucks that they lost their post-season over something that most likely whad no racial implications at all. Wonder how this will look to recruiters?
  20. http://thechoice.blogs.nytimes.com/2011 ... blogs&_r=0 Well, that's awkward.. guess over 100,000 kids a year don't find us too disgusting :D I don't understand why everyone wants to see PSU fall so badly. Pretty cool to be the Miami Heat of NCAA wrestling 8-) Of course, if you pick and choose which comments to use as an example, you're gonna see a nasty image. Every team fanbase reaches an extreme point here and there.
  21. Same thing happened at 113lb in District 1 a year or two ago, too, if I'm not mistaken. More medalists returning to the weight than spots available. Pretty tough situation to be in.
  22. I feel like bumping up a weight for one match is harder than beating a high performer at the same weight. When you're bumping up, especially in college, those 5-10 pounds go a long, long way in terms of strength and length. The speed differential is negligible. Beating someone who's a higher performer at your own weight, however - it's just a matter of mindset that day. Ask Zain - beats Logan, but lost to a noticeably bigger Tsirtsis over the summer. Bumping up for the season, however.. you got time to bulk up and all, but again, those extra pounds really do mean a lot.
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