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  1. +250 supporters since I signed last night.. great to see!
  2. Why? Because he made some stupid and ignorant comments? I don't get this. He didn't break any law or commit any crime or get caught cheating on a test or anything like that. People think an arrest is only worth a few matches but some tweets a stupid kid made is worth the rest of his season? Get out of here. Take away his free time, make him run sprints till he pukes then run some more, suspend him for a match and make him give a public apology but do not take away his season. Hopefully (and likely), the Kent State coaches and administration realize this and aren't so quick to end a young mans season like you want...but I'm sure it'd be okay if it was a hawkeye who got a DUI, you'd want him out there in March. Ah, here's the rub...Ruth should have been kicked of the team. Altons should have been kicked off the team. Old Square Jaw just couldn't show any moral character when he could have. Then again, this is the University that revered the coach and athletic program that allowed a vicious child predator unmitigated access to children. Both Sandusky and Paterno are where they deserve to be. They are PENN STATE. They are PENN STATE. They are PENN STATE. Because no other University had a controversy, right? That is extremely uncalled for. There's no need to bring in the morality of millions over issues that have been resolved or are being resolved in an appropriate manner. Let Paterno rest in peace. Of course, if you are a Godsend and have never done anything wrong in this world and gotten off a bit easier than you maybe should have, then please, excuse my retort. Ed is still a great guy. Andrew and Dylan are both still good people. Cael is still a man of character. I'm sure you're a pretty good person, yourself, despite your past and any future actions. And yes, We are PENN STATE. That being said - it's a shame that Sam made those remarks. I was really excited to see him in the post season. I feel like bumping up to 184 was very much so needed for his success.
  3. Yeah, you're right. With only Megaludis, Gulibon, Retherford, Beitz, Alton, Nolf, Hammond, Brown, Nickal, McCutcheon, McIntosh, Lawson, Gingrich and Nevills around, next year will be rough. Cael should be getting fired soon enough. :lol:
  4. http://www.ohio.com/news/kent-state-wre ... s-1.465623 Will Wheeler be allowed to wrestle post-season?
  5. You know, all the guys we rag on pretty hard that seem to be so defensive - Caldwell, Howe, Perry, DSJ, Nelson, etc - really turn it up when they can. They're just wrestling smart, is all. Burroughs does the same thing - in his bigger matches, 2012 Olympics comes to mind, he would handfight and maintain great position, tire them out, then attack in the waning moments. Until you're wrestling someone at that level while you're also on that level, you don't understand. It's just like in HS where you murder the JV kids, but against a state medalist, you tentatively wait for that perfect shot and stay on top. Can't expect everyone to rack up points!
  6. How do you know it was a PSU fan? There's been a huge wave of guys who do MMA at their local gym twice a week who try to get so enveloped into the wrestling culture and bring the culture along with them. This isn't the only video they talk like this on.
  7. To the number of kids nationwide who would kill for a spot on PSU, myself included, Andrew's showing was at first inspiring, than abruptly turned into a slap in the face. I still support him and the team fullheartedly, and hopefully its an issue that will be resolved sooner than later, but damn, it stung to watch that match.
  8. All the sports here at PSU are pretty fun to watch. The soccer games have an amazing student section, Volleyball always has an electric atmosphere and there's a girl in my dorm on the Tennis team, so every sport is pretty well attended. Even club sports get pretty good support here. That being said, I know that most colleges don't have the spirit that PSU does, and I'd say outside of Lacrosse and women's sports, its hard to fill seats.
  9. Definitely do see your point, JT. Do you think it's a problem of finances for the lack of exposure for the rest of the divisions? And I have noticed that dual meets tend to be during the week - is there a rule explaining that, or is it just how things have always been ran?
  10. Yeah, NCWA, typo. My bad! By my post, I'm saying, it seems that people are too focused on growing the sport on the D-I level. Why not on other divisions as well?
  11. What is the objective in mind when people say they want to "grow the sport?" I always hear about how we need more and more Division I Programs, but given that Division I is more for only the upper echelon or super-devoted, why don't we concentrate on any of the other Divisions? How much of an influence do Division II, III, the NAIA and NJCAA have on the overall "growth?" Of course, there's the WCWA and NWCA, as well. I ask this because here at PSU on the Club team, we cannot compete this year because the NWCA and its complying costs are too high for us. Of course, I love what the NWCA is doing, in that it is funding many club programs nationwide that otherwise would be getting beat up pretty bad at D-I opens. Next year, it is to my understanding that any NWCA uniform must have a competition pattern similar to conference patterns. Does this attest to the "growth" of the sport?
  12. I'd rather see Esco Metcalf Burroughs Foster Varner Fortune Don't think Cael is coming back. Fortune just got signed to do MMA, didn't he?
  13. 125: Cory Clark maybe? 133: Gulibon. Definitely. 141: Pretty consistent weight class here. Feel like Dwieza fits here. 149: Iunno.. Racciatos a close second behind grajales. 157: Ness. Maybe Ian Miller 165: Nick Moore. Monk looks like he had a heart attack the way he lays on top 174: Evans? Kokesh? Even perry would fit 184: DEAN. 197: Cox 285: Gwiaz.
  14. I was thinking the same way - those top 3, maybe 4 guys (Howe, Perry, Kokesh, Brown) all have a chance at the title. But looking back at the close wins by Howe this season, I've heard that they were all pretty dominant. I didn't see them, so I'm only going by word of mouth. As for 184.. Sheptock is ranked #1 but I can't see him beating either of those two. apparently, St John lost to Ness and Telford beat Nelson today?? Did i hear right?
  15. 125: Nahshon Garrett, Cornell - Dominating Div. 1 and he's STILL developing. Scary. 133: Joe Colon, UNI - I'd pin myself if I had to go against that moustache 141: Logan Stieber, Ohio State - He's a bully 149: Drake Houdashelt, Missouri - that cradle at the scuffle has me sold. 157: James Green, Nebraska - Jordan Burroughs, Jr. 165: David Taylor, Penn State - Taylor Gang or die! 174: Andrew Howe, Oklahoma - He's not losing, no matter how boring he is to watch 184: Jimmy Sheptock, Maryland - Very solid; wouldn't be surprised if he makes the finals 197: Scott Schiller, Minnesota - Pretty dynamic for a big guy 285: Adam Coon, Michigan - He's my age and breaking all the rules. I like that.
  16. Yesterday at Illinois vs Penn State, Taylor was ridden out for a good part of the second period - if I remember correctly, he didn't even get riding time (in his defense, Taylor seemed very, very outside of his normal self - a flu during this State College winter is not out of question). Of course, he turned it up in the third period and got the major, but it left us questioning - how crazy is this season? Every single weight - except 165 - is a complete mess. The only possible undefeated champs are Taylor and Howe. Has there ever been another season where so many weights are meat grinders? Possible Champs by weight: 125: Megaludis, Delgado, Garrett, Gilman 133: Ramos, Colon, Schopp, Morrison 141: Stieber, Retherford, Port (imagine if Carter didn't get hurt!) 149: Houdashelt, Tsirtsis, Maple, Dardanes, Sueflohn 157: Dieringer, St. John, Green 165: Taylor 174: Howe 184: Ruth, Dean 197: Schiller, Gadson, Rutt, McIntosh, Cox (Crazy to think previous #1 Meeks is now #14) 285: Coon, Nelson, Telford, Gwiazdowski, McClure, McMullan
  17. Reminds me.. what did people think of Cael majoring in the Arts?
  18. I feel like people in this forum are never satisfied. I'm just in Club Wrestling and getting a 3.33 this semester balanced with three official practices a week was hard enough. Coon is a true freshman who is busting apart a weight who everyone last year and earlier in this season was saying would be a gauntlet, all the while getting much higher grades than most of his peers in arguably one of the hardest majors offered across the nation. What else do people want? A Nobel Prize Nomination and a presidential candidacy? Cmon. Give him due credit.
  19. To win, sure.. but to make the match more exciting or fast-paced, per say - no. Some stuff, even the best can't get around.
  20. First try, Harvard. Second try was Penn State. I can dig it 8-) Mind me asking how this program came about? Pretty neat.
  21. Makes a lot more sense. Wish they made that more clear.
  22. I'd say Colon deserves it more too, but Gilman - a back up - beating the defending NCAA champ along with taking it to Garnett in the finals - is definitely OW material. It could've went either way. If anything, I'd say a lot of us expected Colon to win.. that pin was a nice surprise though.
  23. This is what they do for Women's weights, isn't it?
  24. But in the article, Terry talks about how he doesn't like the other aspects of being a coach - he just likes the autonomy of being able to develop wrestlers in a certain way without much in his way. I think the system that Tom and Terry have right now is fine.. Iowa is just in a slump. It happens to every program.
  25. Should he eat the taco bell before or after weigh-ins?
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