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  1. Every time there's a DF thread, I know there's gonna be one of these.. the perfect combo. Always a great laugh. I like the name of the picture too.. 'lewboodidi' :lol:
  2. I'm pretty interested in OSU's progress as a team. They're starting to get to the point where people have high expectations of them. Mostly looking out for Dhesi and Elder's progress, while Sakaguchi and Meeks need to get the ball rolling. You think Fresno State getting their team back will hinder OSU trying to build that pipeline to Cali?
  3. The back-up for 184/197, Wes Phipps, was wrestling 184, as Ruth wasn't in. At the tOSU match, he was.
  4. Compared to older eras of wrestling that most of you have lived through and witnessed, or possibly been a part of yourself, exactly how special is the current era? Maybe its due to my ignorance of youth, but it seems that the level of wrestling is at an all-time high, despite the whole IOC decision and such. Technique is top-notch and growing every day, high school wrestlers are continuously showing that they can compete at the next level, college wrestling is gaining more and more parity across the whole NCAA (not just Division I), more programs are being made than lost, the showcase events.. so on and so forth. Thoughts?
  5. Throw in a few escape points for Dake/Howe.. Taylor will be sure to run a takedown/let-up clinic! :D
  6. I think its because of the scope of what Taylor is doing - besides Dake, Howe and Burroughs, who has he not mauled domestically? Dake, Howe and Burroughs all had close matches with the non-elite in their NCAA careers, while Taylor isn't even touched by someone who isn't a threat at the World level. The closest to him, Caldwell, was majored 10-0. On top of being a great ambassador for the sport - everyone here on campus knows him and his accomplishments and holds him to an extremely high regard - its hard not to cheer for him. That being said, I don't see how he wins every fantasy match-up vs Dake, nor how he is favored against any of the three elites. He's a combined, what, 1-7 against them? With time, maybe, but as of right now - I see where you're coming from, MSU. Your Metcalf comparison is very appropriate.
  7. Don't see how it could have been the weight cut.. a month ago, people were saying the extra 8 pounds were what Logan needed to jump to the next level - Logan himself included. That being said, the size difference was most definitely noticeable.
  8. I feel like the brute-adidas commercials made a while ago sum it up pretty well - "Swim": "More Than a Sport":
  9. Then again, look at how much Flo has grown since then. Sure, they always went to a big tournament here and there and made the trip to Russia for their Nationals. But now, they're going to EVERY big college and high school tournament, streaming everything, connecting it all together in an easy-to-access area.. and they're the only one doing it. Even USAW isn't bringing back video from these oversea tours.. though, I don't know if that's a rights issue with some other company. That being said, I do feel a bit slighted, in that I remember streaming the Super 32 and Fargo finals and being beyond anxious as the time approached. It's not that I don't want to pay - I'm sure a huge fanbase of Flo (middle school-high school age kids) don't have $20 a month, nor can convince non-wrestling related parents to shell it out either. The rest of my club team and I always talk about how its just too much on top of everything else.
  10. I think its a great idea. You got NYC and Philly - home to the two most successful BTS Programs - right nearby. What else could you ask for - cities in their grassroots stages of wrestling development with a display of the best in the nation right in their backyard. Sure, NCAAs were in Philly a few years ago, but BTS Philly wasn't nearly as developed as it is now. I think this will be great not just for the NCAA and its display of wrestling, but for the development of youth wrestling in both of these cities. It will make reaching the next level seem much more plausible for these kids. Back when I was in Philly, any time we had clinics with college kids or the likes, it really inspired us to keep pushing so we could be in the room with them one day. Of course, I am a bit biased in my viewpoint of the situation. I was hoping for Philly to get one of the spots, but BTS NYC supports wrestling more than anything I have ever seen. When I wrestled at the Gala back in '12, the atmosphere was amazing. I'm sure it will all turn out well.
  11. Why does no one complain about having to pay Intermat for their premium services? Or BTN, for that matter? Or any other outlet that charges for a certain service applying to wrestling? I feel like Flo gets way too much flack for it. Is it because they have a product that we all really, really want and humans are just naturally cheap? Honest question here - not trying to start a flame war or anything.. just a thought that popped in my head during Organizational Communication this week.
  12. The Altons are medically cleared to wrestle, but probably will not be back until the Southern Scuffle, if not later. http://bwi.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1585952
  13. Could we add a few? the coach that challenges every other call by the ref The kid that warms up in name brand clothing The heavyweight that eats everything in sight while everyone else is cutting weight
  14. It's a shame, because Felix was definitely the more aggressive wrestler. Watching the video, it looks like the singlet grabbing did cause a momentary lapse for Felix in that exchange, though Coon did do a good job in finally figuring out that go behind. If I was a Boise State coach, I would've challenged that singlet grab as soon as I saw half of my wrestler's singlet torn off..
  15. Here is a nice high def video of the last time they met. Of course that was in freestyle, not folkstyle. Taylor's reaction at the end shows just how much it meant to him to get this one on Howe. DT reacts like that to most wins, doesn't he?
  16. So DF.. being that I am not a state champion, therefore not being much of a wrestler - quite possibly to the point of not even being one at all - do these rules apply to myself, as well? A wrestler who placed below me once climbed to the top of the podium with me of his own volition, so technically, I broke a rule - if I'm a wrestler by your standards, of course.
  17. Without the blue-chip recruits already in place in a room, how are you going to develop those lesser-skilled wrestlers into studs? I'd say 75% of Championship success is recruiting, with the other 25% being hard work and dedication. You wouldnt have the James Vollraths without the David Taylors honing them.
  18. Couple questions: 1. Excuse my ignorance, but what is this 'kitchen sink' style people are referring to? 2. Do you think it's possible to tighten up, but still be a "go for broke" wrestler like Wright and Ness? I'd say Wright perfected that style of going big while staying in good position.
  19. Coming from a big time PSU Fan here - a student - I think Jenkins did all that he could in light of Cael. Cael had a mission coming in, and despite any results between Bubba and Cyler or David, had to completely envelop the program in the idealisms and characteristics that he wanted Penn State Wrestling to emulate. Bubba is a cool dude, and a hell of a wrestler - just not Cael's type of dude. We've all bumped heads with superiors, and this is merely an extreme version of the rebellious nature that us college kids have. Plain and simple, Bubba wanted to stick it to the man. Cael didn't want it. I'd say that they're both in the right, in their own ways. It's really messed up that Bubba wasn't able to finish up his Penn State career/education due to matters outside of his realm of control, and it was sort of messed up on Cael's behalf that he knew the situation of the team when he came in yet still blatantly went against that - but then again, he was trying to build a dynasty.
  20. How important do you think regional loyalty is in the recruiting process for a wrestler? Is it a pressing issue to preserve the name of a home region, or is it irrelevant? I'd say for D1 it's more a matter of coaching, while D2 is more about money - it's pretty common for D1 quality kids to go D2 for the cash. From then on out, however, I'd say is where affinity takes more of a precedence. What do you think?
  21. Thanks. That headlock of his is nasty.
  22. Can anyone find the Chunyev vs Noroozi match OP is talking about? Could not find it anywhere on dartfish.
  23. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... y-Gameplan He had an off match. Everyone does here and there. I'm sure we all wanted to see some more offense, but you can't blame the guy. I still think he's the real deal and will be putting in work this weekend at Azerbaijan.
  24. Cradled a professor who threatened to fail him.
  25. Definitely DF. It'd be great to have everyone cheering me on the whole match, even if I might (definitely will) lose. He was a state champ, you know.
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