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  1. One of the main criticisms I get wrestling is that I wrestle too "stiff" so I thought I'd open that up to other guys: did other people have that problem as beginning wrestlers? Why do you think you were stiff and how did you overcome it? For those of you who developed good flow, what steps did you take mentally or training-wise to get it?
  2. Hey all, just have a few questions for anybody who's done some beach wrestling, as this'll be the first time I've done it. Early Weigh-Ins? 1.) So there are Early Weigh-ins Friday night @7pm, and regular Weigh-Ins Saturday morning @ like 10am, with matches starting at Noon. Total NOOB question here but: obviously if I weigh in on Friday night, I don't have to weigh in AGAIN Saturday morning right lol? Probably a dumb question but the whole idea of early weigh-ins is weird to me -- it just sounds almost too good to be true! Any body else done this? It's a no-brainer to weigh yourself in the night before and then eat a decent meal before bed right? Strategy - What Works With These Rules? 2.) The rules are really close to sumo, where you score a point by pushing the guy out of bounds or bringing him to the ground, and 2 points wins the match. So the matches are pretty short. Any thoughts on strategy? My friend suggested basically no takedowns, 'cause it would be easy to get sprawled on, and thought I should focus on handfighting, snapping him down and going behind. What do people think? I want to win some matches but I just hate to resort to pushing guys out of bounds lol, to me that's kind of a cheap way to win.
  3. to all you guys who had experience with rib injuries from wrestling -- bruised or cracked or straight broken -- what all did you do about it going forward? I've been lookin into what kind of strengthening I could do in and around the rib cage, maybe condition my obliques more. any way I could hit the intercostals (the muscles between the ribs)? maybe have a buddy throw the medicine ball at them, like boxers do to condition themselves for punches to the body. since impact loading helps strengthen bone, I'm just trying to think what I can do to help the ribs and also train the muscles around them
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