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  1. So are you saying it was a three some?
  2. 21, the biggest douche bag that doesn't know anything about wrestling on the web. Acts like he's in the know but has no contacts. I really think he's under 15 years old or he's Amalone!
  3. NY, why are you falling in with the PSU fans? They go to the Keystone tournament, wrestling nobodies (except heavy) and all you hear about is how good they are, high light reels of them pinning the #45 seed. Just shows how many new fans they have that know nothing about wrestling. Did you see how far they won that tournament by, now new thread about most pins in a season because they had a few wrestling in a JV tournament. They do have a few studs on their team, but acting like a bench of kids watching there first wrestling tournament and posting how great they are? The only reason there is this thread is because so many fall into there "WE Are" and when their wrestler show "WE Aren't" somebody post about it. It's November, I don't see Iowa fans posting about how great they are after their tournament in Iowa City wrestling nobodies. The difference being a lot of PSU fans just started watching wrestling since Cael showed up, and the few that followed before Cael, I have no excuse for their behavior. There are a few not that way but only a very few. Be happy and proud of your school and wrestling program but stop acting like "There is only one good program out there, and a child in a candy store when your wrestler pins a nobody". TIME TO GROW UP. Let the hate begin!
  4. Why would you not? The Gene pool is the same, John and Cathy are brother and sister, both have a wife and husband out of the gene pool. The same as every family.
  5. +My wife always tells me good length is always good!
  6. Bo is so sound, really? Have you watched him wrestler the last two years? Have you ever seen him get off bottom before? My daughter can ride him out! LOL
  7. Looks like 21guns dad just posted this PSU propaganda. You two should get a room.
  8. Fix (125- RS then two years at 125, Piccininni goes up 133 after two years at 125) locked in at OSU. Gfeller (141/149) is his best friend. Cael trying to take both out of Oklahoma. Sorry Cael, look some where else.
  9. Big hoopla when it happened on the PSU board, He showed up, saw Cael coach, said I'm not going to learn anything from them! Moved on. Cael can recruit, coaching is another thing. Lee is laughing his way to Iowa right now for the summer and World. What do you have to say about that Tbone1977
  10. It is totally amazing how any PSU fan would be posting on JR after what happen at their school. Everybody over their was saying "you don't have all the fact so wait and see because Joe P would never do something like not tell the authorities what was going on. He knew for years and let that **** go on! JR tried stopping what was going on (and did stop it) while Joe P didn't, even allowed him to be around kids on campus. JR is a good guy trying to do the right thing for the wrestlers and families. Joe P was just trying to do what was best for him, so he can get the all time win record.
  11. He does have a loss or more out of state. Didn't he lose to S Lee and somebody else?
  12. Every team is different moron, you can't compare one team to another because there wrestlers and ranking are different, as for Dean saying something to some of his kin folk, what has that got to do with what is happening in the room and coaches because sorry to tell you, nor does it matter, I know what's going in there. I don't post here or on other boards for a reason so I will make you happy and just disappear for a while, not because of your posturing up but because I'm tired of wasting my time on you. Douchbag
  13. Well if I'm a douchebag, then I would fit in quite well with your group, and especially this forum. I would also fit in just because I think I know it all since half of the regular posters on this site feels the same way. If you call your credible posters implying about the OSU wrestlers changing four different weights for what ever the reasoning, I sure would like what your group is on, only if I'm not driving!
  14. Wow, somebody with a little common sense, Harding has 2 bad knees now. The only question about what happened at 133 was John pulled the trigger a little early on Magaldo (just because a concussion, but Mike has already been release from Doc). Happy for Kaid. John must of seen something in Kaid because Magaldo was taking it to him in the room.
  15. This board has really gone to hell, good reading if you want to have a good laugh. Not going to go point for point on all this cr#p. Alex isn't going up. Bless has a high ankle sprain which has limited his wrestling, even if he didn't, he hasn't shown enough in the offensive department. Chance is slowly coming along which doesn't mean he will be ready for Nationals. Joe is wrestling Reno which will show alittle more about him and we still have the SS in two weeks. At that time John Coach/ Daddy will make a decision. I think that covers all the "I know more than you do". Unless you believe you know more than me. If you do, I'm always looking for a good laugh!
  16. I was there, every time Chance moved Skates backed up. Pretty hard to score when somebody does that. Koo is a very good wrestler as his score against Blees shows. Wrestle offs next weekend, which John doesn't always put much stock in the winner. Chance wrestled much better in the tournament than he does in the room. The wrestle offs are a closed practice, there will be a few surprises but I'm not at liberty to say right now. will post on the winners next week.
  17. Let alone against a greco champion which made him pay 3 times. If you can't learn after the first one than here is your sign.
  18. Zelph have to agree. Had a great time with all the fans except when some Iowa fans in the Arena almost head butted a women who did nothing after the Perry/Evans match. I think his post was more about how bad his team did than OKC.
  19. We have quite a few 125 wrestlers in the room but none as good as Eddie. Miller,Gentzler ( I have heard good thing about him, needs to add weight) and Hale. Not sure if Connor Cline is still at 125? My bet it is Miller (Sr) his final year.
  20. Massamino, wow I didn't know there was wrestling in Pa before Cael. Thanks for enlightening me. OSU could work it's way into third with choke Minnesota falling to 4th.
  21. Altons transferring to Rutgers next year. I was a year off because I posted on the PSU board last Aug. I'm sure after they transfer the yahoo's from PSU board will be slamming them, just what they do.
  22. AnklePicker the best post of the bunch but I would add 1 pt step out rule.
  23. and so does Perry. Both guy have a full tank and can wrestle 4 matches in the row so expect Howe will come out wrestling like he did in the third. More of a chance for Perry to score on him! Next match score 5-4 Perry
  24. and so does Perry. Both guy have a full tank and can wrestle 4 matches in the row so expect Howe will come out wrestling like he did in the third. More of a chance for Perry to score on him! Next match score 5-4 Perry
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