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  1. Agreed with unbiased.  The college "thing" isn't easy.  We had been "pampered", as former wrestlers who are now fans of our dear sport, to witness some recent history whereby true "studs" have arrived.  Those that wrestle unlike anything we saw back in the 80's and 90's.  The 4x'er concept is a thing of "recent" history.  Sure Pat Smith did it, but then we had 3 in a period of about 15 years (Cael, Dake, Logie-Bear).  We're also in a period whereby the Jr. High/High School skill sets (overall) are increasing.  This can be denoted by a few things:  a.) overall athleticism (see Nolf's backflip defense), b.) increased exposure and accessibility (i.e. social media, ability to travel to tourney's, ability to practice at OTC's, etc.), and c.) evidenced by our increasing success rate on the world stage (i.e. Cadets / Juniors).  


    Parity is increasing across the board.  Any given match, Gulibon could beat anyone... however, many can also beat Gulibon.  With the "dominance" of a few wrestlers (i.e. Zain, Nolf, Stieber, Dake, DT, KSny, etc.), we also have a situation where other kids like Kolin Moore, a virtual "no name", winds up being a training partner of Snyder.  What happens next is a dramatic increase in talent level.  Whoever then trains with Kolin Moore (i.e. MyMar, BoJo, others) will also reap those benefits.  


    I'm sure Dinmore and Kade Moss, who have the luxury to train with Zain and Nolf are also exponentially better than what they were when they first stepped onto campus.  How much better is Keyshawn now that he trains with Logie-bear?  How much better will the OU kids become, now that they have Hunter and Roselli?  Success begets success, talent yields talent... for those that are WILLING.


    This is GOOD for our overall sport... and GOOD for everyone actively wrestling in today's environment.  


    NY, why are you falling in with the PSU fans? They go to the Keystone tournament, wrestling nobodies (except heavy) and all you hear about is how good they are, high light reels of them pinning the #45 seed. Just shows how many new fans they have that know nothing about wrestling. Did you see how far they won that tournament by, now new thread about most pins in a season because they had a few wrestling in a JV tournament. They do have a few studs on their team, but acting like a bench of kids watching there first wrestling tournament and posting how great they are? The only reason there is this thread is because so many fall into there "WE Are" and when their wrestler show "WE Aren't" somebody post about it. It's November, I don't see Iowa fans posting about how great they are after their tournament in Iowa City wrestling nobodies. The difference being a lot of PSU fans just started watching wrestling since Cael showed up, and the few that followed before Cael, I have no excuse for their behavior. There are a few not that way but only a very few. Be happy and proud of your school and wrestling program but stop acting like "There is only one good program out there, and a child in a candy store when your wrestler pins a nobody". TIME TO GROW UP. Let the hate begin!

  2. If I recall correctly you mentioned the Dean/Snyder comparison in a previous thread. I believe "neck clubbing" was a reason given for why the match would be a toss up.


    You may feel height and/or leverage shouldn't be used as a big gauge, but many, including myself, don't agree. I believe, like strength, it's an important factor that must be considered when a wrestler moves up a weight. All things being equal, I give an edge to the lengthier guy far more times than not. Most of the greatest wrestlers/coaches will tell you the prototypical wrestler body is one that has good length. If you doubt that, ask around and you'll see what I say is true.


    +My wife always tells me good length is always good!

  3. From The Open Mat 


    While verbal commitments are non-binding, landing this sort of prospect this early in the recruiting process is just another sign that the Penn State dynasty is here to stay and may even be picking up steam. In the 9.9 scholarship era, it is impossible to have the depth required to win consistently unless you can attract quality wrestlers who are willing to join your program for little to no scholarship money. The scholarship details for Busiello cannot, within NCAA rules, have been discussed yet, but the fact that he is willing to commit now suggests that he has a deep desire to be a Nittany Lion. That kind of desire often means a willingness to take a little bit less.


    This makes a lot of sense with what we have seen in Happy Valley the last six years. Going beyond the five NCAA Championships in six years, head coach Cael Sanderson seems to have found a winning formula that gives his wrestlers a higher probability of success than anywhere else in the nation. Certainly he gets more than his share of talent, and every program has guys that don’t pan out for one reason or another, but Penn State has proven able to get their guys on the Saturday night stage at an alarming rate, 21 over the last six years including half the line-up three separate times. In addition, the environment seems to be ripe for those that love wrestling and want to achieve at the highest levels.


    When you have the recent track record that Penn State does, are geographically located near many top-notch recruiting areas and you have the reputation, real or imagined, as a unique place where wrestlers will thrive, you have the opportunity to win the recruiting battle decisively. With Busiello committing early, it looks like that will continue for the foreseeable future. The Penn State dynasty continues to roll. The question now is, who can stop them?



    Looks like 21guns dad just posted this PSU propaganda. You two should get a room.

  4. Big hoopla when it happened on the PSU board,  He showed up, saw Cael coach, said I'm not going to learn anything from them! Moved on. Cael can recruit, coaching is another thing. Lee is laughing his way to Iowa right now for the summer and World. What do you have to say about that Tbone1977

  5. Not at all. It isn't really a wrestling issue to me. I wish these things would never even crop up, but that is unrealistic.

    It is totally amazing how any PSU fan would be posting on JR after what happen at their school. Everybody over their was saying "you don't have all the fact so wait and see because Joe P would never do something like not tell the authorities what was going on. He knew for years and let that **** go on! JR tried stopping what was going on (and did stop it) while Joe P didn't, even allowed him to be around kids on campus. JR is a good guy trying to do the right thing for the wrestlers and families. Joe P was just trying to do what was best for him,  so he can get the all time win record.

  6. While further showing your genius on the subject matter, have you ever heard of Penn State? Look em up, if I call correctly, they already did what's being discussed to fit Mega back into the lineup, and yet still keep Conoway and Guilbon in the lineup wedged between yet another wrestler who bumped up a class in Retherford. Guess what moron? All this shifting in weight classes was done for one reason... For PSU to field it's best lineup and to get their star back into the lineup coming off redshirt. But please... Don't let facts stop your ignorance.



    Every team is different moron, you can't compare one team to another because there wrestlers and ranking are different, as for Dean saying something to some of his kin folk, what has that got to do with what is happening in the room and coaches because sorry to tell you, nor does it matter, I know what's going in there. I don't post here or on other boards for a reason so I will make you happy and just disappear for a while, not because of your posturing up but because I'm tired of wasting my time on you. Douchbag

  7. Obviously, first off, no one is apparently as cool as you or anywhere near your level, so I apologize in advance for responding to your post without filling out an application first.


    I'm an Ohio State fan. A newer one at that. I was a 3 sport guy in high school, but wrestling was not one of them. I had several friends in high school who wrestled and my intrigue in the sport began there. It wasn't until after my brief minor league baseball career ended that my now business partner, a 2 X state champ back in the early/mid 90's, turned me onto OSU and it's wrestling program.


    I've been hooked ever since, so much to where I've become a fan of college wrestling across the board....hence me being here.


    In saying all this, I don't pretend to act like I know the actual going ons behind the scenes at Ohio State, let alone across the country at Oklahoma State. If I hear something, I share it, or ask about it's details on here and the like... which I'm pretty sure is what these forums are intended for I'm the first place??


    I brought this up because it was discussed somewhere else from a few posters a hell of a lot more credible than who you are, nor ever will be.


    In fact, I've never heard of u or know who you are, so the last thing, beyond expressing my feelings in this post, will be me concerned about what content/discussion floats the boat of a meaningless poster such as yourself.


    In the meantime, I'd suggest you simply just get over yourself, and I'd start now.... as it appears you may have a ways to go before you meet up with reality again. (relative to your sense of worth).


    Luckily for you, your a Cowboys fan, so you already have a background capable of helping expedite your descent off the high horse your on.


    This thread is 3 pages long because it's a topic worth discussing amongst adults. I can promise you the traffic has nothing to do with your take on the matter. I suggest also in the mean time you start a solo message board so your ensure yourself the quality you seemingly deserve. Win Win.



    Well if I'm a douchebag, then I would fit in quite well with your group, and especially this forum. I would also fit in just because I think I know it all since half of the regular posters on this site feels the same way. If you call your credible posters implying about the OSU wrestlers changing four different weights for what ever the reasoning, I sure would like what your group is on, only if I'm not driving!

  8. Harding is hurt, that is why Brock's RS was pulled early.  Even if he wasn't, there is nobody else with a shot at AA for them at 133.  For a while they were even trying to get Magaldo down, but he got a concussion last week in an open tournament at 141.  Once that happened, Brock had become the only answer, so there was no point in delaying the decision.


    At 157 there is still an option besides Joe (Marstellar).  So nobody is waiting to see more out of Joe, they are wisely giving Chance time.  Joe can wrestle the scuffle unattached, so the only thing pulling him last week does is let him wrestle OU and Wyoming (both easy matches).  Instead he is going unattached to Reno.  

    Wow, somebody with a little common sense, Harding has 2 bad knees now. The only question about what happened at 133 was John pulled the trigger a little early on Magaldo (just because a concussion, but Mike has already been release from Doc). Happy for Kaid.  John must of seen something in Kaid because Magaldo was taking it to him in the room.  

  9. This board has really gone to hell, good reading if you want to have a good laugh. Not going to go point for point on all this cr#p. Alex isn't going up. Bless has a high ankle sprain which has limited his wrestling, even if he didn't, he hasn't shown enough in the offensive department. Chance is slowly coming along which doesn't mean he will be ready for Nationals. Joe is wrestling Reno which will show alittle more about him and we still have the SS in two weeks. At that time John Coach/ Daddy will make a decision. I think that covers all the "I know more than you do". Unless you believe you know more than me. If you do, I'm always looking for a good laugh!

  10. I was there, every time Chance moved Skates backed up. Pretty hard to score when somebody does that. Koo is a very good wrestler as his score against Blees  shows. Wrestle offs next weekend, which John doesn't always put much stock in the winner. Chance wrestled much better in the tournament than he does in the room. The wrestle offs are a closed practice, there will be a few surprises but I'm not at liberty to say right now. will post on the winners next week. 

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