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  1. Big Apple, the first post I've ever agreed with you on! LOL
  2. At my house. The only chain you will see is the chain across the cattle guard (also my rifle) to keep the city slickers away from stealing my cattle. It's called the wild-wild west and people still get shot for stealing cattle over here and never get heard from again. It's legal over here. LOL, sort of kidding but we do raise our own beef and if someone is stealing your cattle you do have the right to shot them and never get in trouble for it. Will someone invite Taylor and Ruth to my house so some one else wins the NC this year (I will only use buckshot on them, back on the mat in a couple of months)!
  3. I did to when I was in 8 grade and he just won a NCAA title.
  4. Here is the site= http://ossaa.com/Sports/Wrestling.aspx
  5. John Smith will be coaching his son "Joe"in little over a year unless he goes to Iowa :lol:
  6. Dieringer walk around weight is around 180-183 and if he looks at water before weight ins he will gain 6 pounds. Dropping 12 pounds in season before matches is normal. John kids about Alex's big cuts but he always makes the weight. Koo and Torres are in line for next year with incoming Ryan Blees redshirting. Both Koo and Torres are having a great redshirt year with each beating each other once. If you look at their record, a few tournaments are missing.
  7. It wasn't Howe fault he isn't scared of nobody. That no good coach put Howe at 184. Tell me Big Apple how did Howe help OU in the dual going up to 184 with a decision and Perry pins his man at 174? LOL I have lost all respect for Cody from the duals last year before Conference to last Sunday. As John Smith says we went to OU and wrestled his guy and you come to OSU and not have the big names wrestle each other. A lot of people came to see that match. Also tell me about your heavy dodging ours? Just because of rankings, John never pulls that crap and always wrestles his guys unless they can't compete. Appendix or missing in action or both?
  8. Big Apple, don't believe what a mom will say what their kids are being offered from a school because in this case she was saying a lot more than what was ( I heard it from both sides). As for J Rogers is at 184 and probably will be starting for the rest of the year. Nolan Boyd could be moving up this year to 197 to replace B Rosholt (hurt). We had wrestle offs this week and Rogers (starting to see the light) beat Boyd 15-1 and pinned K Crutchmer. Also next year Austin Schafer will be our 197. He was ranked by Flo #1 as the top non starter from all D1 schools. This coming week OSU will have it revenge against OU. OU stock piled this year for a run but they have to many holes in their lineup. Come next year a top 12 will be a great year for OU.
  9. Big Apple, John played Cody about the Dixons and made Cody pay way over market for 3 average D1 wrestlers. They would of been room wrestlers at OSU. It was like taking candy from a baby how John worked Cody! Cody is a great guy but OSU was never really interested in the Dixons. Chandler Roger (OSU recruit) almost made one of the Dixons cry on the mat about 2 weeks ago. If you think Cody won that battle than you are not that connected or out of touch with high school recruiting. Cody is moving the program in the right direction which is good for OSU and the Big 12 but it is going to take a few more years for Cody.
  10. Since you all been waiting for me to give my vote= plus 1 on thug. Right between Saddam and the Godfather in villains with mustaches. I also saw him kick a dog after the Brown match. He urinated on the tires of the PSU bus after the dual and then went hunting rabbits with a bow. Got drunk and ran into a tree at Taco Bell. Kicking a dog, pissing on tires, hunting rabbits and hurting a tree someone needs a intervention. Headbut Storley, just wrestling.
  11. How about Eric Guerrero, CA boy, 3 time NC. Looks like John is going to stick around for at least 5 more years because of his boy (Joe). Probably pound for pound the best wrestler ever coming out of CA.
  12. Martin, now that is the way to come out and show things are going to get better. I'm still in and nice for the owner instead of his employees come on and promise in our minds lip service.
  13. Husker Du I love Flo but I do have a grip= (Super 32) Big buildup on tournament, Flo down there a week ahead and didn't see that there was going to be a problem about the viewer not knowing who is wrestling? Blaming it on Super 32 and taking no responsibility for it. Flo is suppose to be the experts about how to run a tournament this size and viewers must know who is wrestling and on what mat. Flo should require that the tournament promoter use Track wrestling if they can't get there act together. Then after the first day nightmare telling everybody it will be taken care of but the problem still there other than the final matches. The greatest high school tournament of the year and I'm sure a lot more people paying to join Flo to watch Super 32. Sometimes it is better to admit fault than to be smug about it.
  14. Since Coleman got hurt at Team Trials and can't use his upper body Rogers will step in with Coleman lower half! You should of know that it happens all the time.
  15. Mark Hall and dad has moved all over the country side and not a sound from Flying Tiger. It does sound strange for a parent to want to be there for their kids and help them make the right decisions in their lives. If you have ever met the Rogers and their kids you would have walked away thinking why can't I be like that and hope my daughter marries someone like that! About as stand up as they come. Also with a training center in Stillwater the kids will get the best coaching to advance their wrestling ability. Ask Cael and all the other training centers around the country if that isn't a draw for their schools. It takes more than a picture of a coach hugging a wrestler and picking daisies to draw them in.
  16. just saw on the OSU board that the Dieringer family have moved to Stilly also. Alex has two other brothers, Jordan is a jr in high school and wrestles 152-160. From what I hear he will be a force to reckoned with. I hear more to come.
  17. Whitford has enrolled to Elmhurst College in Illinois. His college clock is ticking.
  18. Wire good information but not the only incoming high school kid to Stilly. Could be top 10 high school team in nation or top 3 if it all pans out! As Willie would say "WOW".
  19. Patterson might not be the best 125 guy in Oklahoma next year. Eddie Klimara last year gave Patterson all he can handle in there two matches. Eddie could not get off bottom but what is new for a true freshman. Eddie came on strong as the season went along. Eddie AA 6-8 range.
  20. Also Johnny tripped walking to school and hit his head on the sidewalk, Johnny needed to be wearing a helmet, Lets pass a law that all kids 10 and younger have to wear a helmet when they are walking to school. They will be safer, how about they wear a bubble like on Seinfed. Your can give me plenty of pictures of kids getting hurt but it is up to the parent to make that decision. So if Johnny isn't wearing a helmet walking to school and you drive by and say to your wife- his parents sure don't love him!
  21. Look like people are defending their kids for wearing a catcher mask at third base, do they also wear a chest protector? To each there own. There is always risk when you play sports. I understand safe guarding yours and mine kids but are you arguing with me about batting gloves and I don't want then to scatch their knee so put knee pads on in baseball. Society has gotten soft.
  22. The times have sure changed. When I was doing sports if you wore a hitting glove or pads you were called a - starts with a P and ends in a Y. Kids now a days has to have all the attachments. Parents baby their kids to the point where the first tough hurdle in their life they quit. The true sport of wrestling hasn't changed a whole lot. They go through hell if they want to be the best.
  23. About the bull/chessplayer, you would say that the bull knock some sense into him
  24. Nick Schenk didn't make it and moved on.
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