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  1. Well Buck were you there or are you one of the many that didn't show up. There was about a hand full of Iowa fans there on Sunday and about the same for the other schools.
  2. Austin Schafer would be a answer if he can stay at 197. Big cut for him.
  3. They don't do helmets in our area yet but I have another story here. We had a top rope horse that was a 1D barrel horse too. My daughter wanted to compete on it when she was 7 so I gave in but I said she had to wear a helmet. After the third barrel the horse was running like the wind and my daughter never checked up the horse and ran into the solid fence at the end of the area going full out. She went flying off and hit the fence with her head and cracked the helmet in half. The Lord was looking after my daughter that day, by the way she got right back on that horse for the next event when I told her not too.
  4. As a retired Cowboy from Oklahoma/Texas area I can one up you. Checkout ranch rodeo on youtube and picture a 500 pd calve being roped off horseback by a 13 year old gril and 3 other 13 to 14 year old girls come flying off their horses not only taking it down but tie it under 30 seconds. This team has competed against full time adult cowboys and put a whipping on most of them. Now that is tough. We won't talk about the broken bones, kicked in the face, ran over, bucked off and keep on going. Now that is really wrestling with a beast.Welcome to the Oklahoma and Texas girls. By the way my daughter is one of them and welcome to the south!
  5. Big Apple the only hole we will have in a few years is at 141/197. We also have a 133/141 Ohio recruit name Dean Heil who is already tearing up the room. As for the lineup 125-Klimara, 133-Heil, 141- Case Garrison, 149- Josh Kindig, 157-Anthony Collica, 165 Alex Dieringer, 174- Kyle Crutchmer, 184- Jordon Rogers, 197-?, Heavy- Austin Marsden. Could be a ? at 141 will just have to wait and see what happens in a few months. :D
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