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  1. meluvwrestling

    Ohio State- Nebraska

    It's true!
  2. meluvwrestling

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    I'm sure Jaggers told Cenzo, "I wanted you to be a Buckeye but I got vetoed. We messed up not offering you a scholarship on your official visit."
  3. meluvwrestling

    Michigan at Ohio State on Jan 25th

    Yes, I'm aware why he's at that weight. Micah beat him and so you have to go where there's a spot.
  4. meluvwrestling

    Michigan at Ohio State on Jan 25th

    I stand by my statement. Hayes isn't cutting any weight to make 157#, probably the lightest 157# in the top 10, so him wrestling 157# is a mute point imo. Pantaleo tried 149# and looked like crap and decided to go back to 157# where he belongs. Hayes has a 80+% winning record, yep overrated.
  5. meluvwrestling

    Michigan at Ohio State on Jan 25th

    Hayes wasn't favored to win so your statement makes absolutely no sense. Let's not forget he's also up a weight.
  6. meluvwrestling

    Sammy Sasso

    Silvermedal, do you know how the match-ups go in the room? I don't believe for a second the Pantaleo we saw this past weekend is the same wrestler we saw beat Micah Jordan 4 times. I'm not just referring to Sasso's match. As far as the lineup, regardless who you think is better, Jordan was going to be 149# because he did beat both Sasso and Hayes. I've always been of the opinion that Jordan 157# and Hayes 149# would've been the best lineup because Jordan is the bigger out of the two wrestlers.
  7. meluvwrestling

    Ohio State next year

    It's funny that silver-medal would make such a ridiculous statement considering that he probably didn't have an issue when Micah Jordan went 2-2 at NCAA Championship his first year in the lineup. A lot of first year NQ don't perform well, hell, look at some names of returning NQs or AAs that didn't even AA. Some speculations or opinions should be left unsaid.
  8. meluvwrestling

    Who can backflip better than Gable Steveson?

    Back in my day, we called that a gainer, not a backflip, lol.
  9. meluvwrestling

    Let's talk about Mckenna

    That is such a bad comparison, not even close. McKenna is methodical in his shot selections, Stieber shoots at a much higher clip.
  10. meluvwrestling

    Ohio State vs. N.C. State stream?

    I have to admit, I didn't think that McKenna could beat Jack but I'm glad he proved me wrong. His game plan to have Jack come down to a low stance worked like a champ, good job McKenna.
  11. meluvwrestling

    Cleansing Iowa State?

    Smith recruited DiBlasi out of HS so there maybe some interest but limited if any at this point due to the lack of success Colston has had up to this point in his short college career. The problem maybe the packaged deal the DiBlasi's are seeking. That type of deal can be difficult for a team to financially support.
  12. meluvwrestling

    tOSU at Michigan - Prediction Thread

    MyMar is a high volume shooter and the last two matches, he left shots in Columbus.
  13. meluvwrestling

    ASU vs Oregon State

    Has the 149# been decided between Maruca and Tsirtis?
  14. meluvwrestling

    Iowa at Ohio State

    That can't be Hank because he didn't use his real name, lol!
  15. meluvwrestling

    NaTo vs Lee... Who ya got?

    NaTo by bonus especially if Lee gets tired like he did against Piccininni.