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  1. Hey new poster I am a new poster to and a dad of a wrestler at the Naval Academy and I read a few post and like one person said first of all yeh D1 9.9 scholarships that is not much per school and I think thats just wrong because you wrestlers work harder than any sport I feel and they should give more, with that being said my son chose to go to the Naval Academy instead of a regular D1 school and was recruited by them and many other colleges also but he chose that first of all to keep the path of success after wrestling and of corse serve his country which going there you commit to 9 or 10 years depending if you do a prep year first. That challenge there off the mat is crazy but that was a choice he made no summers off there lots of hours, I think you need to think outside the box a little because injuries come with sports for sure wrestling, and he has had his share in the past 3 years so far being there and sports can end in a flash. One thing loving wrestling is a passion and can't be more rewarding in your future thats for sure because when you finish you will have molded yourself into one heck of a person. Good luck in your choice I believe what ever you choose will be great and rewarding, college is exspensive and I am a past Army guy and couldn't be prouder of my youngest sons choice for his future and support him in his choice, I get worried when I think of the war but I must block that out and stand proud and tall for our country. GOOD LUCK
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