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  1. i thought i was done and then i got to thinking about folkstyle rules and now i'm mad. i made myself mad online and that's a shame but too late now I'm already typing. so, if we can't implements "confusing" rules that encourage action and discourages stalling, why was the horrible out of bounds rules adopted without any uproar? why did with create the neutral danger rule? why is there locking hands but not when the bottom man tries to induce locking hands? why is there an entirely separate clock that just counting riding time which has an entire rulebook unto itself? why is it cool to adopt confusing and mostly bad new rules for folkstyle as long as they haven't been tried before but not okay to adopt good rules that work in freestyle and greco? none of this can ever be adequately explained to me and i will be forever mad at it. okay now i'm done. thank you.
  2. casual fans, such that they even exist, don't care about any of the rules. they just want to see cool wrestling, which criteria encourages because it ensures someone is always losing late in a match, and OT discourages, because people will play it safe so as to not blow when there is still a chance to sneak a win in rideouts or what have you. explaining new rules is the most overrated reason to not adopt a new rule in any sport. no one can figure out the rules of cricket just by watching it. try it, I dare you. There are also three very distinct rules sets that vary the length of a contest from five days, to 1 day to 2 hours. and yet its far more popular than wrestling by orders of magnitude. then there's american football. try explaining the rules to an uninitiated person in under 30 minutes. impossible. then explain the basics of wrestling. 2 minutes tops. and yet football is also orders of magnitude more popular than wrestling. Just add the criteria point at the end of a freestyle or greco match the same way they do in college matches after you finish the second set of tiebreakers when the score is still tied and all these problems go away.
  3. This is Andrei Perpelita erasure and I won't stand for it.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_of_Germany
  5. medal matches going straight through after consolation. its not repechage btw, full double elimination for 'true' third. i'd check back around 10 or 11am to get a better idea of when medal matches will be.
  6. Brackets and analysis are also now available on www dot flowrestling dot org.
  7. we put a ton of content on our youtube page, all for free. matches, FRL, highlights, technique, even full length FloFilms. feel free to tell folks looking to dip their toe in the sport to check it out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0OFPvrlWV-FiAVIYjBHkQg Not sure if we're doing it for this event but we'll often live stream the first match or two of these events. We did it for the Gray vs Mensah-Stock card on Saturday. Putting it all up for free, live, on Youtube though is not going to happen. maybe one day, but I doubt it!
  8. that's an excellent (and dangerous!) beverage. cheers my man!
  9. I honestly feel everyone's pain on the ads. the folks at Flo who, like you, watch and enjoy wrestling, have no control over what ads play and when and we are forced to watch them as well. In this case, however, Flo did not produce the event, and had zero control over the event or the ad runs. you would have seen the same production and ads no matter what platform they event streamed on. that said, I find the anger at Spartan Combat Races a little discouraging. this is a sponsor coming from outside the wrestling space who is investing a lot of time and money into the sport. they are helping provide opportunities for post collegiate wrestlers to stay in the sport and compete. it is a very good thing for the sport that a company like Spartan Combat has taken such an active interest in promoting and developing senior level wrestling. I'm sure Spartan Combat will welcome the constructive feedback. I agree that the ads were overkill. but I also think a little perspective and understanding is also warranted.
  10. good news friends! now you can watch Spartan Combat's first ever event with no commercials! https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6852482-2021-spartan-combat-wrestling-i/videos?playing=6853085
  11. we're doing our best! the point spreads were also for the pick em contest, where moneylines would be useless. anyone is free to take a crack at making moneylines tho. would be cool to see imo
  12. After Rodchenkov defected I no longer believe that is the case. we know about the cheating because of Rodchenkov, after which WADA decertified RUSADA. Part of deal for allowing the Russian athletes to compete under a neutral flag at the Olympics is they have to go through the same testing as everyone else, they are no longer tested by an organization sponsored by the Russian state. Was actually kinda surprised Russia ended up with any punishment at all. Thought covid might allow the IOC et al to just sweep this all under the rug. That they stuck to their guns and held Russia accountable was good to see imo.
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