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  1. a spanking is a caution and a spanking in return. before Bo gets his hand raised Zahid must be allowed apply an equal number of spanks to Nickal. otherwise it's an automatic forfeit.
  2. Russia tries to split the difference (RusNats decides the team unless there are predetermined and announced exceptions) but Lebedev at the 2016 RusNats shows how much politics matter. Lebedev should have lost to Musukaev (from Dagestan) at quarters of RusNats but the refs (allegedly) made sure Lebedev won because he was from Yakutia and Alrosa is the main sponsor of the Russian Wrestling Federation and Alrosa is also the company that owns the worlds largest diamond mine that happens to be in Yakutia and (supposedly) Lebedev is connected to Alrosa big wigs by marriage. Lebedev was a two-time world champ and a 2015 world bronze medalist but DNPd at Rio and then retired. He's a wrestling legend regardless of what happened at 2016 RusNats but the Russian process has undeniably tarnished his legacy no matter what you believe.
  3. I'm not 100% on Japan's team picking process but that sounds correct. USA's women's team is awesome, imo, the best American team ever, and I expect them to win a lot of medals, it's just that Japan is insanely good. Better comparatively than Russia is at men's freestyle.
  4. Irie medaled at 55kg, I don't think she'll automatically get the spot at 53. Irie lost in the 2020 Japan Championship 53kg final to Akari Fujinami. There's also Mukaida who beat Hildebrandt at the 2019 Worlds at 53 and won a silver, losing to North Korea, who just announced they weren't participating in the Olympics. I'd favor the USA at 68 and 76 but in every other weight Japan is insanely deep. They are heavy favorites to win the unofficial women's team title at home. And by heavy I mean as sure a thing as you can have in sports. Edit: Also worth noting that Japan has already qualified 5 of the 6 women's weight classes and they get 1 men's and 1 women's auto qualifying spot for being the host country and if they dont need the extra bid then the Asian OGQ gets an extra bid so they are just sending Yui Susaki to the Asian OGQ for experience. Susaki will probably win gold in Tokyo at 50kg.
  5. Braxton Amos definitely walked out to Country Roads by John Denver.
  6. USA Wrestling has no choice or say in the matter. NBC paid nearly 8 billios to secure the media rights to the Olympics thru 2032. That includes the OTT and other sports trials events. NBC owns Peacock so thats the platform theyre going to use.
  7. that's why I keep coming back to this wonderful message board. for thoughtful posters like you that keep me humble. thank you.
  8. its a good thing no one cares about Flo's rankings imo. wouldn't want anyone to lose sleep over them or get triggered so bad that begin harboring notion of murdering me over them.
  9. there should be a penalty for going out of bounds against your will. plain and simple, end of story. and don't give me this 'call stalling properly' nonsense. we have 100 years of evidence. stalling will never be called 'properly'. shut up with the stalling.
  10. oh please. now you're just making stuff up to get mad at. i just explained that mekhi will be passed by other wrestlers getting better and more recent wins. oath remains unbroken, baby! this is correct. i promise we're not looking for reason to not rank penn state wrestlers higher. its still just about staying consistent. hence the very fun damned if you do situation we're all enjoying right now!
  11. love the energy everyone is bringing to the discussion of ncaa rankings. and i'm flattered that so many of you care so much specifically about Flo's set. @nhs67 i don't follow WWE so I really didn't understand your complaint. if you could be more specific that would help. if the suggestion is that Flo is trying to purposely sensationalize the rankings for attention I can assure that is not the case. I understand that people get mad at Flo because we are not being subjective enough to rank high profile and popular wrestler "properly", but we also get a lot of feedback saying we are ignoring lower profile wrestlers and giving as much consideration to lower ranked wrestlers from less popular programs. it's a balancing act that ultimately never completely satisfies anyone. which is why we try to stick to a consistent, objective system. we want to be able to back up every ranking with a reasonable explanation. to create such a system that will consistently make all the partisans and rabid fan bases happy all the time does not seem possible. I'd love to hear suggestions on a system that works, but in my mind, the best system for rankings will inevitably leave the most passionate fans disappointed at best and angry at worst. it's all fine, comes with the territory. the alternative is no one cares about Flo's rankings and there are no questions or complaints to answer. so I am being sincere when i say I appreciate them, even when some you say really mean things and try to purposely hurt my feelings. its okay, i forgive you. for folks like @pish6969, you are never going to be satisfied with rankings that don't favor penn state wrestlers. if you find another set of rankings that you prefer, then you should only look at those and not Flo's. I will understand. and no, Mekhi is not going to be ranked #1 to start next year. he won't get penalized for his inj def and med ff but he also won't get credit for the matches he didn't wrestle. winning in the NCAA quarters, semis and finals are weighted pretty heavily in rankings, and Mekhi will be passed in the rankings by people who won those matches. you will know exactly how far he falls by tuesday morning. it's also cool however so many of you guys keep bringing up the rankings oath. sign of a good bit, its got staying power.
  12. probably will rank the 2X ncaa champ ahead of Lee. we'll see tho. don't have to make the call for a while. we relish no particular ranking of any single wrestler one way or another, but understand why you might think we do if you are personally invested in the career of someone. We appreciate your fandom no matter how much it might color your opinion of Flo's rankings! don't see the need for a tweak. what you call reality looks like severe homerism to me. which is cool imo! I respect your opinion and appreciate the feedback but i think our consistency is a feature, not a bug. we are not swayed by vehement fans no matter how persistent! you are free to consider Flo's rankings inferior and, in fact, are able to completely ignore them at no cost to you.
  13. Brooks was one of the only 3 champs I predicted before the tournament started so actually I'm taking credit for calling his title, thank you very much. Brooks and Starocci will obviously start the 2021-21 season ranked number one. For as much attention as you guys pay Flo's ranking you should know how it works by now, come on!
  14. if i'm reading Ivan's tweet correctly, I think if Sharipov qualifies 125 for the Olympics, there will be a wrestle-off with Kozyrev for the spot on the European Championship team. If Sharipov does not qualify 125 for Tokyo, Kozyrev will go to Euros. what's not exactly explained is what happens after European Championships. I'm guessing that whoever goes to Euros will have to do well to guarantee their spot on the Olympics (or last change oly qualifier if Sharipov doesn't qualify in Budapest, although I'd expect him to given the field). If either Sharipov or Kozyrev doesn't do well at Euros (like loses to someone besides Geno or Taha) then maybe Tedeev opens the process up to a couple more heavies.
  15. I like that too. Great suggestion, will see what we can do!
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