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  1. Yes, when you click on the other mats besides the FloZone feed, it will be the UWW feeds, which will not have announcers and Flo has no ability to add announcing.
  2. Where are you hearing Flo people doing any announcing? Besides on FloZone, Flo does not have the ability to commentary on any individual mats.
  3. there are Flo people in the arena right now, myself included, but we have no ability to do any announcing. that is controlled by UWW and they are only set up to do announcing for the finals. no one from Flo or anywhere else can do any announcing of any mats here in the arena. FloZone is happening in Austin, TX.
  4. i might be confusing the question but FloZone is different from the individual mats. FloZone is produced by Flo, requiring a technical director and the guys in the studio. The individual mats are being taking from UWW and are the same feed everyone around the world sees. they have no announcers, however during the medal matches UWW will have 2 announcers on the 1 mat that will be going. its possible that Flo could take the UWW streams of individual mats and add an announcer and produce a separate stream for that. we don't at the moment but maybe one day.
  5. the announcers for the individual mats are controlled by UWW. I believe there are no announcers except for the medal matches.
  6. Was told this morning Amir missed weight. thus Josh Finesilver automatically advances. I would also like to say that this thread is the best thing on the message board imo and I would be very sad to see it locked. I don't think it's the political discussion in and of itself that would cause it to be locked, but if the discussion degenerates into insults and ad hominems that stop any meaningful wrestling conversations from continuing. anyway, just wanted reiterate my appreciation for the insights the Iranian fans contribute here. sorry to see the situation at 70kg unfold as it did. good luck to everyone.
  7. Even when there is no FloZone, if there are multiple mats going at once you should be able to pull up 1, 2, 3 or 4 streams on the same screen if you're watching on your laptop. over your cursor over the top right corner of the stream and the option should show up during Worlds. It should look something like this.
  8. I'm curious what Iranian fans might think of this video my colleagues made about the rivalry about the David Taylor and Hasan Yazdani. should be free to watch if you click this link. I think it's pretty fair to both of them but welcome and encourage any and all feedback!
  9. Taylor is locked around one of Yazdani's legs while Ghasempour did not have his arms locked around anything of Cox's. FWIW refs were being more generous with the definition of a takedown and calling both situations takedowns at U20s.
  10. it really depends on the location. I think Vegas in 2015 has around 5K for the final men's freestyle sessions. 2017 Paris was not very well attended from what I remember but that city was just bidding on stuff to help with their Olympics bid (same as LA and the 3 World Cups they hosted in the '10s). Budapest 2018 was a few thousand. Someone organized bringing in a bigger crowd for the final Greco sessions but they were just randos with no wrestling knowledge. they all had small Hungarian flags and would cheer when the scoreboard gave Hungary points but not when the actual scoring moves happened. Don't remember what they said about Nur-Sultan in 19. I don't think it drew very well. Oslo 21 was very sparsely attended except for a couple thousand Iranian freestyle fans. The pandemic didn't help there tho. If you look up the World Cups that were hosted in Iran you'll see large rabid crowds. Various tournaments in the republics of Russia where wrestling is popular get nice crowds. I'm hoping the World Cup in Coralville fills the Xtreme Arena.
  11. yeah lets hope they start bidding! then these troll posts can become a reality!
  12. none of those places are ever going to host a senior world championship until they start bidding on UWW events. also to be "suitable" hosts the venue and hotels need to meet specifications. merely existing is not enough. there's also big "accessibility" problems with several of those locations. if you want to have a serious conversation about this topic you have to start with those issues before getting into the debates over weather and other personal preferences.
  13. great, those cities and facilities should bid on hosting UWW events. I'm certainly not arguing against it!
  14. I think we'll hear an announcement for the relocation of the 2023 Worlds soon, probably during or after the upcoming senior worlds in Belgrade. I'm all for trying out new locations for worlds but its like the NCAA championships, the host cities have to make bids and they have to be able to meet the requirements set out by UWW. right now the cities that can meet those requirements and want to hosts tournaments a mostly in eastern europe.
  15. there often are 2 US entries listed for every weight. i think Japan once had 3 wrestlers listed for every weight. the US and Japan public and orderly team trials though so you know by those results who's actually wrestlers and who is either an alternate or training partner. Hall isn't going to wrestle at worlds at any weight he is going as JB's practice partner.
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