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  1. daaaaaang, that is a deep pull! Thanks my friend, great find! I've bookmarked your link for further study!
  2. I guess I would have to either quit the rankings game or quit the ranker's guild. Will cross that bridge when I come to it!
  3. I appreciate where you're coming from but it's definitely not that easy. if it were, i'd do it. i am lazy! what you and many other people want is for Flo to make a special exception for this match, without thinking of all the other injury defaults and other matches that get stopped prematurely. if there was a simpler, easier way to be consistent in the rankings, i would be all for it. i've yet to hear anything to persuade me that our current methodology is not the best one, and I've heard quite a lot of opinions on the subject. but I also very much appreciate your interest in the topic.
  4. I would like your proposal more if the penalty for an inj def wasn't 6 points to the other team. if people started caring more about Flo's rankings than 6 team points then I'd think about changing our ranking philosophy. Though I wouldn't mind having that kind of power, I don't expect it in my lifetime. Maybe though!
  5. Don't hate this policy but it still assumes the outcome of a match which goes against the lessons of Rohn vs Lambrect. Much more important though is the feasibility. If it were possible to know this information in every instance of an injury default in a timely manner, I would consider it. However, it is not close to feasible in the current landscape so as to not even warrant consideration. Still, I get the theory behind it, don't fault anyone who subscribes to it, just don't find it feasible nor advisable.
  6. Flo has never assumed the results of prematurely ended matches, including injury defaults. To maintain those many years of consistent methodology, Flo is not factoring in the result of the RBY DeSanto match. Many people have implored Flo to make an exception for this one match. Flo declined to indulge in the interest of consistency and to remove as much biased reasoning from the rankings as possible. Other ranking services have different philosophies regarding the issue.
  7. wednesday or thursday. unfortunately there is no set schedule yet. Studio is getting crowded and we got bumped off the regular schedule during the hiatus. Hopefully we'll have a permanent home again soon.
  8. Very cool to see so much conversation about Flo's rankings. Appreciate all of you. Nomad and I touched on many of the subjects being discussed on the latest episode of Who's #1 the Show. A few of the posts here made on the show. Please enjoy! https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6014282-whos-1-the-show/videos?playing=6682643
  9. Thanks for all the responses friends! Some are good, some not so great. More good questions would be even more appreciated! Showtime is 11:15AM CT but it's not live so it'll be up by early afternoon. Hope you all tune in!
  10. hey friends, while I have you all here, Nomad and I are recording Who's #1 the Show tomorrow around noon. If you have any serious questions, please ask them here and if they're good, we'll answer them. And if you just want to say the rankings suck and I'm an idiot, please do so in a creative way and maybe we'll give you credit on the show as well.
  11. yeah it would have to be a pretty extreme situation where the lower ranked guy was dominating and then injury defaulted super late in the match, but even then, we have Rob Rohn over Josh Lambrecht to remind us why we follow the Ranker's Oath. So we'd still probably not factor in the result of the injury default in the situation you describe.
  12. as long as a human involved there will be some subjectivity, but the goal is to remove as much subjectivity as possible. I think we can all agree that rankings should have as little bias as possible.
  13. thank you for acknowledging that I used 'stochastic' correctly.
  14. The ball is in your court now Gasman1, please provide mature feedback and I will be receptive to it. Thank you! ps we have new ads now
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