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  1. Jaroslav Hasek

    Programs Not Fully Funded

    some of the Ivies are the most nicely funded programs in the sport and have rosters that pay less on average in tuition than other "fully funded" programs, despite not offering any athletic scholarships. Duke also notably doesn't offer scholarships, altho they, like the Ivies, have lots of non-athletic scholarships available. Maybe it's nitpicking but I think it's an important distinction given the crux of the issue. Cal-Bakersfield I believe has to privately fundraise their entire program's operating budget and scholarship money. good topic tho and I'd like to learn more myself.
  2. Jaroslav Hasek

    Mudflap Update

    "the looser the waistband the deeper the quicksand" is the best line from that song and it doesn't even make any sense.
  3. the only UWW restrictions are you can only transfer once and you have to pay money to your original federation on a sliding scale depending on the transferring wrestler's accomplishments. other than that, wrestlers and federations are free to do whatever they want.
  4. Countries can grant citizenship to whoever they want for whatever reason they want. Adam Batirov has no relatives in Bahrain. The Amines may have a familial connection to San Marino but they don't need one to wrestle for their wrestling federation. I don't think they even need to be citizens.
  5. Jaroslav Hasek

    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    imagine going through life getting mad online at people for dancing.
  6. Jaroslav Hasek

    Break Dancing in the Olympics!

    who cares? horse dancing and fake sword fighting have been olympic sports for over a century. i'd rather the olympics include stuff thats fun to watch than stuff that is literally impossible to enjoy as a spectator like rifle target practice or sailing. most of us will end up watching the break dancing competition and it will be fine, no problems for anyone.
  7. Jaroslav Hasek

    2020 US Open?

    It will be very similar to how you qualified for the WTT this year. the main difference is instead of the top 7 from the US Open it will (likely) be the top 7 from the Olympic Trials Qualifying Tournament held sometime in December of 2019. Not sure when USAW will make any officials announcements on the topic but that's how things went last Olympic cycle.
  8. Jaroslav Hasek

    2020 US Open?

    The Open would be right after the OTT but there would be no senior level tournaments. No one would enter both because there would be nothing to enter.
  9. Jaroslav Hasek

    2020 US Open?

    if it's like last cycle they will have a senior level Olympic Trials Qualifier in December of 2019 and then the US Open in Vegas in April as usual with everybody but the senior level Olympic styles.
  10. Jaroslav Hasek

    Wrestling and IQ

    the most important thing people need to remember about IQ is that I have the highest possible number.
  11. Jaroslav Hasek

    The strangeness of U23

    ah yes, the 2013 University Games in Kazan. that event had multiple sports and took place inside Russia so they took it seriously sent their number ones. Tsargush, Gadisov, Kurbanaliev. just about the whole team had or would have world medals within a year or so. the idea that they were all college students was a farce.
  12. Jaroslav Hasek


    why is "Reza" in quotes? that is his name.
  13. Jaroslav Hasek

    Wrestling promotion

    if espn wanted to put Final X on primetime they could certainly afford to do it.
  14. Jaroslav Hasek

    Wrestling promotion

    who's hands did you have in mind?
  15. Jaroslav Hasek

    Our guys lift weights too much

    Sadulaev lifts weights. so does everyone else in Dagestan. they post about it on Instagram all the time. I doubt they lift as much as Snyder but few people do.