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  1. Jaroslav Hasek

    Bo good, 197 bad

    no one is elite except for John Smith and Sadulaev. everyone else is bad.
  2. Jaroslav Hasek

    Iran Wrestling News

    pouting after loses is kind of Hasanov's thing. wouldn't even stand on the podium with Dake for the medalists pic.
  3. Jaroslav Hasek


    every time I see hype which I consider to be disproportionate, I too remember that life is not a video game. thankfully, I am old enough to have that ability, and it keeps me grounded.
  4. Jaroslav Hasek

    Flo big match promotion - question

    there's a pretty good reason there is no hype for Bedlam, and why there's hasn't been for some time. I'm pro dual meets, and think dual meets should either decide the NCAA champion or be part of the equation, but the individual matchups are what moves the needle. I don't see that ever changing. Maybe there's more Flo could do to hype up the rivalries but I think it's marginal at best.
  5. Jaroslav Hasek

    Flo big match promotion - question

    don't disagree in theory but am curious how you would suggest going about that in practice. we write about and promote team races at every big event but they are never close to the top performing pieces of content. it's an individual sport and people care about the individual matchups far more than team results.
  6. y'all can just hop on any one of our social media accounts and roast us there. plenty of folks have figured out that method.
  7. Jaroslav Hasek

    Yarygin 2019

    archives will be up asap. its not on floarena so its not autoupload, manual only. we want them up as fast as you do and appreciate your patience!
  8. Jaroslav Hasek

    Yarygin 2019

    the man spelled it in the Russian-Cyrillic alphabet and but Ivan's widow seems to prefer 'Yariguin' when using the Roman alphabet. I personally think Yarygin looks cooler but it's not really my place to say. Flo is just doing what the Russians/UWW would like us to do.
  9. Jaroslav Hasek

    Yarygin 2019

    about $500,000 per event per day in production expenses from what I understand.
  10. Jaroslav Hasek

    Good thread on hawkeye report

    I lol'd when i saw that someone in that thread looked up Nomad's high school record.
  11. Jaroslav Hasek

    New Flo Rankings

    re: Mauller and Martin - looks like just an oversight on our part. don't remember exactly what I was thinking but the process was probably Martin passing Berge bc of the head to head the week before, then last week after Mauler beat Thomsen, we moved him up but stopped at Berge because Berge has a win over Degen and Degen has a win over Mauller. but barring any other significant results this weekend we'll probably move Mauller up above Martin. Appreciate the heads up! also results to redshirts, backups and non D1 starts do count. although to be honest it's often difficult to know exactly what a loss to a really good non D1 guy means, especially towards the bottom of the top 20, so we don't factor that in much if at all.
  12. Jaroslav Hasek

    Yarygin 2019

    wrestling starts at 11PM eastern tonight. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6305874-2019-ivan-yariguin/schedule edit: I saw where the start time was off when you click the WATCH LIVE link. Just spoke to our planning department and the countdown clock should be correct now. the Yariguin starts on the 24th in local Russian time but it will be the 23rd in every US time zone. thanks for the heads up. Team work!
  13. Jaroslav Hasek

    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    BJ's committed to wrestling through 2020. Great dude, had the pleasure of catching up with him over the summer (link to interview). Was still recovering from surgery then but looks like he's ready to go now. Pumped to see him added to the 65kg mix.
  14. Jaroslav Hasek

    Flo - where are match videos?

    Looking for anything in particular? Anything we have the arichives of should be up under the individual event (events tab, completed events, scroll or ctrl+f). For dual meets this will be pinned on the front page of the events tab all season long.
  15. Jaroslav Hasek

    FloNationals 2019 Details?

    WE HAVE NEWS https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6317506-usa-wrestling-and-flowrestling-announce-2019-flonationals