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  1. Jaroslav Hasek

    Yariguin—Official Program Posted

    assuming Yarygin is still a ranking series tournament and these rules are still in effect: "each National Federation will be able to enter a maximum of three wrestlers per weight category."
  2. I was born in Chicago and have visited the Wintrust Arena many times, and only on a few occasions have I been murdered.
  3. Jaroslav Hasek

    Flowrestling question

    don't have the ability yet. still going through testing. don't want to roll it out then have it not work! soon though, the smart engineer dudes are working on it right now, promise!
  4. Jaroslav Hasek

    CKLV Discussion

    finals at 3pm pacific, 6pm eastern!
  5. Jaroslav Hasek

    Rocket Mortgage ad on Flo

    those ads aren't chosen by the themat.com, they are populated by a third party vendor based on your browser history and ISP details. so maybe it's time to start surfing in incognito mode.
  6. Jaroslav Hasek

    Will the new transfer rules end stockpiling talent?

    I dont think we'll see much change as far as competitiveness. the advantages programs have over other programs are based on funding and resources. that doesn't change with the transfer rule. you'll obviously see more transfers but otherwise I think it will be a wash with regards to D1 parity (or the lack thereof).
  7. Jaroslav Hasek

    Foxcatcher Movie

    if you think that's bad, wait until you hear about the real story behind Rudy.
  8. Jaroslav Hasek

    When does Flo show replays?

    they're up! https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6257466-oklahoma-state-vs-minnesota-2018-ncaa-wrestling/videos?sort=recent&limit=12 upload took a little while this time. also apologies but the large border graphics can't be helped. the event was produced by BTN and we only get what they give us. enjoy!
  9. Jaroslav Hasek

    Worst Dual ever?

    we didn't know until weigh ins. we would would have made different editorial choices as to the content we were running had we known ahead of time that Gross was sitting.
  10. Jaroslav Hasek

    Hey Spey - Suriano lost to non-Hawkeyes

    no problem. everyone's email is firstname.lastname@flosports.tv so andrew.spey@flosports.tv but in this instance, you want daniel.lobdell@flosports.tv although really no need to bother, I've already let him know!
  11. Jaroslav Hasek

    Hey Spey - Suriano lost to non-Hawkeyes

    twitter is the best way to reach anyone at Flo. @speywrestle DMs are open!
  12. Jaroslav Hasek

    Hey Spey - Suriano lost to non-Hawkeyes

    LOL Nomad wrote the 125 lb preview. We alternated weights. I just put them all together in one article. I will pass along the message though. Love the passion my friends. College wrestling is back!
  13. Jaroslav Hasek

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    Jason - do you have attendance numbers for Budapest? also the ticket prices? I was at the 15 worlds for 2 nights and stands were pretty full. I'm guessing 5,000 each night. plus the tickets weren't cheap. something like $80. Budapest was loud and the crowd was great but I didn't think the upper bowl every got filled so my guess was about the same attendance numbers. also the crowd was almost all Hungarians. the Germans had decent section and the Russians too but maybe a couple hundred at most? I think the Americans brough the biggest non-Hungarian crowd. I'd also like to know how other wrestling events do in Hungary. I felt most of the Hungarians came to support their country and to party (which is awesome), but I'm not sure how much they were actually into the sport. at least that was my impression. I definitely agree though that the biggest issue for the USA in hosting the worlds is going to be visas. not really for the fans, Americans will raise way more revenue in tix sales than worlds held anywhere else in the world, so foreigners traveling here is not a major concern, but for delegations and UWW officials. you saw that with the World Cup when Russia and Iran did not participate. so I'm guessing won't see the worlds for a while, but we will be able to get the World Cup and maybe a ranking tournament. Hope I'm wrong though and the Worlds comes back to the USA soon!
  14. Jaroslav Hasek

    Joe Colon should not have suprised anyone

    I agree that competing in tough tournaments overseas is definitely beneficial to American wrestlers, but I also agree that Joe Colon's resume was still lacking in the type of wins that would have made him a favorite to medal going into the tournament. I will say that I did not realize that Cory Clark had beaten Dubov in Poland and that Colon had beaten Beliechuk in Ukraine, so after the brackets came out, Colon should have been given a good shot at medaling. the Iranian was a bit of a wild card but is still junior eligible. I thought Topal of Turkey would do better too. anyway, great tournament by Joe and an auspicious sign for Team USA given that Nahshon Garrett is right there with Joe.
  15. Jaroslav Hasek

    Russian Revolution

    as mentioned, most of the russian wrestlers, especially the adherents to Islam, are teetotalers. but yes, potential financial rewards is a huge driver of sports participation. it's a mix of things obviously but in the parts of the Russian Federation that excel at wrestling, being a great wrestler can set you up for life, whereas even if you wanted to become great at a great many other sports, there is no infrastructure and thus no path to achieve the potential financial rewards. also regarding Georgia and Armenia, I found this research enlightening. According to Pew, Armenia are Georgia are about equal in their religiosity and are at the top of all of the Chrisitan nations of Europe when it comes various measurements of religious devotion.