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  1. That's not the Continental Cup that's a youth tournament in Ossetia.
  2. you usually you have a pretty good sense of humor @scribe but your posts on this thread have been shamefully weak. might be time to retire. chin up though, you had a good run.
  3. Love being compared to UFC and ESPN. we're not there yet but someday!
  4. are you asking me? I don't follow. American wrestling talent is more spread out than in Russia or Iran.
  5. sorry, can't divulge numbers. if I were in your shoes though I'd be just as curious. as far as popularity of grappling and wrestling, I believe a good proxy is social media, with Instagram being the best indicator for the youngest and most important demographic. FloWrestling has 413K followers. FloGrappling has 473K followers. both IG accounts have very high engagement levels. Who's #1 was simulcasted on FloWrestling & FloGrappling. A not insignificant number of people signed up for a FloGrappling subscription just to watch WNO, which occurred after FloGrappling streamed the biggest event in the website's history, ADCC. A not insignificant number of people watched WNO live on FloGrappling. It was a good day for both sites, and both sports. J'den Cox, Bo Nickal and Jason Nolf have been posting about grappling and the biggest stars of grappling have been posting about wrestling. all good imo! Wish I could provide more details. Maybe one day! Now I'm happy to put this grappling business to bed and am ready to focus on Super 32 and the start of the NCAA season!
  6. definite hot beds for sure but eastern PA/NYC metro area produce more high caliber wrestlers than the Western PA/NE Ohio region. nowhere else in Russia comes close to producing as many high level wrestlers as the North Caucasus. our world team would have to be 9/10 Western PA/NE Ohio to be comparable.
  7. yes, that's right, I admit it, i continue to refuse to post Flo's streaming numbers here, not because I will get fired if I do, but because I am lying when I tell you that Who's #1 live viewership nearly doubled year-over-year from 2018 to 2019. that is what's going on. you are also a subject matter expert when it comes to the popularity of grappling. we should trust your expertise on the matter, since you've proven to be so knowledgable about the topic. apologies for all my past snark and rudeness. I consider the case closed, and look forward to more fun conversations about wrestling on this wrestling message board with my wrestling fan friends.
  8. There's been discussions about putting WNO the Show out as a standalone podcast. It was conceived as a premium talk show that has always been behind the paywall, so we've been reluctant to distribute it via other platforms for free and as of yet Flo does not have a native audio player that we can make part of a subscription. We've asked for one but it's a pretty low priority compared to the enhancements we're committed to making in the live video department. Appreciate the feedback and glad to hear there is more interest in WNO the show.
  9. there are numbers to discredit your 'opinion' that grappling is less relevant that taekwondo and your other statements that attempt to diminish the size and important of the grappling community. just look at the social media accounts that cover bjj, they are as big or bigger than the largest wrestling accounts. they get great engagement too. flograppling vs flowrestling for instance.
  10. @Billyhoyle, you can have whatever opinion about WNO and the matches you like, I was 'disagreeing' with your wildly inaccurate assumptions about the grappling community. Like most wrestling fans, I personally haven't developing an affinity for watching jiu-jitsu yet, however I've also gotten to know the community through my colleagues at FloGrappling and it is very large and passionate and there is a lot of potential in growing wrestling's fan base by tapping into the BJJ fanbase.
  11. Wrestling talent is generally a little more spread out in the US than in Russia and Iran. Quantity and quality can be found from coast to coast. There are hotbeds though. It's generally most concentrated in the suburbs and rural areas from New York City to Chicago. But of course, Iowa, Minnesota, California and Oklahoma, Michigan and other states can lay claim to have hot beds of their own. The maps in these articles can give you a clearer picture if you're into the whole visual thing. NCAA Heat Maps By County From 2014-2018 2018 NCAA Heat Maps 2019 NCAA Heat Maps
  12. I think most people would measure the popularity of a sport by how many people watch it. The more people watch wrestling, the more popular it becomes. I consider those good things. So grappling fans watching WNO I consider a success for the sport. Just like how I would very much like it if ESPN's ratings for the NCAA Championship went up year after year. finding available metrics to prove lasting impacts of events that just happened are going to be difficult to come by. I think if you were to somehow calculate the number of people who were paying attention to and following wrestling, whether online or offline, I think you'd see that number going up. but again I don't know how to accurately do that. I guess I can't prove that having grappling and ADCC fans watch Who's #1 in substantial numbers (apologies again that I can't reveal specifics) is good for the sport, but I will firmly believe it to be the case until I have reason not too. I don't know much about the boxing community so couldn't say whether the McGregor-Mayweather fight was good for boxing but my guess is it on balance it did more good than harm.
  13. Thanks Underhook. Great post. Your perspective is appreciated.
  14. glad you're being a good sport about it, but your ignorance of the grappling community is blatant. like i said, can't provide viewership numbers but like I also said, there were more people watching that match live than any other WNO match from previous years. we can quibble about exactly how big of a success having that match at the event is, and we can argue about how much of a positive impact it had, but if you think it didn't have a positive impact and that it was not good for the sport, well, you'd be wrong.
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