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  1. yes that is why I said "at a bare minimum." of course I agree and recognize that things far worse than the least bad things are happening. the stakes are extremely high, which is one of the main points of my post. the virus is presenting a risk that people are not comfortable with. that is causing the destruction of businesses, etc. only when people no longer fear the virus will things return to "normal." I expect we will need an effective treatment or vaccine before that will happen.
  2. It's unfortunate that some people have been broken by this virus. Not from catching it and getting sick, but from being unable to process the new information the virus is creating and for being unable to make adjustments to their lives as a result. Many people, not just people on this board, have suffered complete brain meltdown. I fully understand how emotionally jarring this information is and how disruptive even small changes to ones life can be, so I remind myself constantly to be more patient and compassionate. The one thing I wish people would fully appreciate and take to heart is that there is no returning to normal, no recovery of the economy, sports, etc, until the virus is defeating, and doing that requires, at the bare minimum, inconveniences and alterations to your routines that you don't want to do, and more likely a much greater sacrifice. The sooner everyone digests that concept the sooner we all get on board the same team and can effectively fight the virus. Until then, the disruption and pain will continue. Thats my Thursday morning covid thoughts. Hopefully we figure out how to get more wrestling back in some form or another and we can all enjoy it and take a break from our constant reminders that we're living in a brutal pandemic. Best wishes to all my friends on this dumb message board!
  3. Would be better to look at all-cause mortality rates. its how flu deaths tolls from previous years are calculated. and when you do that you see that way more people are dying in the USA than usual. if you subtract the deaths that are officially labeled covid related, you STILL get a massive surge of deaths higher than what you'd expect. The actual covid death toll is likely 25 to 50% higher than is officially being reported. And this phenomenon is happening all over the world. https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2020/04/16/tracking-covid-19-excess-deaths-across-countries It's sad that some people an only process news from a being politically motivated perspective, but only a completely insane person would think so many cities in Europe are racking up 10 of thousands of excess deaths all to go along with some anti-Trump media campaign.
  4. the odds of no 2021 Olympics are definitely greater than zero. don't know what I would put the approximate odds at. I vaccine by spring 2021 would of course make it a near certainty. considering how low risk it appears young healthy people are to succumbing to covid, perhaps a way to host the games involves sequestration of athletes in the olympic village, no fans, and limited media. not endorsing any course of action formally tho, will leave that to the health experts.
  5. we are going to get it done. just had a meeting at Flo HQ and we agreed you are right. we are going to change the rules now. stay tuned for the match its going to happen exactly as you suggest!
  6. They aren't amateurs my friend, they're all paid professionals! Love how into the negotiations yall wanna get but changing up the rules was never seriously considered. we're using UWW freestyle rules, that's always been the plan. maybe next card we'll change it up but I doubt it.
  7. yes thank you for the feedback. i will obey your command. look for a report back tomorrow by 9am.
  8. you don't know if my post was sarcasm or not? contracts have been signed my man. there will be no changes to them, or the ruleset. maybe next time!
  9. you're right. this is exactly how these negotiations go. total failed opportunity by Flo. we blew it :(
  10. It's not a serious idea! You don't present those terms to an athlete when you're trying to put an event like this together. Sounds cool, I get it, but it was never an option.
  11. lol no one is covering for Downey, the option wasn't even presented to him.
  12. Glad everyone is getting pumped for the event. I'm looking forward to it as well. Taylor did request 2 four minute periods no techs but it was Flo, not Downey, that rejected that option.
  13. I would definitely be interested in hearing from one of your Cuban friends. By all means have them hit me up. I would also apologize for doubting your story. It still sounds unbelievable to me but I've been wrong before! Also the Millburn Deli rules!
  14. I guess if you consider Nomad's tweets and Don's post to be equally objectionable. The thought had admittedly not occurred to me but yes, if you were as offended by Nomad's tweets as most people were at Don's post then sure, unsubscribe from Flo.
  15. I don't get why Nomad's twitter posts would get someone to unsubscribe to Flo. just unfollow or block Nomad on twitter. seems like that would actually solve the problem, whereas unsubscribing from Flo just stops you from seeing the content on FloWrestling, not Nomad's objectionable tweets. makes the story sound, I don't know, unbelievable?
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