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  1. its almost as if something can be on the internet and not true at the same time.
  2. just sign up for his patreon. his content will be emailed to you.
  3. thank you for recognizing my impressively high IQ yeah I got in big trouble for that tweet. received a very stern admonishment. thankfully i'm still employed (phew!) but no one mentioned message board posts in my scolding so btw, Nomad is keeping a tally of all the NLI signees today. check it out, its good content!
  4. unfortunately i am message board warrior at heart. it's in my blood and is never going away. I am bound to this forum for life and sometimes things get spicy, can't be helped. but i will tell the bros at the office to chill with the arrogance and put out nothing but positive vibes going forward. thank you for the feedback and understanding.
  5. Sorry I'll try to sound much stupider in the future.
  6. i remember the days when Flo would get criticized for being the TMZ of the wrestling world. ahh yes, simpler times. the upshot is that the D1 trash talk that the wrestling community so desperately craves is available for the taking. the Flo monopoly has graciously left that content gold just laying around for some entrepreneur to scoop up!
  7. You may be right. I'll suggest Flo talks more spontaneous trash on random college teams at our next editorial meeting.
  8. the issue with this analogy is ESPN/ABC, CBS & FOX are all partners with the NFL to the tune of billions of dollars. A better analogy would be ESPN's coverage of UFC compared to their coverage of Bellator. But in reality no analogy is adequate because the football and wrestling operate in extremely different positions in the sports media landscape. If you want to be blunt about it, Flo's objective is to get as many subscribers as possible. Deduce our motives from that and you'll get closer to the truth than starting from what you personally would prefer we do and then imagining the economics behind what that would entail out of thin air. Which is to say, we spend a lot of time and resources on the NCAA tournament, which ESPN has the exclusive right to. We aren't going bump that content for some other tournament we might be streaming during the same weekend. We're going to do our best to present the wrestling content people most want to see. that's still never going to be the exact same content for every fan or subscriber, so there will always be disagreements about whether we made the right choice in what topic was led with on FRL.
  9. i would contend that cable tv pioneered that model several decades ago but i appreciate your frustration with the ads and get that you mean other streaming platforms. there are no ads on my HBO and Netflix subs but I pay for the Hulu package that comes with ads. chances are probably slim that Flo's pricing model changes but i'll make a suggestion about creating a subscription tier that gets rid of ads. maybe one day! and if makes you feel any better, i can't turn the ads off either!
  10. started full-time March 2017. and to be clear, I'm not saying what you're saying didn't happen, just that its not happening now and I have no knowledge of it happening since I've been at Flo. tbh its pretty wild how quickly things change so not trying to doubt you.
  11. Flo hasn't been paid to cover a D1 program since I've been here. At least to my knowledge. Kyle Dake: The Journey was sponsored by ASICS (part I and part II), and there may have been other vids like that, I just can't recall them right now. In the past, though, it's certainly possible that Flo asked for reimbursement to cover travel for content trips or maybe even to turn a profit, I just couldn't say. But yeah, we are definitely not currently pursuing a strategy of trying to make a profit in exchange for team promotion. What we are pursuing, however, is paying for unique, marketable content that will get wrestling fans to sign up for a Flo subscription. With that in mind, if anyone reading this has ideas or knows someone who has ideas about creating wrestling content, rankings or coverage in exchange for money, feel free to hit me up!
  12. All good! Looks like I read too much into your response so my bad there. Glad we can put on events that folks are looking forward to!
  13. But not for everyone that wrestled at Senior Nationals or will wrestle at events organized by Flo, HWC or NLWC apparently. Uh, everyone in the bracket has a chance of winning? Not sure what you mean. There's also no wrestle backs for 5th or 7th. Wrestlers are taking a risk of injury every time they practice. They're not going to sit in bubble wrap until the OTT. All the feedback I'm hearing is that Olympic hopefuls are actively seeking competition. Already covered, see above. What on earth are you talking about? The pride angle is what you brought up, not me! Every wrestler assumes whatever degree of risk they feel comfortable with. No one is forcing anyone to take any matches they don't want to. Sounds like you're trying to accuse Flo of doing something underhanded here but I all we're doing is offering money to compete. Seems like an odd thing to get angry about but that is just mho.
  14. Senior Nationals had many Olympic hopefuls competing for pride. Not sure how much money the HWC and NLWC are paying for matches but if its in the ballpark of $1,000 then they would all also, by your reckoning, be competing for pride. Not sure why competing for 'pride' would surprise you. that is historically how things work in this sport.
  15. 3 years since the last competition. at least that's how I read it. The rules are slightly less than crystal for me. Its under article 5 of this link if you want to check it out the official wording.
  16. I don't see anything in the rules about having to be a citizen for any amount of time, just that you need a passport. You do have to sit out 3 years if you wrestled in a world or continental event or an Olympics or Olympic qualifying event (if I'm reading the rules correctly). It also costs the new federation 10,000 swiss francs (usually around 1 to 1 with the US dollar) minimum per transfer altho the host nation has to pay more depending on the accolades already earned by the transferring wrestler. 300,000 francs for an Olympic gold medalist. A federation can also only accept one transfer per style per age division per year. If you can get a wrestler a passport and have 10K and he or she hasn't competed in any major events for the original federation and you haven't received any other transfers that year, I believe you can submit your paperwork in December and have the wrestler eligible on January 1 the next month. I think that's all the major restrictions but there may have missed something in the rules.
  17. Italy also has Abraham Conyedo and Givi Davidovi on their team. Davidovi is from Georgia and Conyedo is from Cuba. I don't know their stories, but like Chamizo, they both represented other countries before wrestling for Italy, so it would appear that the federation doesn't have a problem with importing starters.
  18. You don't need ancestral ties to change wrestling federations. you just need the federation to get you a passport from that country. Adam Batirov is from Dagestan and has no ancestral ties to Bahrain. There are lots of examples of Russian wrestling for other countries without familial connections. Dagestanis in Macedonia, Ossetians in Slovakia, Opan Sat to Turkey, etc etc. The way it the often works is the folks in charge of olympic sports in whatever countries hires a coach from Russia who brings several wrestlers with him and they all get passports. That said, all the Michigan guys do have strong family connections to the countries they now wrestle for.
  19. thats correct. we all swore by the rankers oath. we did not break it for RBY and we will not break it for Gadson. Hoping for a speedy recovery from Snyder. Also credit to Gadson who like sharp prior to the injury.
  20. Bader was heavily involved. He was definitely around the sport at the time. some of the folks that were a big part of the movie were not but Bader would be part of any decisions as to what gets covered and what doesn't. could be something like prohibitively expensive media rights or the filmakers just made choices you wouldn't've have agreed with. couldn't say as I wasn't involved in making the film, just saying wrestling people were involved. don't think the film would be possible without them.
  21. ah yes i read "competition" as "the event" and not "talent level". Makes sense now. thanks for the clarifications everyone and apologies for the confusion. now please relax and enjoy the wrestling lol
  22. yeah sorry I'm definitely not following. thought you were implying that SR Nats was equivalent to the Last Chance Tournament in that you qualify for the OTT if you win it. but I guess that's not the case.
  23. no Senior Nationals is not a qualifier event for anything. any changes to the OTT have to be approved by multiple committees and that did not happen for Sr Nats. It's possible this WOULD have been a qualifier for a WTT only IF UWW had mad a definite ruling about having 2020 World Championships, but that decision got delayed by UWW, so there are no qualification implications for the event, except that NCAA athletes will be able to qualify for Olympic redshirts. but that doesnt get them a spot at any of the trials because of it. the results will also affect OTT/WTT seeds, so some athletes may be taking that into account when deciding whether or not to participate. More info here. one final caveat - I thought I remember seeing that a placement at Sr Nats would qualify wrestlers for age level WTTs, (ie junior and U23s) but now I can't find anything on that. Also U23 worlds was officially canceled and JR Worlds is, like SR Worlds, hanging on to its scheduled existence by a thread.
  24. Rueben, Cael's father, pronounces it Cah-yel, but I get the impression that Cael is not very concerned about it one way or another. very sweet kid who is going to be a terror in college.
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