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  1. The Rome rankings series and then the Poland event in June will both be on Flo. Poland will be one the the last UWW senior level events before the Olympics. We've got entries for Rome out with lots more content coming (Link). I think the tournament is going to be incredible but I'm more than a little biased. The only other UWW events that will be on Flo this year are Beach Wrestling. If that should change and anything else gets added to our streaming schedule we will definitely do our best to let everyone know asap!
  2. i thot they added the point. they did in the Latona v Treaster 125 3rd place bout at the scuffle. either way, I feel like adding a point is an easy fix to all the 'matches can't end in a tie' stuff.
  3. NCAA wrestling has criteria now, they just add a point to the scoreboard. every major sport considers how to break ties. its discussed constantly. OT, shootouts, extra innings, judges scorecards, tiebreakers of all kinds.
  4. I get not being receptive to the idea of criteria but the product is much more marketable with criteria. I think it would help if UWW would add an extra criteria point like the NCAA does in dual meets or when criteria is used in a match that goes to the second set of ride outs. A lot of the objections to criteria revolve around the idea that someone wins even though the score is tied, and the whole beauty of criteria is that it obliterates ties, whereas OT extends the amount of time a score is tied.
  5. at least we an all agree that they both have the same name and are from the same part of russia, Dagestan.
  6. Excellent video. This may surpass the Morning Strolls with Sam Stoll from a couple seasons ago. A+ content from the Iowa team.
  7. lol Lefty142 is a very desperate troll. started out decent but zero staying power. reduced to spewing lame insults.
  8. pretty sure this is an intentional troll job, in which case it is very funny and effective.
  9. I'd rank top 78 if I had the time. there are lots of NCAA football and basketball that rank every team. some people really like that. they go wild for them even.
  10. event wasn't exactly my wheelhouse but Bo got paid and was happy to do the event, so that's all I cared about!
  11. I have never in my life lost to a chimp in either a wrestling or chess match.
  12. which is ironic because i am by far the strongest and most powerful!
  13. yes, it is absolutely a requirement. and thank you for not cursing.
  14. Ever go to Richmond, VA? It is not uncommon for cultures to continue to revere effective yet ultimately unsuccessful leaders of independence movements, even 150 years after their failure.
  15. I think USAW is trying to, it's just a matter of hooking their registration system up with FloAreana. Only 19 people have registered so far. Kervliet at heavyweight is the most notable name. List will be here at some point.
  16. yeah not much info out there i'm afraid, though everything is running on the usual time frame. check back often tho, we will be adding to it when we can!
  17. Could be that. Another possibility is that you are remembering incorrectly. And if find any evidence that he was wearing the shirt on the podium, please share!
  18. there is, and there will be a whole lot more. next week is CKLV week, then Reno TOC/Ironman, then Senior Nationals. money will be spent on getting people to watch.
  19. Sadulaev wore his team uniform on the podium. No Imam Shamil shirt was visible. it was in the mix zone, the post-match media interview area, where he put the shirt on and said he was dedicating the win to Imam Shamil.
  20. the fact that UWW made the punishment so meaningless and announced it with such minimal fanfare tells you a lot about how they really feel about Sadulaev's actions and the merits of the original complaint.
  21. It's legit, it's on the UWW website. Pure speculation is it could be based on the kerfluffle this summer between Ramazan Kadyrov and Dagestan over Imam Shamil. But that's just speculation. I don't expect to ever hear the details behind the decision, just as I don't expect this to be more than a one-off, special-case disciplinary action.
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