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  1. interestingly the announcement postponed the game exactly one year so presumably the conflict is just shifted out to 2023. But the 2023 worlds is an Olympic qualifier so perhaps that gives it more weight than the Games? Also the 2023 worlds are scheduled for Russia, which means they may get moved, which will allow UWW to pick a different date. a lot of uncertainties at the moment.
  2. It's going to be tricky to square football and basketball rules with the rest of the sports in the NCAA. whats going to be even more difficult is building consensus across the D1 spectrum as the NCAA are abdicating their role as rule maker and enforcer. that job will now fall on the universities and conferences. unfortunately ensuring parity at the D1 level for wrestling is going to be pretty far down the list of priorities for the decision makers. the best thing for wrestling imo is if the NCAA or at least some conferences agree to raise the minimum number of sports each school must field. many schools will want to keep the limit low or even lower it and do the bare minimum to stay D1 eligible for football or basketball but if the big money schools with the powerful brands say you need to sponsor more sports to play in the same league and stick to that rule I think the smaller schools with lower profile brands will comply. or maybe thats just wishful thinking on my part. either way, i think its safe to predict that big changes of some sort on coming for college athletics.
  3. the "stake" is an event sponsorship. pretty common in sports, not so common in wrestling. Tezos has also been sponsoring lots of FloGrappling events, a site that CP also directs, so I doubt we'll see any changes to FRL now that Tezos is also sponsoring Final X as well.
  4. I will never. It's staying that was for as long as I live and breath.
  5. More parity due to better competition. Its a phenomenon that happens in pretty much all sports. As the participants get better there are less blowouts and smaller margins of victory. Its a good thing.
  6. current year is going to be weighted much more heavily, especially at this point in the season. even with the win over Wood, Wyatt finished the season post-NCAAs ranked 14th. his loss to Dalton Robertson at Big 12s did not help his cause. I appreciate Ben's passion but I'd suggest not taking things you hear on sports talk radio too seriously. its mostly just bloviating talking heads trying to get a rise out of their audience to move the ratings needle :)
  7. I'd be surprised if Russia's latest military escalation affects the Yashar Dogu. Russia invaded Ukraine back in 2014 and Ukraine and Russia have been competing in all sports against each other since then without incident. Azerbaijan and Armenia fought a war with thousands of casualties on both sides in 2020 and those countries have competing against each other in sports since then without incident. Additionally most of the Russian, Belarussian & Ukrainian athletes (on the freestyle circuit at least) are from the Caucasus region and will be less personally affected by what happens in Ukraine. But I don't know for sure and things could be different this time. The current escalation could turn into a much bigger deal and/or the athletes may feel like some sort of response from themselves is warranted.
  8. I agree with everyone that these fake matches to reach match count thresholds are very bad and should stop immediately (duh). But once prominent coaches flagrantly fixed matches in 2019 with zero punishment, it was only a matter of time before other coaches decided they also wanted to enjoy the benefits of fake matches that their peers did. rather than selectively punish current coaches or retroactively punish coaches for misdeeds from 2019, i'd rather the fake matches from this season get stricken from the record and punishments for future transgression be made explicit. I don't see the point in getting outraged now when the practice was at the very least tacitly condoned. sure there were people who said it was bad in 2019, but not enough people did or not the right people did (or both), and so we have the mess we have now. Maybe some lawyers can weigh in on how such things are handled in similar instances.
  9. the 2019 Last Chance Open at Iowa State, in which there were several zero second injury defaults (I count three), is the only reason you're seeing 1 second injury defaults in extra matches now. If there were no repercussions in the past, why wouldn't other coaches exploit this loop hole? the rule change where matches against your own teammates no longer count for post season calculations is all well and good but those zero second injury defaults in 2019 were by athletes from opposing --but cooperating-- teams. maybe there was punishment administered for the 2019 fixed matches that I missed, but if not, I don't see why coaches this season should be punished for a tactic that other coaches were able to benefit from in the past. going forward though i very much hopefully the NCAA takes steps to address the issue because i find it as discouraging as everyone else.
  10. ah, foiled by the anonymous toilet avi. and that's why i still frequent this board. to learn new things. successful troll i guess!
  11. that's not what a staw man is. you mean a flack. but i'm not that either. but I have run down my employer anyway and forwarded them this thread. can't promise they'll make any changes but i've done my part!
  12. what leads me to believe that tennis fixing is far easier than you're assuming is that amount of fixed matches that are discovered only after the irregular betting patterns are noticed. i think it's probably fairly easy to fix just about any sporting event without detection if the goal is just to lose. winning but under a point spread is the real skill. or when both sides are tying to lose but neither side wants to look like theyre trying to loose. that's probably the most difficult to pull off.
  13. i'm not sure that's the case but i'd argue that it's moot anyway because the only way either is going to get caught it is someone detects irregular betting patterns or one of the participants talks about it.
  14. Match fixing in tennis is a pretty big problem. Need to refresh my memory on the specifics but I think it's a lot of low level Russian and ex-soviet players combined with in-game betting (meaning you can bet on who wins the next game or set or even point before the full match is over). Anyway, if you google "tennis match fixing" a bunch of Russian names show up on your screen. I think historically you find match fixing when you have under-compensated athletes. If there's a lot of money being wagered on a popular sport, but the athletes aren't getting paid a lot, there's a big incentive for them to get involved with match fixing. It's not just college athletes in the US (altho maybe that changes with NIL?) but internationally you see lots of problems with low level soccer match fixing too. So the upshot for wrestling is at is becomes more popular the athlete compensation should rise commensurately with the interest in wagering on the sport, which should reduce the pressure on athletes to fix matches. And if gambling helps speed the increases in popularity of the sport of wrestling than it could actually help reduce the overall amount of match fixing.
  15. It may. There are usually future odds for NCAA and Olympic champs. but it almost always has very high max bets and are essentially prop bets to get people in the door to increase their handle on the rest of their book. Legalized sports gaming in Iowa may help get to more regular season lines faster. Saw a line for the Iowa v Penn State dual by a local casino.
  16. Wrestling will need to get more popular to attract enough betters to make it worth the time of sports books to set lines and start taking wagers. i think it has a chance to get there, tho.
  17. It's also funny when Elly Mae says, "I call this one the hickory nut crunch!" and then steps on the dude's balls.
  18. Here's the best scene high school wrestling scene in a Hollywood movie.
  19. NCAA wrestling finals have averaged ~650,000 viewers for ESPN. haven't done the research on women's gymnastics but would not be surprised if it was higher. it's probably in the ballpark though. Nielsen doesn't meter BTN's tv ratings so they are harder to find but they've divulged some numbers in press releases. According to BTN, 2020's Iowa vs Penn State had 342,955 viewers, which was the highest for a wrestling broadcast. All wrestling duals that season averaged 116,043 viewers. But going back to the original question, BTN is not going to just give the broadcast rights to this dual to ESPN, and ESPN is not going to try and buy the rights from BTN as hey already own the broadcast rights to a bunch of other programming options that get higher tv ratings. So that's why we will never see this dual on ESPN for the foreseeable future.
  20. I don't, sorry. I know USA Wrestling is doing their best to get the best wrestlers to participate, but nothing beyond that.
  21. Still waiting on visas and/or administrative issues, although from what I understand, an official announcement on the foreign opponents for the American men and women is coming very soon. I have no intel on America's rep at 125kg though. I hope it's Gable like everyone else but haven't heard anything on that possibility one way or another.
  22. That article is correct. The US lineup was officially announced (except for 125). U.S. men’s freestyle team 57 kg: Thomas Gilman (State College, Pa./Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) 61 kg: Daton Fix (Sand Springs, Okla./Cowboy RTC/Titan Mercury WC) 65 kg: Yianni Diakomihalis (Rochester, N.Y./Spartan Combat WC/Titan Mercury WC) 70 kg: James Green (Blacksburg, Va./Southeast RTC/Titan Mercury WC) 74 kg: Jason Nolf (State College, Pa./Nittany Lion WC) 79 kg: Jordan Burroughs (Philadelphia, Pa./Pennsylvania RTC/Sunkist Kids) 86 kg: Zahid Valencia (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids) 92 kg: J'den Cox (Colorado Springs, Colo./USOPTC/Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC) 97 kg: Kyle Snyder (State College, Pa./Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC) 125 kg: TBA G'Angelo Hancock was also announced as the US rep for the single Greco match slated for the event. His opponent is TBD but the plan is an Iranian.
  23. It won't be on Flo. I think we should all be able to watch here. Flo will be covering it though. If we can embed the videos in an article we'll do that. Will try the best we can keeping up with results. USAW will likely have all the US results, which we will also share. Flo's contract with UWW runs at least through 2024, so we'll have all ranking series, championships (of various age levels and continents as well) and world cups through then.
  24. Nolf and Zain are above average entries for the Yariguin. The tournament is probably pumped to have them there.
  25. NCAAs are probably the only time you're going to see any odds. its tough for books to make any money on wrestling. would be great though, both for the NCAA season and for the international events.
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