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  1. only if you want to! my point was only the old technique wave vids never went away. if you never meant to imply that they did then my apologies!
  2. everyone got paid, and all the technique is still there, plus more every year. just search for a move or a wrestler and it will appear like magic. its just not called technique wave anymore.
  3. Just here to provide accurate information. if that happens to convince someone to subscribe to Flo then it's just a coincidence! ;-)
  4. Pretty big college dual meet is going to be on Flo on Feb 12. But I'm not here to convince anyone to subscribe. If the price isn't worth it for you, you should definitely spend your buck fifty elsewhere! Might also be worth point out that to get the best duals, you're going to need a cable subscription that includes BTN and the ESPN channels. BTN has dozens of the best dual meets and the Championship finals which you won't be able to see with a BTN+ subscription. ESPN will also pull a dual or two from the ACC and Big 12 off ESPN+ and put them on their family of channels. You can do a YouTubeTV of HULU Live monthly for like $70 I think. Not an uncommon complaint I've heard about the watch parties! I wouldn't think to do them myself but the concept is pretty big successful for YouTube and Twitch other media companies & platforms so I don't think they'll go away anytime soon. Also this probably makes it worse but not many actual frat boys here at Flo. I'm surrounded by GDIs. It's stolen fraternal valor imo. Anyway, good news is no one will force you to participate in the watch parties and they don't add any cost to your Flo subscription.
  5. I think it's safe to assume @The Genius was referring to Operation Paperclip and people like Werner Von Braun, not Einstein.
  6. I also recommend using and contributing to Wrestlestat. it is a great product and extremely useful. At some point FloArena and Trackwrestling will become one product that hopefully combines all the good qualities of both existing products with none of the bad, plus some nice new features. It takes time, money and people but all three are being deployed as I type!
  7. Appreciate the feedback but I think you're reading too much into it @BAC People are going to look at it like a competition because its wrestling but it's just an excuse to talk about all great wrestlers in American history. the list and ranking is a starting off point, not a final conclusion. from our 100 starts the many different conversations about who was greater. that the term is so nebulous and has little objective qualifications to it is a plus. more opinions which causes more discussions which allows fan to learn more about American wrestling history! which, again, is the whole point of the endeavor. otherwise we'd just be listing most medals or best NCAA finishes or whatever the criteria was. there's a place for that. record books and stats and almanacs are great. I pour over them all the time. that's just not what this is. and I thought Adeline's tweet about the top 100 was awesome. showed she was interested in it! we had zero expectations that everyone would be 100% satisfied with our rankings. that would be impossible. no such list exists!
  8. thanks you for this explanation, very much appreciated! When you say Dabir is not under pressure, am I correct and taking that to mean he has not been given strict orders by anyone to say specific things in the interview with harsh consequences if he does not comply? However, would it also be fair to say that he would face consequences if he spoke in more positive terms about the United States? Or more specifically, would it be possible for him to explain to an American audience more or less what you explained in your post?
  9. We wanted to include all styles and genders in the list so we could be inclusive and celebrate as much American wrestling history as possible. Breaking out different lists men and women or for different styles is a possibility and may be a project for the future. Doing it this way though ensures more eyeballs on all the different facets of the sport. And the conversation and disagreements is also part of it. There was much disagreement inside the office. My personal top 10 would looks different then what's being released at midnight tonight. It's not a super serious thing but if people want to take it that way, its cool too. Hopefully it inspired some folks to produce alternative top 100s so we can compare and contrast and keep the conversation going.
  10. Can any statements by public figures in Iran be taken literally and sincerely? I'm assuming everyone has to go through the motions of repeating the government's opinions when speaking about America, rather than their own, the same way Iranian wrestlers are forced to forfeit matches against Israeli opponents.
  11. There's definitely value in archives, including short highlights the length of which Dan is using for his breakdowns. I still thing a solution can be found where a guy like Dan can use the clips and not pay out of pocket but include tags or links or something, but big media companies charge big bucks for use of their highlights. ESPN, BTN, NBC, et al, charge lots of money to use even a few seconds of video.
  12. both UNC and AF are out unfortunately. gonna be a bumpy ride for the next month or so.
  13. For what it's worth, when I wrote the top 10 NCAA wrestlers of all time article for Flo, I cheated and made #10 a fan vote and added 25 names to choose from, included therein was Simons and a few other golden oldies. Uetake was #2. And here's an article Nomad did, also from 2018, on Haselrig and the rarity of three-time NCAA heavyweight champs.
  14. Every thursday! so tomorrow and a week from tomorrow!
  15. can confirm that international results where a bigger factor than NCAA results. also collegiate results in anything other than D1 were not factored in at all. bringing Kyle Klingman on board has been a huge benefit to this project. guy is a walking wrestling encyclopedia. the Hall of Fame has also been extremely helpful. there was also plenty of disagreements within Flo about the rankings. I don't think there is one person here that agrees with every single ranking. glad its generating debate, that's one of the main purposes of the project!
  16. I can't speak on UWW's financials as I've yet to review them but India definitely has a deal for streaming rights within India. I think they've been putting them on youtube for free (but geoblocked). UWW would very much like to sell media rights to the world championship to every country on Earth. All those media partners would then be able to put that stream behind a paywall if they wanted. the fact that they don't is not ideal, it means UWW is missing out on a lot of revenue that most other sports get from their media rights. I think a lot of people are also under the assumption that if FloSports no longer had the USAW or UWW media rights that whoever did instead would not also put the streams behind a paywall. I find that scenario extremely unlikely.
  17. to my knowledge, Flo had nothing to do with this. but UWW may still feel an obligation to their rights holders (including Flo, but there are several others worldwide) to regulate the use of their content, just as NBC/IOC, FOX/BTN and ESPN/NCAA does with their content. you have to pay quite a bit of amounts of money to officially license highlight clips of Olympic or NCAA wrestling videos. more than you'd probably think! Hopefully a deal can be worked out with Dan where he can simply credit and tag UWW and it won't cost him anything out of pocket because I agree with everyone on this board, his videos are excellent and are an overall benefit to the sport!
  18. wrestling content has never been more abundant and available, much of it free! basketball and any other sport that is orders of magnitude more popular than wrestling is always going to be more easy to follow than wrestling. now try following a different sport on wrestling's level without paying for any subscriptions!
  19. yeah no Uetake. total beast but he'd be on the top 100 japanese wrestlers of all time. maybe one day we'll do that!
  20. guessing modern pentathlon gets rid of their horse component and comes up with enough money to stay in the olympics. good that IOC is at least acknowledging how inaccessible sports involving horses are to most of the globe. the rich people that do horse events (and boat events) ensure those 'sports' inclusion in the Olympic programing, though who knows for how much longer. it's also good that the IOC is giving ultimatums to weightlifting and boxing to reform their PED use and corruption. sometimes you have to threaten to use the nuclear option to force that kind of change. the IOC is far from perfect but pressuring it's most egregious sports to stop doing bad things is, imo, good.
  21. Looks like Amir Yazdani and Zagir Shakiev will go from being opponents in the 2021 world 65kg finals to teammates in the Iranian wrestling league. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXLTdzkg2G3/ cool shirt on Baby Yaz ;-)
  22. Palm Pilots were nice. anyone who remembers otherwise is lying.
  23. no, it would not be inaccurate to say we are comparing those two things that Marinelli and O'Toole did and saying they are equal. it would be accurate to say we are not considering those facts at all. but there is definitely an argument to be made that Marinelli should be lower! and people are welcome to be swayed by those arguments. we feel that to use the those arguments, which it would seem you prefer, to justify moving Marinelli lower than O'Toole would be inconsistent with how Flo has handled other similar situations. but then this situation, like almost ever ranking conundrum, is unique. so there's almost room for disagreements!
  24. Wouldn't be the first time i've been wrong! Marinelli's regular season and Big Ten gauntlet was pretty tough. def a tough regular season and conference tournament than O'Toole. O'Toole's wins coming at the NCAAs gives him slight edge, but Marinelli has a slight edge in losing to the champ vs losing to the the runnerup. It's razor thin differences and Marinelli's career has much much bigger wins so thats the tiebreaker. reasonable people can reasonably disagree tho. again, its just November. wouldn't get too concerned about it either way. but it is very cool that people care about it all!
  25. So all the freestyle results are not factored in. only folkstyle wins and losses. placements at tournaments are also not factored in. wins and losses at NCAAs are weighted more heavily, but not the placement itself (this is just speaking for Flo's rankings btw). as an extreme example for why that doesn't really happen (but less extreme versions often do), one guy could beat an eventual AA, lose to the eventual NCAA champ and 3rd placer and go 2-2, missing the podium, whereas another guy could beat two non AAs, then win by medical forfeit then semi-slide to place 6th. therefor the relevant resumes of O'Toole and Marinelli compare like this: They both have 1 loss over this season and last season. Wentzel is a slightly worse loss than Griffith. They have comparable wins last two seasons. Marinelli has clearly better career wins in Wick and Cenzo. Marinelli's longer career is the tiebreaker. but i get other reasoning and ordering of the ranking. this is just how it has to be for Flo's rankings to stay consistent. luckily its only November so both wrestlers have plenty of time to earn the undisputed #1 seed.
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