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  1. how about this (lbs/kgs/kg delta/delta%)? 123/56 139/63/7/11% 156/71/8/11% 176/80/9/11% 198/90/10/11% 253/115/25/22% Isnt heavy too light? yeah you can bump that back up to 265/120. or higher, im flexible on HWT.
  2. i like the options but i would increase the step-ups as you go to make the spread more even in relative terms rather than absolute.
  3. how about this (lbs/kgs/kg delta/delta%)? 123/56 139/63/7/11% 156/71/8/11% 176/80/9/11% 198/90/10/11% 253/115/25/22%
  4. right, so either you toss out all group of tweeners out or you spread the pain around to all (or some) weight classes. what would be your preference? the best i can think of is starting at 56kg and moving up 11% each weight until you get to heavy but am open to hearing alternatives and the reasoning behind them.
  5. This proposal would eliminate a weight in the 180ish range, which is just as unjust as eliminating one in the 130ish range. is there a way to get to 6 weight classes that does not unjustly eliminate a weight class?
  6. now there's an idea worth exploring. maybe a dual meet tournaments for mens FS and greco, and individual tournaments for women? and start scheduling individual mens world championships during olympic years. it would get you to medal parity for men and women and keep both GR and FS. probably get more weight classes out of it too if you did the numbers right. participation numbers would still be skewed toward males tho. obviously not perfect, but short of adding women's GR it looks pretty good to me.
  7. The proposed new weights make no sense from a historical perspective. I went back and looked up all the previous weight divisions and calculated the percentage increase to the next weight. hopefully the formatting works below (edit: it does not, let me try again) 1924 56 61 8% 66 8% 72 8% 79 9% 87 9% 130 33% 1948 52 57 9% 62 8% 67 7% 73 8% 79 8% 87 9% 130 33% 1962 52 57 9% 63 10% 70 10% 78 10% 87 10% 97 10% 130 25% 1969 48 52 8% 57 9% 62 8% 68 9% 74 8% 82 10% 90 9% 100 10% 130 23% 1997 54 58 7% 63 8% 69 9% 76 9% 85 11% 97 12% 130 25% 2002 55 60 8% 66 9% 74 11% 84 12% 96 13% 120 20% 2014 55 65 15% 75 13% 85 12% 95 11% 125 24% as opposed to the NCAA and high school weight classes, which bunch up more middle weights where there are more people, the FILA method has historically just picked a starting weight and then just gone up a roughly uniform percentage (until heavyweight). thus, the middle weights are much tougher, but any one competitor's weight advantage will be limited across the board. the only reasoning behind the new proposed weight classes that i can discern is a fondness for round numbers. if anyone knows of any other reasoning i would love to hear it. as far as what i think the new weight should be (besides more of them), i would first determine the lowest weight and then increase each subsequent weight by 7, 8, 9 & 10 kilos. Then pick whatever upper bound HWT should be. fgw1's fits that model almost perfectly. 123 56 139 63 156 71 176 80 198 90 253 115 to adjust, just add or subtract kilos to all the weights equal to how you adjust the first weight class. anyway, besides a hatred for 60kilo wrestlers, is there any logic behind the new proposed weights?
  8. You can cross this one off your list and focus on wrestling. The Crossfit Games already do this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CrossFit hah, i saw one of these once. i would prefer some more interesting events then chin ups and squat thrusts, but its a start!
  9. watching Ninja Warrior got me thinking about a competition like this. you'd have teams of athletes competing in Decathlons where the events are unknown until the start of the competition. maybe you know it will be 10 from a potential list of 100. you could also add in some random team sports, like flag football. one day i will make all of these things happen.
  10. gotcha - apologies for misinterpreting. the right kind of shake up is probably a good idea then.
  11. 1 period freestyle and 1 period greco. Overtime greco with foot sweep. Why not? i'd definitely watch a tournament of champions style dual meet of FS v GR champs under those rules. couldnt hurt to experiment with new ideas before implementing. how much money is there in international wrestling? can we get a broadcaster to front a substantial purse to test this out?
  12. the youtube views are interesting and i appreciate them being compiled, but seeing as how 1 of them involves an American wrestler and that 1 video outpaces all the others by a about a factor of 10 means its tough to glean anything about the international popularity of the styles. is it possible to get the live stream data? that should give us a good comparison from the first 2 all freestyle days to the last 2 all greco days (altho weekday/weekend should probably be factored in).
  13. those sound look good ideas at least worth exploring to me. but if anything it highlights the issue of US wrestlers being on a parallel track with folk & freestyle. correct me if i'm wrong but dont wrestlers in Georgia and Azerbaijan come up from the youth level exclusively wrestling freestyle?
  14. i think its a great idea to look at programs that are outperforming the US to see where we could be making improvements. we should start with the baselines. how many freestyle wrestlers does Azerbaijan and Georgia produce, compared to the US? similarly, how much resources are being devoted to freestyle wrestling compared to those countries? after establishing the relative baselines of each program, what is Georgia or Azerbaijan doing differently that the US could implement? additionally, one big disadvantage the US wrestlers are dealing with that no amount of shake ups will change is that almost no US wrestlers are focusing exclusively on freestyle until after college, ~22 years old. if there is a strategy that makes sense to pursue that involves a shake then we should pursue it. the question remains as to what the strategy is beyond "shake up US wrestling because we do not win enough medals".
  15. i'd watch it :) if they televised it in the spring at least.
  16. absolutely correct. i only looked up the countries the Coach J mentioned so as to give broader perspective of the US performance. Azerbaijan and Georgia have fantastic programs and the US team should study them to look for ways to improve.
  17. i think youre judging the US performance too harshly. just looking freestyle results from the 2011 & 2013 world championships and 2012 Olympics USA: 4G, 0S, 2B TURKEY: 0G, 1S, 2B JAPAN: 1G, 1S, 1B ARMENIA: 1G, 0S, 0B N KOREA: 0G, 0S, 1B S KOREA: 0G, 0S, 0B Only Iran and Russia have separated themselves from the rest of the countries by having medal threats 2 deep or more at just about every weight. also of those countries, only Armenia is comparatively small. getting a medal with only 7 weights is tough. you need to be both lucky and good. getting up to Iran and Russia's level is going to take a lot of time and resources. it should be the goal, but its easier said then done.
  18. I saw a Real Sports on HBO recently about the Seattle Sounders, an MLS team. Every four years, season ticket holders get to vote to retain or oust the general manager. They also hold 4 town hall meetings a year, in which fans voice their ideas. Some of the new ideas are actually used. For example, they hold a "March to the Match" from the bar district to the stadium for every home game -- like a parade, with chanting and banners. As of right now, they get 44,000 in attendance per game, versus an MLS average of 17,000. If you want fan support, you have to find a way to empower fans and to make them feel a sense of shared identity with their team. I've thrown this idea out there a few times, but I really think that we need to find a way to get normal wrestling fans to feel an ownership stake in elite wrestling. One way to do this would be to take a dollar from every USAW membership and have rank and file members vote on wrestlers to fund for the national team. I think the last time I looked at the numbers, it would be easy to add a dollar to membership costs and give one athlete in each style $50,000 a year. yes, awesome idea. money and marketing, they create a virtuous cycle.
  19. Most of our world team went throught he USOEC, so NCAA results are a moot point i would think NCAA results would be precisely the point. how many wrestlers does that NCAA produce versus the USOEC?
  20. I think other individual sports allow up to three entrants per country (maybe even more?). Sometimes Jamaica will sweep the medals at a sprinting event, for example. I don't know why we couldn't do the same. agreed. Track & Field allows 3 per event and swimming 2 per race. either open up the wrestling weight classes or encourage more competitors to wrestle under other countries flags. it will make for better tournaments and will do nothing but promote the sport in other countries.
  21. i dont know if any kind of shake up is necessary. that would imply firings and a changes of personal no? but who would be shaken up and for what cause? its not like the wrestlers drastically under preformed. in just about every instance our guys got beat but superior or equal caliber wrestlers. doesnt mean we shouldnt look for ways to improve. you can always improve, and USA wrestling could always be allocating resources more efficiently. but an unwarranted shakes up could be counter productive. when the sales staff has a disappointing quarter you dont go firing the entire accounting department.
  22. this just might be the greatest message board comment of all time.
  23. they'll be close enough. just wait. Jaroslav's International Man Slammin Max Out is going to be the premiere wrestling event off the year.
  24. those are issues. except for not having a clear sense of who is the best. maybe you won't but thats not the point of this tournament. the point is to get awesome match ups of wrestlers at their ideal fighting weights. you could modify the madison system to address the other concerns. put an upper and lower bound and then guarantee no more than a certain kilo spread per weight class. have some sort of minimum credential for entry so as not to flood the tourney with scrubs. im sure there are other concerns but nothing that cant be figured out. and this isn't going to replace the current system, it'll just be a once a year tournament. with a big enough purse im sure it could work. you'll see, once i make my first billion dollars, it'll happen.
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