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  1. Burroughs up. if some of the hosting sites are getting clogged up the direct link to the livestream.com page is working smoothly for me. http://new.livestream.com/accounts/5297 ... ts/2397235
  2. the livestream link is working for me. http://new.livestream.com/accounts/5297 ... ts/2397235
  3. FILA database has Burroughs wrestling in the Junior WC in 2008 at 66kg. finished 10. Hasanov, the Azeri he just beat finished 2nd. They didn't wrestle in the Juniors. a Russian named Gadzhiev won it. He later lost to Hasanov in the 2010 Euro championships at 66kg. anyway, thats just from noodling around here http://www.foeldeak.com/wrestlingdataba ... anguage=en its good resource with a nice, simple, quality interface.
  4. is there a story behind tsargush at russian nationals? im not saying there has to be anything, but didn't he wreck everyone at the university games? i'm guessing he'll try again next year?
  5. good for the iranians, they are having a hell of a tournament. their 2 wrestlers who didn't make the podium at 66 and 120 aren't exactly slouches either. iran and russia have definitely separated themselves from the rest of the field. i think overall, outside of this tournament, russia still has the best program, but its nice to see another legit challenger. outside those two i don't really see a clear 3rd. not including 74, 17 different nations placed a wrestlers in the top 5, including china and spain. none of those 17 teams placed more than 3 in the top 5. Georgia has two 5's and a 3 and no one contending at 74kgs. the USA will have two 5s and a 1 or a 2. azerbaijan has a 2 and a potential 3 or 5 (or nothing). uzebekistan has either a 3 or a 5 and nothing. japan has potentially a 3 or a 5 or they could be shut out of top 5 finishes completely. the US could have done better but i dont think realistic expectations were could be much higher. certainly as a fan i was rooting for me, but in no way could this tournament constitute a disaster or call for drastic overhauls of anything. it was a 2 team race, and the USA is right there with the rest of the 2nd tier teams.
  6. what are you implying, that confidence is the only thing holding back US wrestlers? that having a tougher draw does not put wrestlers at a disadvantage compared opponents who had easier draws?
  7. why would you expect the US to dominate? Burroughs is our only wrestler who has been dominant internationally. the rules didn't change that much. it's not like they added riding time.
  8. its kind of tough to strip out luck in a knockout tournament. the current set up probably has some of the most amount of luck you could possibly design, but absent a round robin you're always going to have some luck.
  9. an indian beats a russian and a frenchman beats a bulgarian, in the first round of the same weight class. pretty rare occurrence i'm guessing.
  10. with random draws and no seeding, there is a tremendous about of luck involved. hypothetically redo each tournament 100 times and you'd see much more similar results from 2012 to 2013. plus it's hard to conclude we've underpreformed this year when 2 medalists from 2012 arent in the line up this year.
  11. mostly agree with the complaints about FILA. still a whole lot more it could be doing. and even if they dont change certain aspects, at a bare minimum they need to be more transparent and better at explaining their decisions and the motives thereof. there's no excuse for opacity in the organization any more. none. and while i share the frustration in seeing the american team come up empty in the medal department (so far), i'm hesitate to conclude that this means there is anything wrong with the program. i prefer to focus on the process rather than the results, and it's much more difficult to find something wrong with the process. my initial thots echo Billyhoyle's. team USA might not be doing anything wrong, it is just likely that we do not have the best wrestlers in most weight classes. we could be getting the most out of the athletes we have, other countries are just better. i dont think we lack good coaches, facilities or motivation. we probably lack a talent pool as deep as other countries. sheer popularity, primacy of freestyle over other folkstyles, and longevity of careers all work against the US. fixing those "deficiencies" will entail huge structural changes that may not be in the greater best interest of the sport in the US. but that doesn't mean we should stop the analysis and it doesn't mean we shouldnt look to improve at every opportunity. i would just caution about throwing the baby out with the bath water, and also suggest that it might not be as bad as it looks. and also of course enjoy burroughs career while you can!
  12. Yes... we need a total rethink. Burroughs would be doing what he is doing no matter what nation he competed for. that's it then, clone burroughs!
  13. do you know if FILA keeps track of their web traffic? i would assume they do but you never know. it would be a great way to track popularity of freestyle versus greco. the number of hits the brackets page gets. be interesting to see it broken down by country too.
  14. i believe they just ran out of bandwidth. so the good news is that people were checking in, probably spurred on by the IOC buzz. the bad news is no one at FILA thought to rent extra bandwidth for the biggest event of the year.
  15. which? i was thinking 84. i didnt see any of of Gavin's matches tho so maybe its unfair to say that was an uncompetitive performance and not metcalf. with so luck involved in the draw and who you get matched up with and with so few matches being wrestled its tough to get the whole picture of a weight class, but if i were to pick a weakness in the US line up right now it would be at 84, with all due respect to the American champion. happy to entertain other opinions tho, i'm far from an expert.
  16. Iran has looked very impressive. 2 gold and 2 bronze with 1 more weight class to go. everyone has looked big, strong, and well conditioned. they'll probably still come in under the Russians for the team score, which speaks to how incredibly deep they are. not the best performance so far from the US but we were competitive in all but 1 weight. i dont think its as bad as it look at first glance.
  17. ah, i seem him now. J. Hassanov is also Y. Hasanov. Lost to Tsargush at the University finals this year at 74 and to then lost in Poland to either countryman Aliev or Terziev the Bulgarian. He'll have to get through Terziev if he wants a shot at Burroughs. Does anyone know who Burroughs wrestled in the World Cup this year? Looks like Khubetzy was at that too.
  18. Anyone have any background on Hassanov the Azeri in Burrough's bracket quarter? i tried a little google-fu but didnt come up with anything. could be a tricky spelling.
  19. i know its easier said than done at heavyweight but Dlagnev needs to generate more offense if hes going to win those matches. he looked great against Ghasemi. too bad he can't string together all those quality wins he's had in the same tournament. he's proven himself top tier tho, just hasnt broken through to the very top. and now Gatsolov is making me eat my words by tossing a guy who looks to be about a foot taller than him. its like rocky and drago. unbelievable.
  20. ah, didn't know that about Salas. thanks.
  21. looked like the Cuban wanted to win in the 84 finals to me. he certainly made it entertaining. he was competitive, just made some mistakes and couldnt get back those lost points. but im betting you watch a lot more international matches than me so you'd know better. still, if that finals was fixed and the bronze between hungary and belearus wasn't, give me fixed every time!
  22. mascots and flag bearers aside, the production quality of the finals have been surprisingly good. does anyone know how it compares to previous years live feeds? this is the first WC i've watching via live streaming.
  23. that 3rd place Hungary v Belarus match at 84kg was pretty terrible. both periods went to a stall countdown. hungary had 1 offensive move and it didnt look like the belarussian but up much resistance. woof.
  24. i dont normally advocate violence but i'd sure like it if someone punched that dancing bull in the stomach.
  25. a moot match up gets further mooted by Gomez losing to the Armenian. it was a brutal way to go out of a tournament. Humphrey's was looking great through 2 and a half matches. was probably not getting by the Russian no matter what happened today but he proved to be competitive with the top tier guys in the weight class.
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