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  1. agreed, these are great videos. very fun, brief but full of insights. fantastic peak inside the training room. those guys are going to work. those sweat puddled mats are the real deal. great job by all those involved and thanks for sharing!
  2. international wrestling needs a legit pro tour. FILA is at its core a political organization. its run by and for bureaucrats, not wrestlers. its useful for the sport to have a representative to schmooze with the other federations and keep everyone in the IOC happy, but wrestling needs an organization set up to promote the sport so that all the benefits accrue to the athletes and the fans, not to politicians. lets get Fox Sports 1, Dan Gable and some venture capitalists in a room together and make it happen.
  3. For context: France has a population of 65.7 million, so that's a participation rate of 0.086%. The United States has a population of 313.9 million, and about 270,000 scholastic wrestlers. That's about 0.085%. Pretty similar. cool, thanks for the info.
  4. no the satiated winner of the "challange" hot dog eating contest - in which Joey Chestnut does not partake - will oppose an unslaked Joey Chestnut for the mustard belt.
  5. the winner of the coney island 4th of july hot dog eating contest should then have to challange last years winner to a one on one battle to earn the vaunted mustard belt.
  6. just curious, but how do you figure Judo is the second most popular sport in France? i'm guessing that bike race the hold every year is a lot more popular than any judo competition. here's also the wikipedia entry on Sport in France that doesn't mention even Judo. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sport_in_France i was actually surprised to learn how popular rugby is in France. they're a top 10 rugby nation. anyway, not saying Judo isn't popular in France, or that your necessarily incorrect, i'm just curious where you got that info.
  7. this is a great idea. they should do this in golf too. tiger should only have to play one hole, and if he pars it, then the winner of the challenge tournament only gets second and they have to wait until next year to try again. returning superbowl champs should also get to take the next season off and get a bye into the next year's superbowl. its absurd to think sports are run in any other manner.
  8. dont all the top 3 go to the WC as work out partners anyway? if so then Dake getting on a plane to Budapest does absolutely nothing to alter the plot's viscosity.
  9. i guess we'll find out for sure soon enough. the post is very odd. if JB's ankle is hurt and it's a big state secret, why would "sources tell WR.com staff"? does WR.com staff have sources that hate USA Wrestling? and if the post is erroneous, and it either is or it isn't, not much room for grey area, then WR.com just blew up any credibility it had. anyway, we'll find out no later than Tuesday at weigh ins. or if anyone gets a video of JB before hand.
  10. i concur wholeheartedly with the perspective. im sure there are times when Title IX was poorly interpreted and the effects were negative to the wrestling community. but the way to solve that is to never have been in that position where wrestling was up for the chopping block. easy to say in hindsight, i know, but i also dont see how making Title IX a scapegoat is useful or constructive. The policy isn't going anywhere, so better to move on to something you can control anyway. on the plus side, the ratio of females applying and graduating from college continues to grow. having sports teams like wrestling can help increase the numbers of male applications and their retention rates. so no need to be pessimistic about the future and Title IX.
  11. sure, why not? doesn't have to be "official" official, but at least list of the most common moves, maybe some video demonstrations. some diagrams at the least. there's like a billion simple things FILA could be doing but doesn't. this is a good example. I vote go for it!
  12. noted :) still a great resource tho, thanks for making it available! and thanks for pointing out some scheduling options. I really have no idea what the rules and regs are. hopefully Southern Virginia University will upgrade their wrestling program and be another sort of neighbor. that would also bring Rockbridge County, VA's NCAA wrestling team total to 3 (including VMI and my alma mater WLU)! not bad for a rural southern county of >40,000 folks.
  13. very cool. thanks for sharing. who are they going to wrestle? from this map that Pinnum posted before, looks like the next closest DIII team is W&L. http://batchgeo.com/map/c0e81f035bb9803 ... 157e67ed9a
  14. i think the 2013 WC website is pretty good. it doesn't have a lot of info up but that's probably because it hasn't been supplied by the individual federations yet (which is another problem, i just wouldn't blame on the WC website). i agree that FILA's website is garbage tho. it shouldn't be that hard at this point. there are plenty of other sports to compare it to, and all of them kick the crap out of FILA's. did you know the fake sword fighting federation also had their world championships in hungary this summer? I did, because it was very easy to find and navigate their website. its like it was set up by human being for fans of the sport! INCREDIBLE! see for yourself, i'm not even joking: http://www.fie.org
  15. this may be the funniest DF post i've read yet. especially the continued defense of the original post. please continue, they crack me up. its message board performance art. and please don't compare him to an amateur like tripster. they aren't even in the same league.
  16. is a singlet that much better for throwing than shirtless? its not much more material. the arms are still completely exposed. i dunno, ive never wrestled much freestyle or greco so if there is a difference then ok, i'll believe it. for the shorts, im pretty sure the idea is compression shorts, not board/boxing shorts style.
  17. i agree with this. the way you get more than one style in the Olympics is build up the hype around multiple styles so that the Olympics WANTS multiple wrestling style. we already blew the chance of having multiple styles. fencing figured it out, we didn't. time to pick one and then create excitement around the international tournaments so the IOC suggests we bring another style to the games. otherwise we're stuck with this 6 weight class nonsense, and potentially no greco anyway if it can't figure out how to get female participation.
  18. interesting as i never thought of the mat and the colors as any kind of impediment. at the same time, i cant think of any good reason to oppose a change if thats what FILA decided. replacing the singlets is a no brainer. i would suggest both styles go shirtless (women's freestyle obviously excepted). its been mentioned on this board that theres no reason why you cant have different levels competing in different gear. high school and college could should use a rash guard and the international level would be shirtless. i also like the idea of promoting the weigh ins and spicing up the walk outs. whats not mentioned is seeding and getting the brackets out ahead of time tho. thats also been mentioned on these boards and i think it is imperative.
  19. how are we measuring popularity of greco vs freestyle in other countries? i'd like to see some total participation numbers and popularity polls. i'd like to see a choice of either 6-6-6 or 9-9 floated to every delegation, and instead of each delegation getting an equal vote, i'd weight each delegation's vote by proportional size of their wrestling community. at the very least the idea needs to be discussed. 6 weight classes for a mens division is unacceptably low. but 6-6-6 is also unsustainable without female greco participation. so what are solutions, other than treating cutting greco like a 3rd rail? 5-5-5-5? 4-4-4-4??? i'd like to see FILA work on this issue now, rather than wait until the IOC kicks the sport out again.
  20. agreed, the Baku bid is a waste of time and money :)
  21. i still think a olympics bid by Phoenix would be a big waste of time and money, but i'd also be rooting for them if they gave it a shot!
  22. ditto - thanks for posting! wish i had anything more to add!
  23. what would Syria have to do with Budapest? Do you think Hungary is in the Middle East?
  24. Phoenix is the 13th largest metro area in the US (tho it is one of the faster growing metropolises). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Me ... ical_Areas I'm not trying to convince you that Phoenix isn't a great city, just that being the regional capital of the SW US (excluding Texas and California) probably won't count for much in the eyes of the IOC. internationally, Pheonix' peers are probably those found on this list, deeply ensconced in the 3rd teir of global cities: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_cities again, no offense intended to Phoenix, i'm just trying to provide perspective from the eyes of an IOC voter, who will more likely have heard of Leeds, UK; Lyon, France; or Valencia, Spain than Phoenix, Arizona.
  25. i agree, it shouldnt have to be a huge city. i also think any city in america with the will to host could put on an outstanding games (Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Minneapolis, Boston, Charlotte, Miami, Houston, Nashville, etc, the list "possible" cities is a long one!). i just wouldn't hold out hope for the IOC feeling the same way.
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