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  1. i agree, it shouldnt have to be a huge city. i also think any city in america with the will to host could put on an outstanding games (Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Minneapolis, Boston, Charlotte, Miami, Houston, Nashville, etc, the list "possible" cities is a long one!). i just wouldn't hold out hope for the IOC feeling the same way.
  2. I'd certainly welcome an olympics in Phoenix but I don't think it will ever happen. the IOC has shown a proclivity to pick host cities based on a specific narrative. they either want to expand the games into new territory or fall back to a established, global city in a developed country. New York, LA, Chicago, San Fran and DC are probably the only cities that have a chance in the US of hosting any time within our lifetimes. Inida, South East Asia and Africa have all yet to host a games and i'm sure are targeted as growth markets for the olympics. so personally i'd be thrilled to have the games anywhere in the US, i dont see the IOC going for a second tier (no offense!) city in an established market. here is a pretty article about the 2020 candidates from the wsj. notice the emphasis on the olympic "narrative" in making the decision. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142 ... 74450.html i personally hope they pick Istanbul. i've been to all 3 cities and they'll all great, i just think Istanbul has more to offer than people realize and the olympics, despite all their BS, would be a great showcase for the city. and as for Qatar hosting the world cup, that was such an absurd, blatant case of FIFA getting paid off by a rich oil monarch, it defies comprehension. there's scuttlebutt that the weather will be so oppressive that they are going to try and move the tournament to the fall, which will disrupt all major european professional leagues, which will lead to boycott, which may lead to the US hosting as a last resort, since the US has literally dozens of massive, state of the art football stadiums that lie mostly vacant throughout the summer.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wharton_Sc ... nnsylvania
  4. i believe the idea is that the bigger the games get, the fewer the number of prospective cities that can realistically host the events, especially the cities in developing countries that lack the infrastructure of developed countries, most which have already had a shot at hosting the games. also, if i could indulge in a little negative speculation, the fewer the cities that can bid on the games, the less opportunity for graft and payola. FIFA operates on pretty much the same premise. and its not that adding a few dozen more wrestlers will make or break the games, its that the IOC has set a hard cap, and FILA is decades behind the other sporting associations. despite the seemingly arbitrary demands and priorities, the fact is wrestling lost this battle in the 80's and 90's when the olympics professionalized and started cranking out money. Swimming, track and gymnastics aren't any more popular than wrestling is, but they figured out how to make themselves invaluable to the olympics and wrestling figured out how to make itself an afterthought. now FILA is reaping what it couldn't even be bothered to sow.
  5. great article. very eye opening. i would love to be proven wrong but everything in the article points to FILA being a rent seeking organization, who's first and foremost concern is securing sinecures for their various officials. Actually running the sport of wrestling, let alone promoting and marketing the sport, seems to be completely beside the point to them. FILA took their spot in the Olympics for granted and the IOC, themselves no paragon of virtue, finally had to give them a wake up call. the questionnaire anecdote was abjectly pathetic. if i was the IOC, i would've kicked FILA out too.
  6. if there is truly no hope for fixing FILA than the best option is to ignore it. hopefully some independent professional organization will emerge and side step the whole mess. some kind of cross between UFC and the ATP. all just a pipe dream at this point but who knows, maybe i'll win powerball and give it a shot.
  7. are you being serious? because this reads like satire. if you are serious than this conversation has officially reached its nadir.
  8. so it s not actual media companies that are buying a product and selling it to viewers or selling advertising based on viewership? its just a different part of the IOC? that would sadly actually make sense.
  9. the more answers like these i see the more im persuaded that fila getting bounced from the olympics might not be such a bad thing.
  10. this reasoning is pretty specious. a much better measure would be how much money does the world championships pull in vs the ncaa championships. also, if FILA is such a juggernaut when it comes to world wide popularity, tournament attendance, etc, why would it need to make so many concessions just to stay in the olympics? and if the WC is so popular, wouldn't the people purchasing it want MORE product, not less? at the very least they would presumably be pushing for more mens freestyle weight classes. for this to make any sense, we still need to know 1) who are the media that are purchasing the WC feed and 2) why do they want these changes made we'd also want to know how much they're paying and how much they making on the feed, but i'm assuming there is no way we'd ever get that info. though it would help in determining if it's worth it to the sport to make the changes they are suggesting.
  11. lots of people eat drink and make merry throughout the 3 day, often 8 mat NCAA tournament, and espn, a pretty big broadcaster, found a way to televise it. i dont want a week of 18 hour a day competitions either, but there is a happy medium to be found. first lets start with who the actual media are. then lets hear, from them, what their concerns and requirements are. then lets have an honest discussion about how the changes to the competition are helping facilitate those media requests and if they are indeed worth making to explain 7 pt techs and 6 weight classes away with a mere "'media' want short matches and tournaments" is nebulous, obtuse, and frankly unhelpful to fans.
  12. what broadcasters and media? i am absolutely on board with making concessions to help market and broadcast the sport, so long as the concessions are worth the exposure. but what media are broadcasting the worlds and what is their reasoning for keeping the format to 3 mats and 2 days? somehow espn has figured out how to televise the NCAAs, which adheres to none of these restrictions. NBC's coverage of the olympics wresting is basically a few highlights and maybe a 5 minute costas interview if we win a gold. where is the media influence coming from and why do they want to impose such drastic changes to the competition? i appreciate the response but these types of answers just bring up more, disconcerning questions
  13. The performance related drawbacks to redshirting are basically nil, and the advantages can be pretty big, as the extra year of development can be a massive benefit to the wrestler. it also gives coaches more flexibility with the line up, being able to sit guys if there is a capable back up. but, as many have pointed out, there are many reasons not to RS, such as institutional limitations or individual preference (if a wrestler wants to graduate and 4 years and start earning a living, for instance). but from a coaches stand point, its a luxury, and if the circumstances allow, i'd imagine RS would be the default choice.
  14. because they're not finalized yet. what does one have to do with the other?
  15. getting pinned is 'poor form', and poor form should be avoided at all costs.
  16. are we sure he wants to go anywhere in the big 10? some folks prefer the coasts. just sayin. its a few years away in any event. nice set of options for the kid. and he's earned them.
  17. ugh, that article is terrible and represents everything that is wrong, archaic and anachronistic about baseball. nobody watches baseball to hate the umpire. thats silly. every other argument posited by the author is specious or based on faulty nostalgia. it is a terrible hunk of tripe that should be relegated to the scrap heap, suitable only for tottering codgers wistfully remembering the days of spitballs and segregation. referencing that pablum will advance no one's cause. sorry, that type of mentality that crops up with baseball "purists" really sets me off and baseball media coverage is lousy with it. anyway, i don't even think it's applicable here. we're talking about establishing clear rules. FILA seems to be having problems even nailing that part down. then we can worry about whether or not there is any grey area to argue about, and then whether those arguments should be settled by human referees or by computers and "math or physics" or video games, as your boy Jerry Cianciolo stupidly puts it.
  18. i've read that it's a rubber stamp vote, so if that's the case, then wrestling is effectively out and it all comes down to the second vote on the final sport for the core 28. i dont have any inside knowledge tho, so if anyone does i'll be happily corrected. one possibility i could imagine is that everyone agrees that they'll vote wrestling back in on the second vote so they save some time and just not ratify the exec rec. but who knows with how shady and underhanded the IOC is.
  19. this is a very clear explanation of the mechanics of the process, but as to whether or not wrestling IS or IS NOT in the 2020 Olympics is still basically a matter of semantics. it might be in, and it might not. so lets look at the practical probabilities of wrestling being in or out in 2020. Decision 1: ratify the exec decision to remove wrestling from the core sports? if no, wrestling is in. if yes, go to decision 2. Decision 2: include wrestling in core 28 sports? if yes, wrestling is in. if no, wrestling is out. now we just need to assign estimated probabilities to the 2 decisions. If say, D1 has a 90% chance of a yes, and D2 has a 50% chance of yes, then there is a 45% chance that wrestling will be in the 2020 games. wrestling odds improve as the chance of a yes in D1 decreases and the yes in D2 increases. if anyone wants to see my decision tree i doodled, let me know and i'll post it :)
  20. I second this. Keep it simple. What is so hard to understand about your suggestions? also sounds good to me.
  21. its only a month before Worlds in Budapest, so I was hoping to get some expert opinions from the international fans on how the USA is going to do (any other predictions also most welcome). I'm no expert but I'll give it a shot. my guess for placements, stated as worst case/most likely/best case for each weight. 55 - Blanc 10/5/3 60 - Humphrey NP/10/5 66 - Metcalf 8/3/2 74 - Burroughs 3/1/1 84 - Gavin NP/10/7 96 - Bergman 10/5/3 120 - Dlagnev 5/3/1 too generous, too harsh? i think it's conceivable that the US only brings home 1 medal but my best guess is 3 or 4. i think handicapping these big international tournaments are quite difficult, since your placement depends so much on your draw and how well your opponents do following a defeat.
  22. i think you've hit on an effective strategy. eliminating women's weight classes now would for sure guarantee that no man or woman ever chases an olympic medal in wrestling ever again.
  23. so all else staying the same, you'd rather not see a PSU v Iowa or Minnesota in a regular season dual? i don't get that at all and i don't think its good for the sport or the fans, be they of the casual or hardcore variety.
  24. Absolutely. This all the way. Create the exciting match ups that people want to see and then go put the product out in the marketplace. The demand is there, no reason to not make it happen.
  25. i'm a big fan of promotion and relegation in all sports. its adds incentives for teams who are otherwise out of the playoffs and is a practical solution for scheduling issues rather than a mostly arbitrary one you get with fixed divisions based on geography. for B1G wrestling, i think just using performance to dictate scheduling match ups is probably the way to go, rather than explicit top and bottom divisions. really tho its a distinction without much of a difference.
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