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  1. serious ninja moves. that the russian timed his flip to avoid the iranian foot sweep makes it perfect. great work with the video and animated gif!
  2. maybe its just me but i think burroughs biggest competitive advantage is his speed. everyone is strong as hell and conditioned at that level. where burroughs dominates is reacting and shooting faster than anyone else. you could see that on display in the old scoring system when he would weight until the end of a period and then score at will with his superior quickness. now he's just pouring it on from the start with the new rules. can't wait to see him at the worlds. especially to see how his opponents prepare and defend.
  3. so tsargush demolished the weight class. sounds about right for a guy with his credentials. would have been nice to see how things would have gone without him there. but still a great opportunity for taylor.
  4. can't see the first post (blocked) but this headline made me crack up laughing. might i suggest utilizing google translate? its a pretty solid piece of software.
  5. i got him blocked but still end up reading most of his stuff in block quotes now. i feel like someone, preferably with an undrainable reservoir of patience, should start a tripster's digest thread, where they just rephrase all the interesting stuff about international wrestling without the trolling and the miserable attitude and tin foil hat conspiracy theories.
  6. what was the result of the finals? too bad they dont have regular consi wrestle backs for 3rd so taylor could get a crack at the other semi finalists. either way i think this was a great tournament for a group of very young US wrestlers, all with at least 1 more year of folkstyle wrestling ahead of them. the US showed some good depth. glad some of the other countries sent their very best (eg russia) so some of the younger US guys further down the ladder could get some high level intl experience. 2016 is going to be interesting to say the least.
  7. in soviet russia, bracket rigs you!
  8. kudos to taylor. did any other weight class have a 2X world champion, 3X world medalist and 3X euro champion? i think that makes it one of the toughest brackets at this tournament.
  9. sounds like tennis fans moaning about someone with a dominant serve eschewing the net game. i love beautiful throws too. seeing the russian wrestlers who grew up on freestyle cut loose is a joy to behold. but watching burroughs or other "boring" leg attack wrestlers win championships can be just as exciting. also some world champion freestyle for life wrestlers can bore me to tears. oh well, different strokes i guess.
  10. not trying to take anything away from mocco, but he was 20 years old when he placed second as a "true" freshman. so his true freshman year is someone else's redshirt sophomore season. no matter how you slice it mocco is a stud and i loved watching him compete, but when measuring success among peer groups, i'd start with age rather than grade or eligibility.
  11. cumulative scoring vs best 2 out of 3 is confusing? to anyone? really? we can get bogged down in semantics but i think its obvious that we are talking about two different kinds of rules. changes to the period length are one kind, and changes to the way you score back points is another. lets say we wave a wand and all the format rules are the same between freestyle and folkstyle (or at least, NCAA folkstyle, since there are different versions of folkstyle depending on age group and governing body, etc). now we can discuss what action, or scoring, or - if you'll indulge me - core rules, that freestyle uses that may be advisable to implement or change in folkstyle rules. the chances of any major rules changes to folkstyle are slim and none, but i think its fun discuss anyway.
  12. ok, so a push out point can only be awarded from the neutral position. i know i had never envisioned it being used from top or bottom in folkstyle. but i will admit that i cannot definitely prove it will be an improvement. so if thats the criteria then you can take it off the board.
  13. what bait? i've been nothing but respectful of your opinions, whereas youve been hostile and combative in every post. i also dont post under any other name. not sure what the implication is there. also re: thread page count - i think theyve changed the format on the boards. normally its 25 posts to a page right? and we've yet to cross 50. anyway, apologies if i've failed at attempting to civilly debate the merits of a push out rule. i don't think suggesting a change to the status quo should be taboo.
  14. you can disagree with me all you want but please stop trying to put words in mouth. i have not complained that an out of bounds exists. i have stated that the boundary is arbitrary, which it is, and we both agree that it is. i also disagree with you opinion that pushing someone out of bounds is merely positioning. you have to have a measure of control over someone to force them out of bounds. you even imply as much when you state that it is an intentional act of TAKING someone out of bounds. however i concede that it does not demonstrate AS MUCH control as taking someone down in bounds. so that and the nebulous idea of tradition and continuity are the best reasons you can come up with not to implement a push out rule. thats fine, i disagree but at least we've narrowed down your reasoning to something semi-coherent.
  15. you say that as if it does not require any control to force someone out of bounds. also, "the sport" has been around a lot longer than the invention of folkstyle rules. so besides 'tradition' and 'scoring wrestler does not demonstrate enough control', am i missing anything else for why there shouldn't be a push out rule in folkstyle?
  16. right, so given that we are forced to live in a world where mat size will be arbitrarily set at some boundary point, i would rather, inherent hypocrisy of this opinion notwithstanding, reward the aggressive wrestler that is forcing action than the wrestler that steps out of bounds and neutralizes his opponents attack. additionally, both wrestlers will be incentived to finish wrestling within said arbitrarily set boundaries because a take down is still worth twice as many points as a push out. perhaps that will cause the downfall of wrestling as we know it, force all the old fans to abandon the sport, and do nothing to draw in new fans, but i seriously doubt it.
  17. Definition of hypocrisy. yup. look up hypocrisy in a dictionary and next to it will be my explanation for why i like the push out rule. thats how definitions work. good point!
  18. fair enough - my bad. apologies for taking your thoughts past their intended point. i think we agree here.
  19. those are good points and actually speak to the core differences between the two disciplines. i can't argue with any of that, just have a different opinion re: push outs, i personally love it because it rewards the aggressive wrestler and penalizes the wrestler who otherwise can neutralize the moves of a wrestlers just by taking advantage of the arbitrarily set boundaries of the mat. but to each their own.
  20. thats actually the opposite of what i've said. but otherwise i think this has been a very productive chat! great points all around!
  21. whether or not you can challenge a referees decision is not a core rule. no core rules involve match or tournament formats. minor changes to scoring are not core rules. the option to start in neutral after the 1st period is not a core rule. now that we've eliminated most of what ISNT a core rule, see if you can guess what are the core rules. i bet you can do it! if youre still getting stumped, think of it as the difference between little league and MLB. LOTS of differences in the rule book, but the core rules are virtually identical. the core rules for softball and baseball have a bit more variance to them. also, i have yet to hear an objection for adopting the pushout rule, except for the fact there is a version of wrestling popular in japan that has uses a pushout rule.
  22. its got a lot more predictive power than if you were to base your forecasts on how two wrestlers fared against each other in a game of chess. i get your point, but its all relative. absent any other data points, i think freestyle match ups will be very valuable in predicting results in folkstyle. compared to other folkstyle results, they will be much less valuable, so it will depend on each unique situation. but to completely dismiss all freestyle results in all cases is not wise, IMHO.
  23. not following you. my main points were 1) the core rules of freestyle aren't that complicated and dont change that much. its just the formats and scoring system that change, as youve pointed out 2) i wouldnt mind the core rules of both folkstyle and freestyle converging some. not sure where you are disagreeing with 1). i understand we disagree on 2), but for something like the pushout rule, besides that its also a rule in sumo, what is the downside?
  24. the pushout rule isnt that difficult a concept. and while the scoring, match and tournament formats have gone through a quite a number of changes, the core rules don't really change all that much.
  25. retiring folkstyle isnt really feasible, but i think a couple rule changes to more reflect the current freestyle rules wouldnt hurt, starting with a pushout point. it would take some radical changes to the rules to reconcile the difference regarding mat wrestling. probably never going to happen. tho it probably puts US wrestlers at a disadvantage when it comes to international competitions, its kind of nice being able to watch the different styles. in the same vein, if the rules were unified, either for freestyle or folkstyle, i woulndt mind too much.
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