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  1. hey at least they dont literally hold them in siberia like SOME countries.
  2. i guess i missed the memo about it now being cool to pay taxes. i dont know much about novagratz but he sounds pretty all right to me. maybe he should have invented the ipod or produced hollywood movies instead of managing investment funds but i think the sport of wrestling should be happy to have such a generous benefactor. i'll start passing judgement when i see evidence of novagratz specifically engaging in unethical or illegal behavior. until then, nothing but gratitude and respect for the guy.
  3. it's also not Title IX or it's questionable implementation that caused so many wrestling programs to be so unpopular in the first place that they were targeted for elimination. lacrosse teams are far more expensive to run and have far fewer participants nationwide, yet somehow they're managing to grow the sport on the college level despite Title IX. searching for spurious scapegoats doesn't help anything.
  4. i cant get through this asinine thread without a lot of drugs.
  5. wish there were someone taking bets so we could figure the real odds. my very poorly informed guess for odds at medaling are: burroughs 95% dlagnev 50% humphrey 35% bergman 25% blanc 25% gavin 20% metcalf 15% like i said tho, very ill informed, so feel free to tear my odds apart. it only adds up to about 2.5 medals so i may be being too pessimistic. i so hope everyone comes with some hardware!
  6. eh, i thot they were fine. much preferable to the typical broadcasters you get during most pro sports. maybe not every comment was a gem but i give them 2 thumbs up.
  7. that whole weight class was a pleasure to watch. so much talent. i wish there were more open tournaments so everyone could mix it up together, us, russians, etc. i'm no cornell fan but i am in awe at dake's competitiveness, poise and athleticism. he just happened to run into to one of the best wrestlers in the world. nothing but respect for both of them. also, burroughs is just unreal. so pumped to see what happens in budapest. his career is one people will be talking about for a long time, even if he never wrestled again after today.
  8. anyone else getting nothing? computers been restarted, logged off and on multiple times, nothing will load. kind of a bummer.
  9. "arguing" they way you did shows a lot more than weakness. the conspiracy theories about bracket rigging are one thing. even "arguing" about robles supposed passivity should be fair game. but mocking a kid with CP shows you are either clinically autistic and have no capacity for empathy or sensitivity, or are just a straight horrible person with no character whatsoever. i guess at this point i am engaging in a troll. my apologies.
  10. i made my comment before watching the video in tripster's post. im sorry i did now. would delete if i could. incredibly poor taste to use that video in the context that it was. literally shameful.
  11. maybe gadisov should cut off one of his legs and try and win at a lower weight class. JUST KIDDING! :-)
  12. why not just multiply every point total by 10? then it would be easy to remember how many points the moves are worth but those final scores would be huge! better yet, multiply ever point by 1000! then wrestling would be the highest scoring sport in the olympics!
  13. for the record i dont consider this trolling. its quite entertaining. i like the idea of linking the rose revolution and the de facto annexation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia by Russia to an as yet undiscovered international conspiracy to very slightly alter the odds of a tiny, mostly unknown Caucasian country's chances of winning a couple more olympic medals in a sport the IOC wants to drop from the games. if tom clancy ever runs out of ideas, someone should direct him to this board.
  14. so john mccain and sarah palin rigged the 2012 olympic wrestling brackets to help out their pals in Gerogia? ok i get it now. it all makes sense.
  15. Hah! Georgia? you really think anyone cares if Georgia wins one or two more Olympic medals in wrestling? like someone is going to spend all the time and money to rig brackets AND cover it up so no one finds about it (besides tripster of course), is quite funny to me. the IOC cares about the big developing countries that aren't yet so involved in the games. So china got an Olympics. Brazil will get one next. Then they may turn their attention to India, south east asia, etc. but yeah, FILA is saved and wrestling will stay in the Olympics because of all the pro Georgia bracket rigging. no one cares if the US wins more medals, let alone tiny ex soviet Georgia. oh man, very funny. thanks for the laugh.
  16. espn is available for free? then what am i paying my cable provider for?
  17. i didnt see it as a jab against the US. if anything, tripster's comment is implying that Herbert was the better wrestler, and we shouldn't let a bad rule cause an unjust outcome. anyway, whatever example you use to illustrate the point, i'd concur, or at least temper my judgement to "ill-advised", or maybe illogical, given that TDs used to be worth less and the tech threshold used to be higher. was there ever any explanation for why they changed both those values in opposite directions at the same time?
  18. ok, valid fears, but what about the proposed changes are going to bastardize the tournament? also, why is the current system so perfect? to truly find the best wrestler, you wouldn't limit the tournament to one wrestler per team, or to only D1 wrestlers, or require that the athletes be enrolled in a school to begin with. no one is proposing we chuck the baby out with the bathwater. whats the legitimate worst scenario you can imagine should the changes take place?
  19. are people really worried that the popularity of the individual tournament is going to suffer because of the change in the way they award the team trophy? is the concern that the wrestlers will somehow suffer, or not preform as well? i dont get what the problem is. and the way you can trust that espn knows what they are doing is they are worth about, oh, lets say 50 billion dollars. they also pay a lot of people a lot of money to figure out ways to grow a 50 billion dollar business in a competitive marketplace. please, lets not worry so much about the precious, fragile, individual tournament. its not going anywhere. they will also have a tournament to find out who the best college wrestlers are.
  20. yeah, those are some good points as to why the olympics aren't the greatest showcase for athletics. but if sport idealism meant letting the best person win no matter what, then you wouldn't want to limit each country to just one wrestler. so FILA and the world championships really aren't much better than the IOC.
  21. exactly. go to the major sports websites, espn, cbssports, etc. college wrestling doesn't even show up as a category in "other" or "olympic" sports. but college baseball does. cycling does. lacrosse does. if wrestling can't keep pace with lacrosse, an expensive regional sport with comparatively low HS participation numbers, then it is going backwards. televised sports are exploding and wrestling needs to be part of that. espn, nbc sports, big 10 network, everyone wants more school v school programming in 2 hours blocks. they don't want the all day tournaments. not yet anyway. but grow the dual meet rivalries and team dual tournament and maybe soon they will. the model is there and other sports are taking advantage of it. wrestling isn't, to it's detriment. i know change is scary but wrestlers are tough folks. they can handle some minor alterations to their competition schedules.
  22. excellent post. thank you for sharing. and the the quote above is really all anyone should need to know. espn wants a product, and that product is two colleges competing for 1.5 to 2 hours. the wrestling community should help them deliver that product. no one is asking for drastic changes. there are no weight classes being removed and no changes to rule book. its an exciting time for college wrestling.
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