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  1. if only we Flo could be the monopoly we are sometimes called, then we wouldn't have to make up excuses to stay relevant. alas, BTN, ESPN, NBC and Rokfin have exclusive media rights to some of the biggest and most popular wrestling events which precludes them from being streamed on Flo. Flo still has a pretty kick ass college lineup tho, imo. CKLV, Scuffle, EIWAs, UNI, Wyoming, South Dakota State, Drexel, Utah Valley, Northern Colorado, Edinboro, Air Force and we just recently signed a deal with Lehigh. Plus UWW, USAW, some other college events, all the high school events etc, etc. Your milage may vary tho. anyway, I'll be on this so-called "watch party" on friday with @Jon_Kozak the only other person at Flo that still frequents this message board, and we're going to talk about every single mean thing you all say about us on the stream.
  2. It was an excellent match! Also the link works, in your post above and also in FloArena and in the videos tab of the event page on Flo. I encourage everyone to watch it. It'll also be up on UWW's youtube page in about a week or so for people in the US who don't have Flo subscriptions. Sometimes the live thumbnail doesn't display the correct match if that was what you were referring to about having the wrong match displayed. in tournaments that run on FloArena it usually works smoothly but for UWW events they have their own tournament software and we have to figure out a way to 'mirror' what UWW displays in real time. definitely not always perfect. time, human power and resources are being devoted to making it better!
  3. Lehigh wrestle-off results (link).
  4. ESPN produces that event and owns the media rights to it so that's a question I think you'd want to direct at them, however, If Flo did had the rights to the NCAAs then of course any failure in the production process would be catastrophic. Unfortunately there was a real world example of this back in 2017 when the site crashed during the Penn State at Oklahoma State dual. My first week on the job was literally two weeks later at EIWAs. The mood in Austin at the time was... not great.
  5. Nowadays every stream that goes out live is saved as a 'full event replay' to avoid the problems we ran into at 2019's WCWA's. My guess (and I wasn't there so can't say anything for sure) is that the internet issues at the venue meant that Arena couldn't be linked to the stream to auto archive the event, which meant that match files had to be physically pulled from the computers at the event and manually uploaded and labeled. Hence only the semifinals and finals made it on to the site. It's certainly unfortunate and regrettable but I also understand that there was a chance the event would not be able to be streamed at all. And it's true that events get different levels of production and more resources and attention than others, but that determination has nothing to do with whether it's a men's or women's event. Final X gets a different level of production than WCWAs. Other companies are free to bid on the streaming rights to that tournament and invest more into the production. It's a fun event though so I hope Flo keeps doing it. I don't have an excuse or reason behind your bad experience with our customer service department. I'm sorry if they were rude or dismissive.
  6. I don't like it either and have voiced my displeasure internally many times! All i can say is it's a process and I'm hoping we see improvements soon!
  7. I believe there was a problem with the internet in the venue in 2019. I don't have all the details so I can't tell you exactly what happened but we archived everything in 2018 and 2020, it certainly wasn't that we didn't have the intention to archive all the matches in 2019.
  8. Relying solely on IOC money and not finding media partners that help invest in the production, marketing, promotion and development of the sport is exactly what got the IOC to drop wrestling from their programming back in 2013. It's not a good strategy imho. Like any other media company, Flo has limited resources, and I totally understand people criticizing Flo for not allocating their resources more heavily on the events and wrestlers that they would prefer see get more coverage. But it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever for Flo not to want to see every possible aspect of the sport grow and flourish. I don't think Flo is perfect but I'm quite proud of the resources we've devoted to, for example, women's wrestling. It's been quite enjoyable to contribute to all the USAW and UWW events that have featured all three styles. And helping put the WNO women's card together will definitely be one of the highlights of the year for me. I feel comfortable speaking for the entire team that we're all looking forward to all the future events Flo will cover, at the high school, college and international level. I also welcome any other company, institution or individual to help cover the sport. It's great to see more and more people show interest in wrestling. Even better if any of them help illuminate areas of weakness where Flo can improve. Hope that all made sense and didn't sound combative. We're ultimately all on the same team!
  9. Content, marketing and promotion aside, UWW receives money from Flo, as do all of Flo's event partners, which allows them to invest more of their time and resources into their events and the sport. UWW is currently looking for more media partners in other countries so that they don't have people watching the event on their own site. Ideally they'd sell the rights to cover every corner of the globe.
  10. great list. wouldn't change a thing. 10 for 10.
  11. more info here. really hope we see Gable back on the mat against Zare. I think there are a lot of obstacles in the way still but it would provide some extra hype for sure.
  12. fair critique, especially when Mike ask if David if he's taking matches with Yazdani for granted. i'm unaware of instances of when anyone at Flo aid that it would be an "easy match" but i can see where one would get that impression if we're all consistently picking DT to win for the fourth time in a row. altho its also possible someone said it would be easy and I didn't notice, I don't consume as much of Flo's stupid content as others! usually when we get critique from individual wrestlers its for the opposite, for NOT picking them to win more often, so silver lining this is a nice chance of pace.
  13. swear i'm not trying to start a fight, genuinely curious if you have any examples in mind when you say there is a "drop in quality of wrestling content" other than high school events. no longer being able to simulcast all the BTN+ content across all sports was definitely a loss. ESPN+ has also scooped some D1 teams that we were previously allowed to make individual deals with. but as far as international content though, it's been nothing but a massive increase in content from the UWW contract alone (although there's been other stuff too!) also interesting to contrast comments like this with other criticisms that FloWrestling is a monopoly. hard to square that one imo. the level of resources FloSports has committed to wrestling has definitely not diminished over the years, it's only gone up, from paying events holders and organizations, to hosting our own events and paying athletes directly, to paying other producers of content, weather it's full-time employees or freelances writers, rankers, phototags, etc. no money is being diverted from wrestling and being spent elsewhere. hence my curiosity about where people see FloWrestling currently lacking. seeking feedback to see where we can improve! Thanks for your time and input!
  14. keep tuning into FRL. I'm sure he'll discuss both the matches in great depth. otherwise he's good. I turned him on to electric scooters here in Oslo. real game changer those vehicles.
  15. for sure. just not their B squad. we would have beaten their B squad.
  16. A- squad. Only missing Uguev, Rashidov and Sidakov. The rest were their number 1s. won wrestle-offs and everything.
  17. Probably on Flo for the mixup. We're maintaining brackets in Arena and have the Brunei flag mapped to the Bahrain country code. there's some other smallish things that need to be cleaned up in Arena but I am pretty they are all being put on the back burner so that everyone can focus on intergrting Arena and Trackwrestling's database/brackets etc. apologies for the confusion!
  18. if anyone hates flo its not because I wasn't nicer to anonymous message board trolls asking me to lower the price of a flo subscription. but if you are anyone else wants to have a serious conversation I am very easy to get a hold of in real life. just message me. happy to chat with anyone in the wrestling community.
  19. that's correct, troll, and those people will have much more than just the world championships to watch if they get a subscription. and if they don't that's cool! they are free to live their life however they please.
  20. happened to randomly follow Yazdani and most of the Iranian team out of the arena last night. it's been raining every day here in Oslo and last night was no exception. It was 10pm local time and an hour or so past when Yazdani wrestled and there were still a couple dozen Iranian fans waiting in the rain, holding umbrellas, just to watch Yazdani get in the team bus going back to the hotel. the Iranian fans have had one of the most impressive performances I've seen here in Oslo. I wish they didn't have *quite* so much to cheer about but I can't fault them for reveling in their country's incredible success. looking forward to seeing how things go once Greco gets started.
  21. there's two conversations being confused here: 1) people don't think a Flo sub is worth $150, and 2) you have to pay $150 to watch the world championships. 1) is normal and expected and totally cool 2) is incorrect. it's a yearly subscription, not a pay-per-view. it would be like saying netflix charges $10 to watch each of the movies they offer. if you continue to insist that worlds is $150 to watch on Flo then you're either just trolling or are really dense. apologies to the thickheaded forum readers who don't understand subscription models. no apologies to the trolls. Day 3 coming up in Oslo. Hope everyone enjoys!
  22. pretty wild scene here in the arena. congrats on the day, i've never seen anything like it before.
  23. but its not $150 for one tournament its... oh never mind. yall win. enjoy the day, whether you watch the tournament or not!
  24. yes now you are getting it. agree with all of that, except the part where you say that there are other wrestling fans that want to watch the World Championships don't want to watch events like the World Team Trials or the US Open or the UWW Ranking Series tournaments and other wrestling content. You are probably the only person on earth where to which those preferences would apply. but I do appreciate you your commitment to not using a VPN to skirt IP law. It's very much appreciated!
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