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  1. bumping this because it looks like spectators coming from places outside of just a small number of countries in europe are going to have to quarantine for a minimum four days upon arrival. there are exceptions but only for residents of a few countries or people with european vaccine card that comes with a QR code, so no American vaccine cards will be accepted. Americans can still travel to norway but they'll have to quarantine and then on the 3rd day get a negative PCR test, which will take a day to process. I say all this with a caveat that it's my best guess as to what the situation will be like for American spectators and that it may be much harder, or way easier, to get through Norwegian border control at the airport. but if you do want to go and watch all of the freestyle competitions, i'd leave rather soon and expect to spend at least a few days in a hotel before getting to see much of the country.
  2. cool vid. now imagine if they had speed it up from real time to double time!
  3. Oslo is selling tickets. i'm assuming people will be able to get in with a negative PCR test within 72 hours of your flight but its covid and we cant be sure of anything. UWW released preliminary entires. some of them will change (like over half the US team which hasn't been decided yet) but some serious firepower has signed up to compete. it would appear this will be a very legit Worlds.
  4. the 61kg weight class Stieber won in 2016 was indeed loaded. and all 4 of Logan's matches were against hammers. Shuptar (2015 world bronze, 2019 Euro bronze), Chakaev (2018 world bronze, 2X Yariguin gold, 2X Euro medalist, 4X RusNats medalist), Ehsanpour (2019 world bronze, 2X Asian gold), Lomtadze (2019 World gold, 5X Euro medalist). You also had Bajrang and Niyazbekov on the other side of the bracket. Stieber's world championship is as legit as they come imo.
  5. the ACC-Pac12-Big10 alliance hits the pause button on any realignment between those 3 conferences. makes sense as they are all mostly peer institutions who's ADs have enough on their plate with covid. I could be wrong but I very much doubt we see any of the moves mentioned in the Wannstedt rumors. most likely is this was started by the remaining big 12 schools themselves or someone close to one or more of the schools leaking the news to Wannnstedt in an exercise in wishful thinking. I also don't think we'll see the B10 take on any affiliate members for wrestling. They have nothing to gain by doing so. What seems mostly likely at this point is the Big 12 continuing as is but potentially adding a couple schools (or more) and operating outside the Alliance + SEC and more on the level with the AAC. Look for there to be growing tension between the Alliance (hate calling it that and hope it doesn't stick) and the SEC with regards to NCAA rules and regulations going forward. Also the Big Ten will change the name of their conference to FortNite. That will definitely happen I am sure of it.
  6. not quite the answer to the OP but I looked at the top wrestling states and how Football, Basketball and Wrestling compared based on Google Trends back in 2015. I doubt the trends of changed much since then. link to old blog post. spoiler: wrestling is most popular relatively in Iowa for states. Johnstown-Altoona in PA though was the metro area where it was the most popular. Edit: found another old blog post supporting Iowa as the state where wrestling is the most popular. Wrestling may be the most popular in Mongolia if you include all forms of wrestling like their traditional belt style, Sumo, etc. everywhere else i think you have to go to regions and even then I think soccer or something else would would end up being most popular.
  7. Twins from the Netherlands, their mother is from Thailand. Good interview with Marcel here in English. He's got 6 brothers and sisters in total. Said they tried freestyle but then a Polish coach convinced them to go Greco. says this result will hopefully convince the Dutch Wrestling Federation to sponsor them to take more trips.
  8. lol Bratke is not on this message board. such a weird bit to claim an established poster like Drake is him. from Flo, only me and Kozak are sadistic enough to keep posting on here. If you want to get a message to Kyle I'd try email.
  9. sometimes i do wish Flo actually had a monopoly when it came to wrestling. then we'd be able to stream and utilize the video from way more college duals, plus the NCAA championships and the Olympics. that, to me, would kick ass. since we don't, though, the market looks wide open to me. I think it would be awesome if more resources went into wrestling content and promotion. I would truly love it if that happened.
  10. all anyone looking for free wrestling content from Flo has to do is look up our youtube page. youtube is fairly popular and is likely the first place casual fans will look for more wrestling content. I'll like to it here in case people are unfamiliar with youtube. Link to FloWrestling's YouTube page. Lots of good stuff on there imo. There's other great wrestling content on YouTube as well. a casual wrestling fan's paradise. As for rankings, anyone is welcome to create new wrestling rankings and make them free for the whole world to enjoy. maybe someone could use them to attract some newcomers sport with a good marketing strategy. I would love to see it!
  11. lol CP is now the owner of FloSports by decree of the mat dot com, the highest law of the land. He hopes to make clients out of all of you soon.
  12. but we get high marks for consistency! there's a lot that goes into these website redesigns. i share everyone's concerns that we make the news and analysis harder to discover. those concerns have been raised to the appropriate people (so NOT CP or anyone else in the content department. CP et al knows of the issues and have also passed on their thoughts). the news and analysis is still there, and imo as good if not better than ever. the fact that you can find breaking news elsewhere is also great imo. Flo never had nor ever good be the only source for wrestling news, so it's a sign of growth in the sport that people can go elsewhere if they choose. I'm pumped for the future of Flo but everyone has to decide for themselves if the subscription is worth it. Junior Worlds is about to start here in Ufa. to me that's worth the pice of a sub alone! thanks for the feedback friends!
  13. fascinating! as always I appreciate the posters on this thread for allowing so many others to glimpse inside the Iranian wrestling community!
  14. 57 Figueroa and 61 Mendez have cadet world experience. Figueroa has I think a silver. I like 74 O'Toole & 92 Elam, who happen to be college teammates. 97 Amos will wrestle in both freestyle and Greco. 65 Bartlett and 70 Andonian are also both very dangerous. the whole freestyle team seems pretty strong to me but we'll see.
  15. Any insight on the Iranian Junior team? Tournament is fast approaching. Any info on the team and who might be favorites would be most appreciated!
  16. this is just the IOC enforcing the bare minimum of standards on the sports that what to participate in their event. Wrestling needed to reform to stay in the Games. Boxing went through a similar (but different) process recently. Now weight lighting needs to decide if they want to continue to operate as they are or reform and stay in the Olympics. I wouldn't worry too much about the precedent. Wrestling literally helped set it not that long ago.
  17. If you want to get more clout within the Olympics you have to offer the Olympics something they want. Right now that's gender equity and eyeballs (which benefit their sponsors and media partners). All plans must start from there to have any hope.
  18. little confused by the question. the olympics have never had full NCAA wrestle backs. but with either NCAA style or the current repechage system, Dake would not be able to win a silver after losing to Kadimagomedov. before repechage in 2000 & 2004 they had 3-person round robins and with winners entering a 6-person bracket. you could lose and win silver but only if everyone in your 3-person pool lost and you had that most classification points. before that in 1996 it was line bracketing I think it depending on the exact tournament rules but maybe then dake could have lost and earned silver. There was a world championship where John Smith lost but had already secured first place in his pool as long as he didn't get pinned so he was able to still win gold with a loss so maybe that is what you're thinking of? either way, its been quite a while since you could lose and take silver at the olympics, and it's never possible to lose and take silver with wrestle backs.
  19. no we DO talk about the matches. I can't make that clear enough. but i swear I'm not hear to convince anyone on this board to tune in or to change their mind if they think its a stupid or terrible idea. just wanted to set the record clear on that fact that we talk about and react to the Olympic wrestling and interact with other wrestling fans through the chat room feature on the flosports app. if that's not your idea of a good time, then i would recommend not participating!
  20. oh yeah totally cool. was just saying that we do mostly talk about the wrestling! but i don't at all expect everyone to tune in. I certainly wouldn't have thought of the idea on my own.
  21. we can't do play by play but we talk about the wrestling for the vast majority of the time. we have gone far off topic for longer than is advisable a time or two tho, no denying it. it's also a lot of time to fill!
  22. Its cliche but Yazdani is a class act. I can't remember I time I felt more empathy for an international wrestler that an American beat in a gold medal match. It's of little to no comfort for Yazdani or his fans I'm sure but I'm grateful for him because he elevated David Taylor's came and his greatness made this one of the most special matches in USA wrestling history. He'll always be a champion and I'll always be a fan. I look forward to his next competition and wish him the best.
  23. the ads playing over action was inexcusable. I implore everyone, even if you didn't even watch Fargo, to click here and lodge a complaint about them. I would also like to use the platform to praise our production crew, especially our lead producer Troy, who busted his dang azz to stream an excellent product, which was unfortunately effed up by the ads, which our production crew has no control over. Troy kick ace imo, btw.
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