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  1. ACC programs all grant-of-rights deals thru the 2036 season, so all their media rights (which is what causes every major conference realignment move) are owned by the conference for the next 15 years. makes any move out of the ACC very tricky. The Big 12 grant-of-rights contract expires in in 2025, so Texas and Oklahoma will either pay a big penalty to get out of the deal (I think I saw $80 per team as the number) or negotiated some sort of early exit. Serious power move by the SEC. The big question will be how the Big Ten responds. ACC could add a team but their current media deal with ESPN makes them less attractive than the Big Ten so the B10 will get first dibs on expansion. Pac-12 in a really weak spot, though not as bad as Big 12 minus UT & OU. Maybe Pac-12 + B12 remnants make some sort of super conference deal with football schedule guarantees to increase media rights leverage without fully merging. That would be, imo, the least drastic option. Big changes coming either way.
  2. Myles Amine is +900 to win gold on Barstool's sportsbook. so bet $100 to win $900. It's only for a gold though, nothing for a bronze or silver. Edit: just saw they have odds to medal at well and Amine is at +100.
  3. if anyone knows anyone in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana, ask them to place a wager on Zare to win gold on Barstool Sportsbook. Zare is currently at +3,300, so bet $100 to win $3,300!
  4. One thing to keep in mind is that when the Supreme Court affirmed the lower courts rulings that the NCAA's practice of limiting student athlete's academic rewards was in violation of the Sherman anti-trust act, they made it clear that individual schools and conferences could still continue to set rules however they pleased. The clear implication is no one will force schools to pay athletes for their labor. what's likely is that the NCAA's rule of prohibiting all member schools from paying athletes will be struck down as illegal, leaving it up to each school to choose what to do. Ivy league and DIII schools will still be able to not only NOT pay their student athletes, but not offer scholarships either. Then of course some schools may elect to start paying their student athletes. it will then be up to the other schools to decide if they want to join those pioneering pay-play-schools or whether they want to maintain their academic-only compensation model. From there a further cleavage of the pay-for-play vs scholarships schools may result in a further fracturing of Division I, but that's happened before with I-A and I-AA and either way its a long ways out from being a reality so we can all cross that bridge when we come to it.
  5. if she reads this forum she is encouraged to post!
  6. sounds like it's time to invest in Big Fake Meat!
  7. That is according to the Supreme Court, who issued a narrow ruling that 'upheld an injunction imposed by a federal district court that barred the NCAA from limiting “compensation and benefits related to education."' Though narrow in immediate scope, the Supreme Court obliterated the notion that the NCAA should get some sort of exemption to the Sherman anti-trust act, and that if it wanted one it should lobby Congress, not SCOTUS. More here. Here's the court's opinion. This, plus the number of states allowing students to profit off their name, image and likeness as soon as July 1st in some cases would, to me, portend some fairly radical changes to the NCAA landscape in the near future. I am curious if there are any sharp legal minds in the forum that would like to weigh in on the topic, and how it might affect college wrestling specifically.
  8. i was sure the answer to this question was 'no' but looks like i'll have to update my priors based on this new data.
  9. For all the Danaher fans - the FloGrappling team went down to Puerto Rico to shoot a series about Danaher, Gordan Ryan and the rest of the team. Haven't watched it myself yet but I hear good things! If you have a Flo subscription you get all the other sites' content including FloGrappling. link
  10. not necessarily. North Macedonia has a lot of Deagestani wrestlers and Slovakia has a lot of Ossetians but they all were recruited out of high school so they hadn't wrestled for Russia yet so there were no transfer fees. I believe the move to to hire an experienced coach with connections to the North Caucasus and then rely on them to supply the talent.
  11. don't think that matters. its not mentioned in the UWW document annyway.
  12. It'll be the final match at the end of a BJJ card set up by our sister site, FloGrappling. No other wrestling matches will be on the card. more info here and here). It's an experiment and I'm interested to see how it goes. almost all the BJJ guys have a general knowledge of the wrestling scene and are familiar with Burroughs. not as much knowledge of the grapplers from the wrestlers. that includes me, as I know almost nothing about the people on this card besides JB & IMar though I'm told this is an awesome card for BJJ. One of the headliners was on Joe Rogan recently.
  13. this might be a little more clear. with 7 entries UWW splits you into 3 and 4 wrestler pools. top 2 wrestlers from those pools go to the semis cross bracket style (1A vs 2B, 1B vs 2A). winners wrestle for gold, losers for bronze. Yianni and Pantaleo both won golds in Poland after taking losses in the round robin.
  14. It depends on if the US requested the transfer fee. If they did, someone would have had to pay Team USA 200,000 swiss francs with another 10% going to UWW (if I'm reading this correctly). Its the same Hemida. All-American at Maryland from the New York suburbs. wrestled internationally for team usa but never won a junior or senior worlds or olympic medal so standards transfer fee would apply. Hemdia beat the Iranian heavy Taheri but didn't wrestle the other Egyptian in the bracket who qualified the weight for Egypt at the African and Oceana OGQ. If Hemida does get the spot it'll be the third Olympian for the CKWC.
  15. they wouldn't have to pay anything if you start your international career for a wrestling federation other than the USA. I think most of the Americans that wrestle for other countries never had to officially transfer. Same for a lot of the Russians. Also it's just $10K minimum to transfer, assuming you have already won medals for your original federation.
  16. It's often quite feasible but whether its worth or not depends entirely on the wrestler. it costs a minimum 10,000 swiss francs to transfer (half to UWW, half to the former country) but that number can go up if the wrestlers transfers after winning a medal. 300,000 for transfering after winning Olympic gold is the max. More details here. 1 Swiss Franc is currently worth $1.11 but the two currencies have been pretty close to 1 to 1 for the last 5 years.
  17. I don't think most of even the diehard wrestling fans were familiar with the part of James' life that was most extensively covered in the film. Also glad to see the doc has sparked more interest in other aspects of James' life in the sport. Always more stories to tell!
  18. this is mostly why. it also costs a lot of time and money to set up shoots to get interviews for the films. there's a good chance the Nebraska coaches & teammates make an appearance on the Bader Show tho. that's a good place to check for content that might be considered of the 'DVD-extra' variety. also want to make clear that i have no problem with people offering criticisms on FloFilms. i'm merely offering an explanation to this (very valid) criticism. there's a lot of planning, plotting and budgeting that goes into each film and they will inevitably fail to cover certain aspects and topics that people have more interest in. its all good tho. glad people seem to have enjoyed this one. I had very little to do with its creation but it's still great to hear!
  19. I put asterisks next to Poland entries I reasonably expect to see at Tokyo (link). Still a lot to be determined but I'm confident we'll see over 100 Olympians across all three styles in Warsaw.
  20. the article is obviously not referencing the SEC, lol come on. here's the text I assume you are referring to: "A handful of excellent schools. No surprise to see the three southeastern schools, an excellent school like Cornell, and a school with teammate ties like ASU. Projected as a 184 pounder in college, Singleton will be a major addition to whichever program he chooses no matter the lineup fit."
  21. not following you, what's the issue with the article? here's a link to it if anyone is wondering.
  22. Snyder almost definitely not going. Likely Mike Macchiavello instead.
  23. sorry, gotcha now. did not read your OP carefully enough.
  24. Clicking the "FloWrestling" logo should bring you back to the homepage. That's what happens when I click it. Truly appreciate the feedback. Learned today that our product team sent out thousands of surveys and got hundreds of responses, so if anybody reading this was one of those survey responders, an additional thanks. Also learned that there is going to be a new version of the new version of the home page rolled out some time in the near future. One of the objectives of the new new design is to make it easier to find news, rankings and training, which was a common complaint of wrestling subscribers. hopefully its an improvement. It'll be A/B tested so half of everyone going to the homepage will see the new new design, the other half will see the old new design. Then after that there will undoubtedly be a new new new design, so please keep the feedback coming.
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