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  1. if we're picking ncaa champs i'm choosing brooks. if we're ranking based on wins and loses than hidlay, bolen and deprez have better resumes. there's nothing more to it, however, I am glad for all the conversation about wrestling as that is their number one purpose of doing rankings. thank you for reading and your feedback!
  2. Karimi's beard did look nice I will second that.
  3. Thank you for clarifying which Elmer Fudd you were referencing.
  4. Nimrod is a famous biblical hunter thank your the compliment
  5. here's the explanation from this week's heavyweight rankings: Greg Kerkvliet is back and slides back into his rankings just one spot behind where he was earlier this season before Penn State Head Coach, Cael Sanderson, said he would likely be done for the season. He was ranked so high to begin the season thanks to his win over Lewis Fernandes of Cornell who was #16 before the Ivy League canceled winter sports.
  6. different events have different levels of production. also different entities responsible for the production. if we are just taking the feed from a third party and retransmitting then the best we can do is let our third party contact know and hope they relay the message for us. for the SDSU events, Flo is responsible for production we we have a direct line to the folks working the event, and the people in Brookings are awesome people who pour their hearts into the program. for instances like this, hitting up customer service is your best bet. even if you get a hold of someone like myself that also works at Flo, I'm just going to relay the message through our customer support channels. this year a big program has been getting enough bodies at events. the pandemic makes every thing that much more difficult. appreciate the feedback and trying to make the streams better. sometimes (most times) it's not a matter of not know how to do something it's having the resources and manpower to do it. sometimes tho there's nothing you can do, no matter how much I wish we could. we'll keep working on it tho.
  7. it is just one thing but unsurprisingly that one thing is 'wresting ability' so really no mystery at all.
  8. i'm the only one at flo who goes on these boards anymore. try as I might, I am unable to permanently extricate myself from this den of iniquity. happy to relay the beatings though!
  9. Thank you, that one was all Bratke but I will gladly take the credit.
  10. you gotta watch to find out but it doesn't appear that you need an explanation! I will also explain on the show why it's not unusual for a wrestler to go undefeated on the week and move down in the rankings and vice versa.
  11. tune in to the next who's #1 the show and I will explain it for you!
  12. picking and choosing which injury defaults to count and which to not count (where is the outrage for Kellyn March?) would make us both inconsistent and hypocrites, so not sure why we'd want to do that. but maybe if you keeping trolling us super hard we'll crack under the pressure. worth a shot I guess.
  13. yeah he should probably move up, think we just boofed that one.
  14. wonderful to see a new controversy. more eyeballs on our rankings and more people tuned in to Who's #1 the Show to hear the explanation. very exciting time for our great sport!
  15. why would you you bring up ncaa titles as ranking criteria for 141 when neither Eierman nor Lee have any? the reason Bo Nickal was ranked #1 was not specifically because he was a 2X champ 3X finalist, it was because he had a better resume than everyone else in the weight class, the same way Rivera's rank was determined.
  16. First it was about Amine, then it was about Brooks. Now you demand answers about Hidlay and Deprez. It's almost like you aren't really interested in the discussion beyond getting attention and monopolizing someone else's time. I will answer your question on Who's #1 the Show. You may ask more me questions on this message board if you like, but I will only answer them on WNOtS. Thank you for your interest in Flo's rankings, even if you never click on the website or engage with any of our social media.
  17. sorry, anonymous toilet avatar. don't have anymore time to keep explaining how rankings work. feel free to tune into Who's #1 the Show though, the topic will be discussed in depth!
  18. this is all motivated reasoning. you start with the result that you want to see in the rankings and then you come up with your reasoning afterwards. It's all terribly inconsistent and not worth taking the time to refute. appreciate the passion though. that kind of dedication, however misguided, is good for the sport!
  19. Myrtle Beach hosted Super 32s in late October of 2020 and it was excellent. most everything was open but operating at about 50% capacity, social distancing rules in place, masks indoors. no noticeable violence or danger of any kind but its a big place and we only stayed in a small corner of the city so ymmv. Would enjoy going back for another event for sure.
  20. not necessary to figure out which conference was deeper. just factor in wins and losses. compare all of Brooks wins and losses against DePrez and Hidlay's wins and loses. Brooks best win last year was probably Caffey, currently #8 at 197. DePrez has wins over #3 Hidlay and Bonaccorsi, currently #6 at 197. DePrez has worse losses than Brooks but a loss to #11 Venz by Brooks means its tougher to give him the benefit of the doubt. some still do though in their rankings and that's cool. You can figure out why three time top 4 finishers Myles Amine is #1 on your own, that one is pretty obvious to me. If we're talking predictions though, I'm guessing Amine wrestles 197 and Brooks wins 184 at NCAAs. I don't think Bolen and Hidlay will be easy matches but I give Brooks the edge right now. thats a fair point. not one that gets factored into the rankings but totally worth considering if you're making picks or setting odds.
  21. Not sure how your logic works. at 174, Washington was unranked and beat #5. too big of a leap for some, which is cool, but what would that have to do with 184 where #5 Brooks beat #8 Weiler? #4 DePrez also beat Weiler at EIWAs. And what does any of that have to do with Amine? I'm also aware of Amine that I mean is likely to go 197, he hinted at it way back in May of 2020. We're waiting on either him to wrestle at 197 or for a statement form the coaches. We saw Massa at 174 so we just bumped Amine and Embree up until we know for sure how the lineup will shake out. Its ultimately an arbitrary decision tho and we unfortunately have to make an assumption one way or another. Plott's best career win is #16 Runyon while Starocci had 5 wins last year over guys who were ranked last year, most fairly highly had they not graduated (Neal Richards, Gregg Harvey, Spencer Carey, Jared Seigrist and Ben Harvey). They may not be household names but Seigrist beat #8 Andrew McNally last season, for example. Definitely see Plott in the mix for AA this season tho.
  22. i was led to believe this thread would only feature questions about 141 pounds? jk, what is up willie? 174 is an absurdly difficult weight this year. Washington has a loss to #2 Massa and a win over #7 Starocci. No one ranked below him has a win as good as as that. that's pretty much it. maybe Starocci was too high prior to that match. it's moving Washington up a lot but with limited matches this season we've been zipping guys all over the rankings all year long. not sure Washington is going to finish on the podium this year but it seems just as likely as happening as it is for McNally, Hastings O'Malley, etc. whats your top 25 look like?
  23. while I strive to remove as much subjectivity as possible, I admit that there is always some element of subjectivity in human rankings. glad to finally settle that issue forever. excellent point.
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