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    This is funny as hell.
  2. Blair had no PGs. None last year either. Not sure about sem or the whole "5th year" thing.
  3. wrestlingfan34, tried sending you a PM. stuck in my Outbox for some reason. once I get that problem figured out it'll hit your inbox.
  4. nothing on the school web site...
  5. just did it. I wish this was on the USAW main page and the response was as great as the "save olympic wrestling" initiative. Letting them know that there is a large viewership is the only way to keep (let alone increase) coverage. i'd much rather have network coverage than have to pay flo and watch it on my computer
  6. Ok out of the box...Jeff Buxton. Not a college assistant, but a proven head coach...and available. Would draw from NJ and PA and create dome buzz. Give him a 3yr contract.
  7. A Cali women's wrestling program would also draw from Hawaii where girls HS wrestling has very robust participation. UH does not field wrestling teams.
  8. I can only assume they gave the courtesy of offering to let him retire and announce it as such after such a long time. If so, he obviously didn't want to do that.
  9. I would have to think the groundswell of support /activity that the IOC decision to drop wrestling caused, caused a lightbulb or two in people's thought processes.
  10. Dude, relax... I'm sorry if I hit some kind of "feelings" button. Blair not scoring the most points in this tournament IS a significant event. A HUGE streak broken. And I never said or suggested otherwise. If it wasn't significant, we probably wouldn't be talking about it. And isn't thank kinda the purpose of an internet forum anyway? My comment simply was a musing as to the potential significant factors as to why. Having 3 kids (all placers) show up at this tournamemt who can't wrestle in HS meets because they had already used up all of their eligibility is one factor. There is nothing against the rules about this, and Blair could do the same if they wanted. (I personally think that it would pretty much suck to wrestle all season in all the "High School" tournaments/meets and then not get a shot at wrestling in the National Preps, but I'm sure those who go or send their kids to someplace like Sem know the ground rules going in.) Bottom line is that this is definately significant. If this wasn't then there would be no "High School Division" at this tournament. Blair having a lot of injuries is also another significant contributor. Nothing against the kids that stepped in for Blair ore those that wrestled against them, it's just that if we go all the way back to pre-season anticipated lineups many of those kids were not in the lineup at this tournament due to injuries. Period. I personally think that this is also significant. Now as far as Blair's injuries being the result of poor coaching / over-training? I know I'm not in their room every day and I'm not intimatley familiar with all the injuries and how they happend, so I wouldn't feel justified in making that statement. Obviously you do. However, I do know that Blair had one kid hurt durning this tournament..a knee injury. (Yes, definately over training/poor coaching :roll: ). Another this was his first tournament after not having competed all season, and another was hurt in a match last week i think (knee/foot???). I think there were more, and think all the details are in another thread on here somewhere. Yes and another factor was that the Sem kids that were on the mat wrestled as well as they did. I kinda figured that this was a given. I think the Blair kids generally wrestled well also. All this doesn't in any way change the fact that was a big win for Sem.
  11. Ijust had the results handy and noticed the error...
  12. Would have to check the lineups but I know that Blair had a bunch of injuries this year. Also I think Sem was wrestling with several PGs. I don't think that Blair had any and hasn't in a while.
  13. I posted in the other "unlimited Heavyweight" thread. Not to rehash my post (whenever the mods approve that one and this one). I don't think a system based on bodyweight % woudl be feasible. How does one test that during a season? I don't have any scientific facts to back this up, but I would think that most 300+lb athletes could drop some bodyfat and make 285lbs without going to extremes of the lighter weights (5-7% bodyfat) if they were disciplined about it, so the number of real big athletes with discipline that are being excluded are probably small. Cutting the max weight to 245lbs would exclude too many big guys. With that said, 197-285lbs is a big spread. Now that we have added a 220lb in HS, I think we should seriously look at having a similar weight class in college. I think we'd see some good wrestling. If we added a weight class in the 215-230lb range, then increasing the top end to 300lbs or unlimited would make sense. I think it would help keep more big kids wrestling and help us internationally as someone already pointed out. My $0.02 only as the parent of one growing but still undersized 220lb HS wrestler, who will likely end up right in between 197lbs and Heavyweight, and a 6'3" 13yr old (not fat) who will be well into heavyweight territory by the time he graduates HS.
  14. Coming to this thread a little late, but I think that the current addition of the 220# class and the 285# limit in HS right on point for the upper weights. 285# for a 18yr old or less is more than enough weight. Heck that college line coach who wanted a 6'4" freshmen athlete to weight 320lbs is doing his athletes and his program a disservice for that matter. 285lbs is a reasonable weight. To make it less than that would, IMO, eliminate those kids who happen to be big and athletic. I am a parent of a 6'3" 222 lb 13yr old. He is not fat. He will easily be 235 in two years when he starts high school and will continue to fill out and put on weight over his HS career. He will not push the 285lb limit but I expect he would have to cut weight to make a 250lb limit if that were the case. 285lbs allows those kids who may be big but fat to participate while not unfairly disadvantaging big kids who weigh less and who are more athletic. So how would we measure bodyfat the morning of a tournament anyway? IF we're going to talk upper-weight issues, I'd think the time better spent talking about why we don't have a 220# class in NCAA's. With the new 220# class in HS we are bringing up a generation of "football players" weighing anywhere from 210lbs to 245lbs and getting them to wrestle... and as soon as they are done with HS those big (and probably not fat) kids are faced with either cutting massive amounts of weight or wrestling kid who outweigh them by 40-50lbs. Or, playing football in college. I'd love to see the NCAA adopt the 220lb class ... as a side note, I think that it would help us in Olympic competition as well.
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