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  1. Stove_Pipe, yes, Henry Wittenberg was coached by Joe Sapora at City College. My Dad, Clarence Shapiro, was Henry's teammate. My Dad always spoke so fondly of Henry and Joe, and told me many times what a tremendously positive influence Coach Sapora had on him. He loved the "Coach." I suppose, in an indirect way, Coach Saparo (through my Dad) had a pretty big influence on me. I met Coach Sapora when I was much younger, and he was older, but still have fond memories of that day because my Dad was so excited for me to meet him. Coach seemed very personable and charismatic, and if I recall correctly, he greeted me with an arm drag instead of a handshake :-). Wonderful memories! And to brag a bit on my Dad (who passed away four years ago after a long and, by any account, terrific and meaningful life), he, Henry and Joe are the only three wrestlers in the City College Athletic Hall of Fame.
  2. I have two tix in terrace suite 203 for the first session and two more tix for each of sessions 1, 2, and 3 in Section 309, Row A. I'd like to sell all 8 tix for a total of $300, which is what I paid for them through ticketmaster and Chesapeake arena. Prefer Duke and Michigan fans, but not a deal breaker :-). If interested, please email me at Ken@mitchellshapiro.com. Thanks!
  3. I was delighted to read the article about Henry Wittenberg and the references to Joe Sapora. My dad, Clarence Shapiro, was Henry's teammate at City College and was coached by Joe Sapora. He loved them both and said that Coach Sapora was one of the great influences in his life. I am also extremely proud to say that Henry Wittenberg, Joe Sapora and my dad are the only wrestlers in the City College Hall of Fame. Thanks for bringing these two legendary wrestlers, and great men, to the attention of the wrestling community again.
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