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  1. If you all think this really has anything to do with little ole Willie, you are smoking something good. This is a strategy being employed by Flo bigwigs Paul Hurdlow and Mark Floreani to try and hamstring Martin Floreani and his fledgling company, Rokfin. In the last hearing at the very beginning, Karen tried to pull Martin into the contempt part, and the judge wasn't having any of it because he personally isn't a party to the suit. (side note, he is personally party to a suit brought by Flo against him in Delaware the same week Flo filed against Willie and Rokfin in Austin) Hurdlow's strategy is to try and strangle Rokfin in the cradle before Martin can establish it enough in the industry to empower content owners to profit off their own events instead of having to sell out to Flo for nothing or very little in return for access to Flo's broadcast platform. Witness, Carl and his event. Flo's model is insidious. They provide the content owners (Beast of the East, Ironman, etc.) an outlet to let their fans see events, but since they are virtually the only game in town (sorry Track) they pay the content owners very little to nothing for the content rights. What if those content owners could directly take their events to the public through a platform like Rokfin and profit from it themselves? That leaves Flo as merely a production company, and an expensive one at that when the opportunity cost is factored in. Flo absolutely cannot sit idly by while Rokfin creates a platform that gives content owners an option to produce their own events, and have the profits go to the content owners rather than a faceless VC group. So, Flo is trying to establish that Willie violated his non-compete and -- here's the critical component of this -- that Rokfin encouraged and assisted Willie in doing so. That way, Flo can get some relief against Rokfin, although probably only a monetary award (if they can prove damages).
  2. The suspension was disputed which triggered an arbitration under AAA rules, three member panel. Just like criminal trials, if you as a defendant throw enough money at it and make prosecution very expensive, then an organization with a limited litigation budget will seek a resolution that allows it to keep a modicum of credibility. Three arbitrators through AAA cost about $1,500 per hour, then you gotta pay your lawyers and experts, they gotta pay their lawyers and experts etc.
  3. https://www.usada.org/wp-content/uploads/Daton-Fix-Consent-Award.pdf
  4. It appears that Chris Perry is your man if you need recommendations for anabolic agents to ingest... https://www.usada.org/wp-content/uploads/Daton-Fix-Consent-Award.pdf
  5. Couple this with what happened leading up to WTT in Raleigh last year and you have your answer in terms of being friends... Did you enjoy PDIII being the USA rep at worlds at 86k? Why did that happen? Why did DT suddenly know Monday morning (but not Saturday morning, or even weeks earlier) that he was having a knee operation that would end his season? If DT and coaches had been more forthcoming (i.e., had not lied) to the world, much less their "friend" and "teammate," about the injury, Bo goes 86 at Raleigh and eventually gets the spot, probably medals at worlds and would be sitting, rested, in the finals of OTT, waiting for the tournament champ.
  6. Well, it SEEMS that Bo was asked and agreed to accept the position to replace PDIII, and then when Flo told DT about it, DT nixed the matchup. Hence, MyMar. I guess Flo shoulda checked with DT first before offering Bo.
  7. Flo was started as a somewhat romantic notion operated out of a van and funded by donations. It grew through the efforts of the Brothers Flo and others including Bader and Joe, eventually adding Willie, who was fresh off of being named wrestling media guy of the year. Willie brought to Flo the editorial chops and rankings presence it did not have before then. Will later brought in Pyles, Holmes, and others. Then the Flo brothers (understandably) wanted to monetize and allowed VC in. With VC came lawyers, one in particular by the name of Paul Hurdlow has been particularly damaging to Flo. Hurdlow insinuated himself into management and put his imprint on Flo’s culture, and that meant using the lawyer’s tools. Contracts. Non-competes for already-employed people. Lawsuits. Then Flo started suing everyone in sight. From individuals taping their kids at Flo events, to putative competitors, to corporate “partners” (Oklahoma State) to Martin Flo and Willie. No one is safe from Flo’s litigious bent. You wonder why Flo is not given access by many programs? Why they, the biggest wrestling media outlet, have an antagonistic relationship with their fans, wrestlers and coaches? Because people aren’t stupid that’s why. Flo’s sharp practices have not gone unnoticed. One of the few Flo partners remaining is USA Wrestling which (a) is desperate for money and (b) has historically terrible leadership with poor judgment. Flo is indeed a sinking ship, at least in the wrestling realm. Their business model is built on exclusive event rights, and those are dwindling. If USA Wrestling pulls the plug on Flo in favor of CBS/Track, they will be done.
  8. B10 (14) 78 = 5.57 per school ACC (6) 37 = 6.17 MAC (8) 27 = 3.38 PAC12 (6) 17 = 2.83 SoCon (7) 13 = 1.86 EIWA (16) 47 = 2.94 EWL (7) 14 = 2 B12 (10) 53 = 5.3
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