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  1. A few things hurt Cornell that year.


    1. Kerber blowing out his knee and wrestling one legged in the NCAAs. He was ranked 5th most of that year.


    2. Lewnes losing to Amuch in the semis. Mack was such a nice kid, sucks he could never put it together. The worst was when he had then number 1 seed at 165 and blew out his leg before the tournament and didn't even win a match at NCAAs.


    3. Simaz losing a close match to Kilgore.


    4. Andrew Long.


    Long aside, credit to PSU. Cael really did an outstanding job with that team.

  2. I find that beyond frustrating.


    Creating an additional NCAA recognized championship shouldn't alter funding in any significant way and shouldn't detract from any other sport. If there needs to be more gender parity, can wrestling team up with a women's sport and advocate they too get an additional "ncaa championship".


    Again, I think the wrestling community should focus on fighting an arbitrary barrier.

  3. Dake is NOT in there, sorry- he and Ruth, M Scultz , P Smith will be on the 2nd tier.

    Shows how little you know, pal.


    Listen Pal,


    It is just my opinion. Dake, P Smith, Ruth, M schultz do NOT belong on the same tier as Gable, Sanderson or Hodge but they belong in the argument sure-I just don't think they are GOAT finalists. 4 titles does not automatically get you in the GOAT conversation. Dake and P smith had 5 or 6 loses. What Gable did with two titles with dominance for three years going 118-1 is a greater feat, in my opinion. The only way to top the GOAT ie Sanderson is to be dominant all 4 years and start as a true freshmen. Almost impossible. Sanderson's feat was amazing and he even had three world medalist to go against in Eggum, Cormier and Vering. No one competing the last 10 years is worthy to be in the GOAT conversation-alright maybe Dake but he had 6 loses and a lot of 1 point wins. Again, my opinion.


    Dake's record was 137-4.

  4. Acadia.


    Burroughs is a beast. Beat Dake soundly in both matches -- though the second was definitely more exciting.


    I'm blown away by how fast Burroughs is. He is so explosive that he can counter Dake's unnatural defense with pure speed. We've never seen that before, and those matches were awesome to watch.


    But I still think wrestling 3 tough matches and then going against Burroughs is an uphill battle, to say the least. Being a half step slower against Burroughs can't be helpful.


    I'm looking forward to Dake and JB meeting up in an open tournament down the road, where both are working their way through the brackets.


    Would love to see them wrestle in that setting.


    Would love to see them wrestle again period!

  5. Just gonna point out again that Dake wrestled three tough matches prior to his bout with JB.


    That just seems like such an advantage for Burroughs. How come they couldn't wait one day to do the finals?


    Still, really enjoyed the matches as it is. Looking forward to watching these guys continue to wrestle over the next few years. Any chance they will meet up at an open tournament down the rode?


    Also, I have no problem with Dake's confidence. Guy said he's gonna win. I'd be worried if he didn't say that.

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