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  1. Agreed. They highlighted a bunch of the guys that had impressive runs on the bottom as well. Always entertaining
  2. They would have to give him a strong manager or mouthpiece if he were to make the jump
  3. One of Bolen or Matt Finesilver at 174
  4. I think DeSanto is a guy that can be a fan favorite for many with his style, pace, and aggressiveness, but his antics, especially the multiple times where he has questionably attempted to injury someone, can make him someone some people will want to root against
  5. This had been known for a while now. It's old news that it was on ESPN2
  6. Based on his draw I could see him in the R12 or going 0-2. Could run into Rahmani and Berger underneath who he has wins over
  7. rhino184


    Meaning what alternative is there for screening? There’s no current recommendation to screen for it because of what I’ve essentially outlined. PSA screening hasn’t been shown to improve mortality and puts people at a higher risk than having an assymptomatic elevation. Obviously if someone is having symptoms concerning for a mass or a prostatic growth, than your management may change, but that’s not an asymptomatic screening test at that point. Basically if you’re an older male it’s not required or recommended to get a PSA done. You can obviously talk to your doc about it and the grade D rec can be outlined, and you can still likely decide to do it, but it isn’t something your primary care provider should coerce you to do
  8. I get why people might be high on Monday for his future, but I don't get all the love he is getting as a sleeper this year. Has the one win over Berger but has plenty of weird losses. Lavallee also tech falled him in December so it's a really rough draw for Monday, who likely has a nice future
  9. rhino184


    I explained above why it's a grade D. It's not recommended as a screening tool and one of the reasons was elevations were helping lead to things like unnecessary biopsies, which lead to further complications. It's all in the research the USPSTF put together in order to make it a grade D recommendation. I did not say above that PSA was used to purely determine biopsy, but research has shown conclusively that the risks outweigh any benefit. Please go look further, but I'm pretty confident in what I'm laying out here seeing as that's what medical education teaches
  10. rhino184


    PSA use for screening of prostate cancer has a grade D from the USPSTF, meaning that the service outweighs the benefit and that it's not a recommended test. Reasons for this could be unnecessary biopsy or a surgery like a radical prostatectomy for elevated PSA, which can lead to complications like incontinence, infertility, and impotence. Research has shown it's an ineffective way to screen. PSA is a tumor marker used to which is better used for follow up post resection to follow recurrence. https://www.uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org/Page/Document/UpdateSummaryFinal/prostate-cancer-screening
  11. rhino184


    PSA screening actually isn’t recommended these days just so everyone knows
  12. The Finesilver with the best record is actually the 12 seed at 157. Tough draw for Matt Finesilver who shredded 12 seed Przysbysz earlier in the season
  13. Mitch Finesilver was a R12 guy two years ago. Hard to see him going 0-2. His only losses are to top 10 opponents
  14. The UVA heavy got in because the ACC got 5 bids and Ryan Solomon had a head injury when he was tossed out of bounds by Kasper and had to default. He got a free pass
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