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  1. Howe has been at 184 due to Danny Chaid being injured and Oklahoma needing to fill the lineup, so it could happen
  2. Duke did not lose to West Virginia, as they have not wrestled this season. Duke did lose to Virginia, so having West Virginia in there makes 0 sense
  3. So you're saying we should allow kids to use racial, anti-semitic, and homophobic slurs because those are necessary and ideas that deserve discussion. What a joke. No need for hate speech. He made a mistake and deserves to be reprimanded
  4. If Grajales had started a Yes Chant after pinning Alton he'd be the most over 149 pounder in the country. Definitely a face now though
  5. 1. Circular mat, but keep the size of the mat similar. Kept the action going 2. Larger out of bounds. I honestly thought someone was going to get taken off the stage Other than that I thought the rules were pretty awesome. I think you did an excellent job developing them. Would love to see more of this in higher levels. I think this actually has a chance to catch on because they were easy to follow and understand for a casual viewer
  6. Mcintosh - Penn State Hartmann - Duke
  7. That's what you're concerned about politics wise. How about introducing some legislation to help our country
  8. Kitzis wrestled for Sem but is from MA
  9. If you saw Courts and Ruth wrestle you understand if Courts put it together he can def be on the podium. Health is always a concern, but he's a guy flying under the radar a bit that could make some noise. I don't think you're being too much of a homer with that prediction because he def has the ability to make it happen
  10. He's said it and tweeted it out, so he's had opportunities to think about what he has said. He says if you wear any other headphones. It's just a ploy to get fringe wrestlers to buy the headphones for image rather than celebrating what it takes to be a wrestler
  11. http://beatmeifyoucan.sportsblog.com/po ... se_12.html If you haven't heard what Frank Molinaro said it's worth a look. Here's a quick response to it. Sounds like he sold out to me
  12. http://beatmeifyoucan.sportsblog.com/po ... gnize.html Thought? Feedback is much appreciated
  13. Rule #3 awards someone for creating offense though, which I like about it. Much of it takes discretion away from the ref because previously refs had to determine what qualified as reaction time. Now they have a clear cut ruling on it
  14. Just a thought based on what he said in a video. Just a new challenge. He wouldn't have said it if losing his opportunity to wrestle D1 wasn't on his mind. Btw is a wrestling tournament that much more dangerous than his fight camps? All the sparring, grappling, and wrestling they do has an element of risk everyday
  15. http://beatmeifyoucan.sportsblog.com/po ... o_jon.html Open challenge to Jon Jones to enter the Midlands. Any thoughts?
  16. http://beatmeifyoucan.sportsblog.com/po ... _best.html Check out this case for Jordan Burroughs as the world's greatest athlete. It is written by a current college wrestler
  17. A reflection by a Duke wrestler on the 7 month fight to save olympic wrestling http://beatmeifyoucan.sportsblog.com/po ... ympic.html
  18. from my understanding didn't McCauley's eligibility clock begin last year, so his last year at the OTC is considered his redshirt
  19. It's good to hear he found something else to keep him moving. As greenmt. said, it can be a rough smack in the face for those phenoms when they get to college. Not saying this is what happened to Riley, but all of a sudden going up against grown men who truly love the sport and are just as strong and fast, if not more so, can lead to burnout and injuries. I wish Riley well. On a side note, what the heck happened to Bishop Lynch? I know they had something of a "sugar daddy" when their ASSISTANT coaches were Kenny Monday and Kendall Cross and they were finishing runner-up to Blair at Preps every year. But they were nowhere to be found this year up at Lehigh, and I want to know where their money was coming from and where it went? Well it isn't valid since he broke his neck very early in his career. We'll never know what could have been potentially
  20. Riley suffered a career ending neck injury while in college during his redshirt freshman year. He is still at Duke and is involved in producing his own music
  21. Whoever said Graff didn't see him in the NCAA semis against Ramos. Matt Brown is a guy right now with a big time gas tank
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