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  1. Would imagine Mizzou goes with Leeth at 149. He won the wrestle off and I believe he beat Butler at an open. If so it'll be a rematch of an old Super 32 final where Chishko actually got injured, thus giving Leeth the belt
  2. The feeds have definitely improved with the BTN partnership and hopefully that continues. The new look is a definite improvement
  3. Don't think Minnesota can be upset about that nor should anyone be upset at the kid. Made the right choice here. Big pick up for Okie State
  4. Homer pick but he isn't mentioned enough for what he has accomplished with Duke in a short period of time: Glen Lanham
  5. Not sure why IMar would have the same percentage as Massa and Joseph when he has only lost to them a combined one time
  6. BS, Duke University in Biology with a second major in Chemistry. Working on my MD at the UK College of Medicine at the moment
  7. rhino184


    Maybe you should have listened when I was elsewhere harping about how Freeman was high risk matchmaking. They're risking the same mistake here. Just because people have been in the fight game does not mean they cannot make mistakes. They clearly made one in putting Pico in there with a large LW with title fight experience in a solid mid-level promotion outside of the UFC and Bellator. Justin Linn is another fighter with a lot of cage experience against guys fighting in the highest level organizations. Why after seeing what happened with Freeman you choose this fight over someone less experienced where Aaron could really get used to fighting outside of a controlled environment is baffling. There's a reason boxing promoters don't just rush prized prospects into dangerous fights early in their careers
  8. rhino184


    This is another risky matchup for Bellator and poor management by team Pico. Linn has lost two in a row but to guys currently fighting in the UFC. Pico has under 30 seconds of real fighting time and he's fighting another guy who has been in the cage with UFC level opponents. There's a reason boxers and most promoters build up their fighters with tune ups over time to build skill and get them used to being in the ring/cage
  9. Had a teammate transfer to his home state school. Think he just never felt at home with us and always wanted to go there in the first place. Much of it seemed to be being homesick
  10. It reads exactly as we have been discussing it beforehand to me. That they have released him but won't support a waiver
  11. Just let Suriano go have fun. What would Jesus do?
  12. BMI isn't the greatest measure, but it is a quick and easy calculation to make. More clinics will move toward waist circumference and waist-hip ratio as an assessment of health, as there is evidence that they provide more useful information about potential disease risk than BMI.
  13. I always heard that he was beaten by Pep in a wrestle off
  14. Went to a private, east coast prep school for a year and needed luckily had a scholarship to help cover cost. Manny affluent kids there, but a good chunk of us also needed plenty of support
  15. A lot of these kids must be sacrificing significant money to go there
  16. I think he'd be excellent at MMA and for the MMA community, but I think a part of us should want him to keep competing. With all the baggage, he's still incredibly talented and makes our competitions/teams better.
  17. Leen is a really solid pick up. He's a good guy, connects well with people, and brings a unique approach to the sport. Should help with recruiting and development at Pitt
  18. These guys do know that only 10 of them can by the guy correct?
  19. They've lost a large chunk of trust from the community in covering large events. Literally every single time there is a massive issue
  20. If you need a real upgrade just call Rocket Mortgage!
  21. Conner Hartmann. One time Washington state champion and became a 3x AA
  22. Doesn't matter, because Pico would have be the GOAT true frosh and won everything ever
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