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  1. Jack should have been ACC Wrestler of the year imo
  2. DUKE Cheer for Iowa outside of Duke as well
  3. Doesn't love Jesus enough either
  4. He was leading the match actually
  5. They're not going to drastically change the rule like that just for wrestling
  6. You seem to be arguing with nobody. Trying to troll for "haters" or something?
  7. Former University Administrators that helped maintain a winning culture in football by turning a blind eye to potential child sex crimes. There's a heavy one
  8. Leeth is very talented if healthy. Has had some fairly serious injuries though so I'm sure Tiger fans are concerned about that weight
  9. You nailed it. There are so many situations in scrambles where someone is actively holding someone exposed. It's why in the Theobold Collica match I was completely fine with a takedown being called. If you're holding someone on their back then you're in control
  10. I'd prefer it to be a five count like the leg drop or side headlock. Once it's five it's two points and then perhaps more counts for extra near fall points. We shouldn't be allowing people to lay on their backs for extended periods to avoid takedowns
  11. I dislike all of those proposed rules. The one they need to consider is non control near fall. Could prevent people from laying on their back to avoid points
  12. Cox. 3 titles and an Olympic medal
  13. He shot a double and came out covering his eye with his hand. Wasn't a simple poke off a hand fight. He accelerated into an accidental poke. You don't just recover from that in 5 seconds. The eye, as we should all know, is a sensitive organ, and accelerating it into a blunt object can cause actual trauma. In that scenario it should be understood that the guy isn't looking for time, he's looking to see. A rule basically rewarding accidental pokes like that is idiotic and the finish of that match has to bother people
  14. The problem is that causing a loss in this manner is way worse than a jersey tornado imo. You're penalizing a kid for creating action by penalizing kasper for getting poked. That event deserves leeway. Closing the distance into a finger like that should be treated differently. If the roles were reversed I would feel the same way. It's wrong to penalize a kid for being on the receiving end of that
  15. So you're blaming him for creating action with a double....
  16. And that's fine, it's just an awful way to win a match. It's stupid to penalize a kid for shooting a double leg and catching a finger to the eye
  17. There needs to be discretion. A rule like that determining a podium finish is bad for the sport. Kasper was penalized for creating action. The honorable thing also would be to take neutral knowing you gauged his eye
  18. Yet you're on here talking about the promo, so you can say that, but it isn't actually true
  19. That's a promo. I'm pretty sure referring to him as a legend and wanting to step toe to toe isn't trash. I don't believe he called him weak, soft, overrated, etc. in that statement. He's selling himself. You're a mark. You bought in. Everything he said worked. It got you invested in a match you wouldn't have cared about.
  20. He didn't talk trash. He cut a promo you mark. It's a 33 man a** kicking contest. What's he supposed to do, bow? That kid believes he's going to win and believes in himself. He wanted a shot at the champ. Congrats to Kyle on winning, but stop acting like it's such a bad thing that another man wanted to step up to the plate and challenge the king
  21. If you paid attention he did go for multiple throws. He didn't go out there to stall his way to a close match. Snyder showed once again how good he is in the face of adversity and a different style matchup
  22. If people are so worked up about his promo, then his promo worked. He went for a lot of big stuff. Snyder was game. Credit the champ
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