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  1. So answering a question and disclosing something, regardless of the outcome, that was going to be disclosed is bad sportsmanship? I don't see anyone in Lee's camp calling it an excuse, and all of them have been gracious. Your take is laughable.
  2. The best in the business. We are lucky to have someone with his character, passion, and drive for the sport. He is a valuable resource for athletes, coaches, media and fan.
  3. I think Jared Prince at #16 is underseeded at 141. I had him just outside the top 10
  4. The question is first round draw, not draw in general.
  5. 125: Cruz vs Peters 133: Clark vs Schram 141: Gasca vs Gulibon 149: Thomsen vs Cimato 157: Glass vs Clagon 165: Cottrell vs Martino 174: Kent vs Bernstein 184: Brooks vs Gravina 197: Studebaker vs Harner 285: Dejournette vs Crawford
  6. Some seeds 10 and below who I think could create some damage: 125: Fausz, Terao 133: Mckee 141: Meredith 149: Bleise 157: Clagon, Atkinson, Rahmani 165: Matthews, Hughes 174: Lujan 184: Gravina 197: Griego, Harner, Correnti 285: Haines, Miller, Larson
  7. He has dealt with quite a few injuries
  8. I think it's usually Wednesday of this week
  9. What's incredible about that match was that the tide turned in a very similar way. That same body lock position, though it didn't give Martin the lead in the same manner, completely changed the match. The energy in the arena changed and the confidence Martin got from that was huge
  10. Maybe you all can ask Russia to hack Cael's emails and then pretend that China or North Korea did it all while cozying up to Mamiashvili. I mean he's only been accused of killing people and assaulting women, but you know, Americans do that too.
  11. This is where I'm headed. As another ACC guy, ESPN is covering the duals I'm focused on and provides a quality product. I may get BTN+ in the future to watch those matches as well.
  12. The Inside Trip is a newer podcast that just put up a Big 10 preview that is about an hour of all wrestling talk. Worth checking out for anyone looking for alternatives
  13. rhino184


    What exactly caused him to not weigh in? Was he just off weight, badly injured, coach's decisions, etc?
  14. It made no sense and they even did a podcast to try to explain how he went from their initial ranking to all the way up to #1. It was just silly
  15. He definitely earned that preseason #1 ranking after a 6th place B1G finish and 5th place NCAA finish at 133. Definitely was a solid ranking /s
  16. Should have thrown this on my list as well. I don't think people realize how nice Indy is. There's a lot to do there and it's definitely easy to get to for most of wrestling country
  17. Phoenix, Nashville, Atlanta, and Memphis are all places I'd like to see considered. Would be a change of pace
  18. Who Knows Why He Didn't Wrestle, Maybe He Has Some Other Priorities and Goals In Mind (hope people know this reference)
  19. Ya SWG isn't Downey because he loves KJ. I've also never heard anyone call KJ a scumbag and in all my interactions with him he came off as a great guy
  20. Agreed. Doesn't the Pac-12 do true second? I think the So-Con might do it as well
  21. The over under should be 2.5 as said above. 3 is way too likely to push. At 2.5, I still take the under
  22. rhino184


    Whether you like Downey or not, what was touching is that he said KJ came over to his place and let him get emotional, and really talked to him not as an athlete, but as a young man that he cares about. Seems like they had an unconventional bond. Hopefully Downey finds a way to fix some of the issues that surround him and get back on the mat to compete. I hope he is able to graduate and continue to better himself.
  23. Seemed like they threw the engineering and tech people under the bus a bit on the podcast, when it seems like it was more of an infrastructure problem. We will see if they invest more in the infrastructure needed to stream an event like this to a large audience. Knowing they received a large investment in recent history I think some hope was that they would improve the constant streaming problems at these large events, but that hasn't been the case as of yet. It was very annoying and hurt their response when immediately after a somber start to the discussion a passionate tirade about NBC sports occurred. It wasn't NBC Sports "bullying", if you'd actually consider that to be real, that caused this failure to happen. Flo got the rights they wanted, got the opportunity, and needed to more stick to how they were going to improve so that we, the customer, could trust them. Deflecting to another issue wasn't the point or purpose of said discussion. Flo has done some great things for wrestling and I hope they can resolve these recurrent issues to improve their product.
  24. I don't know if it has changed, but heard from someone who has participated in the event that he didn't have to weigh in
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