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  1. After very recently trashing NBC Sports coverage of the World Cup it felt like karma. Don't throw stones in a glass house
  2. This last part is what is piling on to this problem. Their response to this failure so far has been atrocious. A lousy little tweet from Martin is all they have? They have slammed ESPN, NBC Sports, Track, BTN, and the NWCA for their practices, but during most large events Flo's feed has serious problems. They haven't put out a press release, they haven't explained the issues in an article or statement and how they'll resolve these issues, and they haven't really let their customers know why this occurred. Yes, the did end up streaming on FB Live, but at a poor angle with no scoreboard or clock. Imagine if NBC Sports or BTN had an issue like this. They hyped this as the "dual of the century" and we ended up with a terrible product without any serious remorse, apology, or reflection of their wrongdoing. They deserve to get slammed for this
  3. They haven't even had a real press release and continued to hype the event as their coverage was failing. This isn't the first time, but this was the worst of them all. They like to throw stones at every other media outlet, but it's time to really face the music now because this was an embarrassment for the company and the entire sport
  4. It's just the most FLO thing to happen ever especially after how hard they've attacked other outlets like NBC. Every major event has streaming problems, and this was their biggest failure yet. They continued to hype the dual without issuing a public apology or press release as well. It's incredibly unprofessional and down right out embarrassing. Their programming better address it as well. People paid $20+ to watch someone stream a video on their phone
  5. But enjoy your day. Hope that match eventually happens
  6. They're fundamentally different definitions but we've gotten into a Sam Harris/Jordan Peterson type debate on a much simpler concept to grasp. It also still seems like you took the quote literally when he was a figure of speech
  7. I'm not knocking you for making a joke, I'm knocking you for making a bad joke. Again, there's a large difference between a punch and a sucker punch. It had to be expected a joke would be made, but if you don't understand how they carry different connotations, then I can't help you. Also, I'm not seething here, just trying to explain why I criticized it.
  8. It's not that there wasn't humor to be had, it's that your joke was just bad. All you had to say was "well I thought he was going to punch Snyder in the mouth." Sucker punching carries a completely different connotation and meaning than that of the actual quote.
  9. You said he'd need to back his mouth up, unlike myself. Does that not carry the connotation of a physical conflict? You can believe that I'm stupid, and I'm surely coming off as a jerk, but you're the only one coming off as a simpleton here. You literally had an easy joke to make, yet had to add "sucker" to it to make it seem like Kasper literally was going to cheap shot someone as a coward. You're essentially like a WWE fan that gets too easily worked by promos. This just started because you mischaracterized a young man's quote trying to make a simple joke, which again was incredibly easy to make, and you still botched it.
  10. Zero chance Solomon gets the one seed
  11. Sure there's a physicality to it, but it's a common athletic expression. Have people never heard this from coaches? If you actually take this to mean a literal punch, especially a "sucker punch", then you clearly don't know the phrase or lack comprehension skills. Kasper used a platform to cut a promo and it clearly worked
  12. Thin skinned. Sorry you failed at making a simple joke because you added the word "sucker" into your comment. Clearly after the loss the quote was going to get brought up, but you failed to actually take what he said and use it in a constructive way. I'm sure he's very afraid of having to wrestle Snyder, though he worked most of this forum and got a large thread started based on a single comment, meaning the line served it's purpose. And nice job essentially acting like we need to fist fight because of an internet forum. You must feel so tough! I'm shaking in my metaphorical boots here at the thought of you tbert
  13. I think the ACC Coaches will put Walz at the one based on his past credentials and his name, though the point you make is a strong one. Just don't see them pulling that trigger
  14. You're not a very smart person. You honestly have never heard the phrase "punch him in the mouth" it seems. It doesn't mean he's literally going to toe the line and actually sucker punch him. The expression means he's not going to roll over for him and that he's not afraid of him. It's not difficult to comprehend what he meant. Please continue to not understand why it was said or what purpose it served, as it's clear you have no idea what selling yourself or cutting a promo is. You're either just a troll, a moron, or both. Leaning towards both here
  15. No, I just think saying sucker punch is quite different than what was said. A sucker punch is the move of a coward, while Kasper saying I'd like to toe the line with him isn't cowardly. You've mischaracterized what he said when an easy joke was there to be made already
  16. Said punch him in the mouth, meaning go out there not afraid of him, but please, mischaracterize a quote from a promo
  17. Do those that don't think he'll win it all now have to start the Official Mark Hall will not win it all thread?
  18. I like the bowl format of it, but it needs to be rigid. I'm sick of hearing "grow the sport" while allowing coaches to skate around the best match ups. It's pretty clear everyone wanted the match between Iowa and Virginia Tech, and the stars aligned, and some how one team avoided the match. If we're not actually trying to give the fans of the sport the best in wrestling and promote our sport in that manner, then we should stop with slogans that don't mean anything to anybody at this point
  19. 1. I'm an alum of the university, know him well, and know exactly what he means. 2. Watch a damn wrestling promo for once in your life. You've been worked. He's selling the idea of the match and he's confident enough to say he wants the challenge. He's not disparaging the man. 3. I can post my transcript if you want to take a knock at my "thought processing skills"
  20. #3 guy in the country says he wants to wrestle the defending national champ and people are mad about that? Some of you guys are total marks
  21. Hartmann was there recently in the room. Wissel is one of the most under appreciated coaches in the nation as an assistant, and he's working with him daily. They can continually throw bodies at him. Of course no one in the room is going to challenge a fresh Kasper, but you can win at Duke and continue to develop. We're seeing this yearly under Coach Lanham with guys going from barely recruited to contenders
  22. You guys are too easy to work. Now you're all talking about a match you didn't know you wanted. See how that worked?
  23. The first. Snyder's progression and continuing quest to become the best US wrestler of all time should be the focus. He brings a lot more attention if he continues to win gold medals for his nation vs a temporary boost from a pin at Iowa
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