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  1. And you can certainly favor Walz in the rematch, but if Kasper wins out, and Nevills doesn't beat Medberry at Big 10's you'll have Kasper with wins over Walz x2, Schafer, Kroells, Dejournette x2, and Miller. Two wins over Walz, an ACC Title, a Scuffle title, and those wins on his record would be hard to ignore. I think he'd likely be the 3 seed at that point
  2. If Kasper wins out by beating Walz again there's no way he should be seeded behind Nevills. Nevills wins won't be as strong on paper. Btw, the Kasper vs Stone match was clearly a fluke, and if you've seen the match, then you know that.
  3. Well considering he has beaten Kroells, Schafer, Dejournette 2x, and Miller, I doubt you can call it a fluke. Upset =/= fluke in this case
  4. Don't really think he got desperate. Got into a sit out position and Kasper was able to suck him back with a half and pick up 4
  5. No one is ignoring the loss, but he has the best wins of anyone outside the top 2 right now. A fluke roll through pin shouldn't take away from all that he has accomplished so far. If he wins out, then he should be a top 3 seed, and right now should be the #3 ranked guy in the nation.
  6. Kaspermania is running wild :)
  7. I'm not sure it will be yet. Could see 197 going on last to finish with to finish with two guys going for 3 titles. Building the event similar to a fight card in that way
  8. He had a really good year last year. Multiple wins over Hidlay, who is competing very well for NCST so far. PSU has a real logjam and they keep funneling in talent so you really have to wonder if he ever does end up there. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a different singlet on next year
  9. Kyle Dake has to be up there. Excellent success domestically, has a win over Tsargush, who is a multiple time world champion.
  10. Cornell I would think has need-based aid. For many of the top academic universities this can help greatly dependent on your family situation. No idea what Fix's economic situation is, but for those worried about cost of schooling places like Ivy League schools, Duke, Stanford, etc. are excellent options
  11. This would be bad for getting matches on TV and with duals some fans don't have to spend all day at the arena. They see the matches they want in an hour and a half to two hours and get to go home.
  12. 1. Aaron Studebaker 2. Max Rohskpof
  13. Surprised neither had Dake at 2, let alone top 3. Four timer on four different weights. look at the credentials of guys he beat in the finals those seasons too. His career is astounding
  14. You can't criticize them for running this story. One of the biggest recruits in recent history probably losing his second chance. It's sad, but it's very relevant news in wrestling circles and you cannot just ignore it
  15. Cody "resigned". Was basically resign or be fired. It isn't unconventional to see that
  16. Went to a school with a high academic reputation and no scholarships, actually had a scholarship in Chemistry. Our staff was flexible enough to allow us to select whatever we wanted to study, and we were expected to do well. Am currently is an allopathic medical school (MD). It was a great place to go to study and have goals both in the wrestling room, where there was no slacking due to academic competitiveness, the classroom, and the community. We have guys who now have MBA's or are in law school, or now work in engineering. Basically, if you have academic and professional goals, because most wrestlers aren't going to be living off wrestling, these factors should be weighed. I don't think enough kids really consider that about programs. I'm just very lucky to have ended up where I did where these things were possible
  17. Should probably just stop guessing what it is. If Flo comes out and says whatever the cause was or whatever they are accused of, then we can discuss it in a more enlightening manner
  18. They definitely have a lot of positive momentum in the news with hirings and recruiting. Hopefully they can continue the upward movement
  19. The handling of Ruth's DUI will be questioned as well. Three times over the legal limit on a weeknight for a guy with a previous discipline issue (assault) and he missed 2 matches where the team really didn't need him. I'm not saying necessarily boot him, but it really wasn't much of a punishment for a pretty serious situation.
  20. Not too young, Ewing's Sarcoma is a cancer mainly seen in teens and early twenties. He's very, very, very unfortunate. Hopefully they caught it at a good time and he can make a full recovery
  21. Exactly. Think about the scope of what his "research" would draw on. It would signify that the government, NIH, CDC, FDA, doctors, etc. are all in on a giant conspiracy to hide "truths" about vaccines. It's ridiculous. It's amazing how much clear, scientific research, and the obvious benefits of vaccinations are ignored based on false beliefs
  22. Obviously he has felt some connection to the school for a while, maybe a dream for him, but just seems so early to decide. Why not take other visits, see what places have to offer. I didn't even know what I wanted to study or do by that point. There's so much out there and so many great programs. PSU is obviously a very solid school and a wrestling powerhouse, but it's amazing how much you change when you're that age and still learning about yourself
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