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    rhino184 got a reaction from BadgerMon in Voting on the 8 greatest college matches   
    The interesting part of this is though Caldwell vs. Metcalf was perhaps more exciting than Perry vs. Hendricks, it benefits in our memory of the story that came into play before hand. Previous history, the dominance Metcalf had displayed all year. If going off the point of top 8, is it up there just based on wrestling; I don't know, but with the story attached it's all the more memorable
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    rhino184 reacted to KCMO2 in What matches are you most looking forward to in the 18/19 season?   
    Yianni v Eierman.
    They split last year with one match being won in the finals seconds, and the other being won in OT.  Eierman appears to have continued to improve, as evidenced by his senior level freestyle results (just pinned the 2016 world silver medalist in Poland last week).
    Yianni's probably the better wrestler and more technically sound, but Eierman's much more dangerous, from any position.
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    rhino184 reacted to JasonBryant in Chael Sonnen on College Wrestling   
    You know who isn’t? Every TV channel that airs wrestling. And every tournament director.
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    rhino184 reacted to pish6969 in Podcasts covering NCAAs   
    Inside Trip did a 2 hour show. Very good listen
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    rhino184 reacted to Fishbane in DelSanto   
    He freaked out at the end of his quarterfinal with Mueller at Cliff Keen too.  Mueller was on top and he does a couple standing granbys/no hands cartwheels with Mueller on his back with a leg in and when that fails to shake Mueller he stands up for a third time and does the old jump backwards on top of your opponent for an illegal slam.  That's 3 of his 7 losses this season that he's given up a point in the closing seconds for an illegal technique.  It's crazy. 
    The other loss at NCAAs was in sudden victory so he didn't have a chance to freak out in that he wasn't trailing at the end.  The loss at the scuffle he knocked himself silly by hitting his head on the mat when executing a mat return on Mueller and had to med default with a concussion.  In his interview after beating Mueller at NCAAs he seems to be saying that Mueller was responsible for his injury.  Looking at the video it was more like when Lindland KOed himself with a suplex than Mueller hurting DeSanto.  The only match I've seen where he was losing at the end and did not freak out was the 3rd place match at Cliff Keen.  Couldn't find a video of his loss in the ISU dual so there could be two.
    Quarterfinal at Cliff Keen
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    rhino184 reacted to SetonHallPirate in Rank the Rankers   
    LOL at the secret part...given the lack of secrecy of it.
    That said, no, no victory laps for beating Flo here.
    For what it's worth, based on my bracket projections (which are slightly different than the simply ordinal numbers used across the board here, as they account for the actual matchups, something taking the top eight in order doesn't do), I had 555 points, which doesn't move me up at all in these rankings. I will say, however, that I had 58 of 80 All-Americans, one more than the seeds got, and 15 finalists, versus 12 based on the actual seeds.
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    rhino184 reacted to tightwaist in Least-Favorite Wrestler(s) Not On Your Team   
    I've watched several of his matches, including all of them from Southern Scuffle.  Multiple times he started early from neutral, and was warned.  Each time he would put his hands up, like "what did I do", looking around like he was astonished at the call.  It gets annoying quickly. 
    Wrestle hard and fair, and most people will cheer for you.  I hope he grows up over the next few years, because he can be fun to watch. 
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    rhino184 got a reaction from tightwaist in Least-Favorite Wrestler(s) Not On Your Team   
    I think DeSanto is a guy that can be a fan favorite for many with his style, pace, and aggressiveness, but his antics, especially the multiple times where he has questionably attempted to injury someone, can make him someone some people will want to root against
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    rhino184 reacted to Witherman in Favorite Wrestler(s) Not On Your Team   
    Aaron pico
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    rhino184 reacted to superbowlhomeboy in Finals moved from ESPN to ESPN2   
    Do you watch college football? What about college basketball? It is normal for events to be delayed based on an event before it running over. This years Sugar Bowl was pushed back at least fifteen minutes based on the other playoff game running over. Again, not a big deal.
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    rhino184 reacted to tec87 in Finals moved from ESPN to ESPN2   
    If they have to delay it 15 mins, I’m ok with that. Don’t want to relive the finals years ago when it was Dubuque-Ott and they joined the broadcast with like less than a minute left in the second period because a random tennis match ran over(wasn’t even a major tennis tournament either). 
    As long as the finals air live, I could care less if it’s on ESPN 1or2.
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    rhino184 reacted to BobDole in Finals moved from ESPN to ESPN2   
    Really? I have had a few different cable providers over the years and I think almost every one of them had ESPN2 as +1 from ESPN. 
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    rhino184 reacted to BobDole in Finals moved from ESPN to ESPN2   
    Two questions
    1. Would you rather they just start and viewers miss a match?
    2. If we were in that same boat would you want them to cut away from Coon vs. Snyder to start a women's cricket match?
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    rhino184 reacted to buckshot1969 in Finals moved from ESPN to ESPN2   
    I don't see much of a difference between ESPN and ESPN2.  
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    rhino184 reacted to TobusRex in Lowest Seed with a Chance at Winning   
    Agreed. Kennedy ain't Kenny. I see 1-2, maybe 0-2 for him.
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    rhino184 reacted to Idaho in Snyder vs Coon final?   
    Someone needs to forward all this coaching advice to Snyder. 
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    rhino184 reacted to MrBurns in Beazley drops out of NCAA's....   
    The guy dislocated his elbow in his last match at Big Tens to end his college career. Let's crack jokes about something else.
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    rhino184 reacted to BobDole in Fretwell and Roper   
    There is NOTHING similar to those two, for various reasons.
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    rhino184 reacted to TBar1977 in I swear some people don't understand seeding!   
    But you'd need to be a mind reader to know why someone MFF. Does anyone think Nolf MFF to protect seed? Or did he do it to protect his knee? Same for Suriano. These are two guys who show up when healthy. 
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    rhino184 reacted to matts1w in Wisconsin   
    Askren waivers on the idea that the shootings in Sandy Hook might have been some kind of government scheme, conspiracy, etc...  If one entertains that sort of nonsense he probably does not need to leading anything at a respected public university.  Heck, if he is willing to open that door in public, there is a solid chance what he keeps to himself and closets friends could be pretty awful.
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    rhino184 reacted to xander in At Large Bids Announced   
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    rhino184 reacted to TobusRex in Wisconsin   
    I think he's probably talked himself out of a HC job. He's pretty outspoken on rightwing politics. 
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    rhino184 got a reaction from pjm46 in Wisconsin   
    I'd think Askren would be an interesting hire but the "false flag" and conspiracy stuff he peddles in would likely have to stop. Doubt they want their head coach thinking kids involved in shootings are crisis actors 
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    rhino184 reacted to Egg in At Large Bids Announced   
    Congrats to the ACC for being the only conference to qualify over two thirds of its starters, including every one of its 133s, heavyweights, and Finesilvers.
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    rhino184 reacted to GuillermoBilletas in Wisconsin   
    This.  too much side show
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