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    rhino184 reacted to Hubbard in Weird tweet from Burroughs   
    I can not believe Kanye West and Burroughs were mentioned in the same post.
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    rhino184 reacted to SetonHallPirate in Mock out at UNC   
    Billy, I don't think it was the situation with his son specifically. But in this post, he states that he "...can't imagine why any parent would consider sending their son to a College in the U.S. until this ridiculousness stops!". That's telling people not to attend your school. That's money that you're telling people shouldn't be going to, in this case, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill campus. That's stating that male students shouldn't go to college in the United States, and last I checked, Chapel Hill, North Carolina hadn't (and still hasn't) seceded yet. That's like if Christian Pyles or Tim Foley were to make a post saying that people shouldn't subscribe to any media outlet. If that were to happen, I'd imagine that they'd be fired by Flowrestling or Intermat, respectively, and understandably so. Look at the date of that post...June 10th, 2015, or two days before the guillotine fell on him. If I had to guess, it was fine when he was merely sticking up for his son, but when he said males shouldn't attend any college in the United States (including the university that signs his paycheck), that's where either AD Bubba Cunningham or Chancellor Carol Folt (or maybe even system President Thomas Ross) had to draw the line.
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    rhino184 got a reaction from SetonHallPirate in Mock out at UNC   
    You would be correct, I graduated from and wrestled at Duke, albeit with many struggles on the mat, but wasn't a Robertson Scholar as some have mentioned and have never taken a class over there. Knowing people at UNC and the reputation of the school makes me respect what many are able to accomplish in the classroom there. The faults of some should not take away from the academic success many have found there in a tough classroom environment. There's definitely a rivalry, and I obviously believe Duke to be the better institution as it has afforded me great opportunities, but I respect the level of rigor the large majority of their students go through with their academics.
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    rhino184 reacted to SetonHallPirate in Mock out at UNC   
    If rhino184 is who I think he is, he went to Duke...you know, the other half of the "Tobacco Road" rivalry.
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    rhino184 reacted to VakAttack in Weird tweet from Burroughs   
    Odd tweet.  Fans will root for who they want to in the domestic competition.  For instance, if you choose "Return of the Mack" for your entrance music, I will root for you in all things.  When he goes to the World's and other international competitions, then I could understand being miffed about US citizens/fans rooting for other people.
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    rhino184 reacted to hawktalk3 in Weird tweet from Burroughs   
    There were plenty that did not agree with the 4 pointer in the first match in the arena, that's for sure. I don't think they were specifically upset with Burroughs though..
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    rhino184 reacted to swoopdown in Weird tweet from Burroughs   
    A great champ but that tweet is a contradiction - self proclaiming yourself the utmost in class is not the utmost in class ... In the past JB has generated fan support by being gracious and humble in victory, hate to see hIm lose that. Still, if this anger at not being everyone's favorite puts a fire in his belly, whose to say it doesn't motivate him to be even more dominant then he already is for many years to come.
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    rhino184 reacted to wrestlingnerd in Weird tweet from Burroughs   
    The best tweet was Kenny Monday's in response: "LOL"
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    rhino184 reacted to IronChef in Weird tweet from Burroughs   
    "I've represented the USA at 74kg, with the utmost class, respect, and dominance since 2011. Shame on anyone who rooted against me today." (https://twitter.com/alliseeisgold/status/610270749144809474?s=17)
    That's not how sports works,JB. People get to root for whoever they want, and there's no shame in that unless the guy you're rooting for is a Mayweather-level dirtbag.
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    rhino184 reacted to IronChef in Over/Under on Martinez becoming the next Cael   
    The title as written by you was impossible to answer. That's why anyone cares. 
    As to the question you meant to ask, it's incredibly difficult. He would have to get through three more years of a tough Big Ten schedule without every slipping up, getting hurt in a match, wrestling a tough opponent when he has the flu, or just plain getting beat. Four championships is a lot more likely than four straight undefeated years, and even that's not super likely. Both of last year's freshman champs failed to repeat even the very next year, let alone three more times.
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    rhino184 reacted to VakAttack in Wrestler's choice after injury time   
    I've been thinking about this for awhile, and it came up twice in the NCAA Finals.
    I understand the thought process behind giving the non-injured wrestler choice if injury time is called (prevent lung timeouts).  I agree with it for the most part.  And I know that ALL wrestlers who get the choice will take the advantage.  I guess my thought is, in a case like in both finals matches (Moisey and Port), should there be, for lack of a better term, a "gentlemen's agreement" in place for the wrestler to choose neutral?  Both Port and Moisey were legitimately injured, and it felt off that Tomasello and Stieber should benefit from those injuries.  Again, this applies to ALL wrestlers, I know Iowa wrestlers do the same thing, these two examples were just high profile given the NCAA finals.  Further, it should be noted that I didn't think it affected the outcome of each match.
    Anyway, maybe I'm just rambling.
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    rhino184 reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in New head coaches?   
    Davidson just scored their first NCAA points in like 50 years.
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    rhino184 reacted to Twangers in Who's your pick for Fresno's HC?   
    Eric Guerrero.
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    rhino184 reacted to SetonHallPirate in Boise State?   
    You can't be serious about Duke and Lanham. They've just had their best year ever in terms of qualifying wrestlers to nationals, and, unless something has changed in the last couple of years, ZERO scholarships. The reason it may look like they haven't improved is because, in terms of ACC competition, they started so far behind the rest of the competition in terms of talent and funding that what they've done the last few years is a marked improvement. But they were regularly in the 60's in the Dual-Component ranking of the Dual Impact Index under Clar Anderson, and are at 32nd this year entering the tournament. To say that they aren't moving in the right direction is hilarious, unless you hope for Duke to be moving downwards.
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    rhino184 reacted to JasonBryant in Voting on the 8 greatest college matches   
    I made sense from the beginning. You were arguing about something I wasn't even defending -- the match's place on a list you didn't even grasp or fathom. Done.
    Ain't nobody got time for that.
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    rhino184 reacted to JasonBryant in Voting on the 8 greatest college matches   
    Nope, Kevin Bacon wasn't in Footloose. Sorry.
    And apparently nothing I wrote will change your mind because I wasn't defending its inclusion on the list. I was offering a rationale as to why it would be on such a list. So steadfast in your objection, you aren't taking the time to even understand the whole list or what it is.
    Read more, comprehend even more.
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    rhino184 got a reaction from tec87 in Last Mann Standing 2014-15   
    Coon, Gilman
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    rhino184 got a reaction from scribe in Last Mann Standing 2014-15   
    Coon, Gilman
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    rhino184 reacted to nom in best college match   
    Leen vs Burroughs
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    rhino184 got a reaction from GranbyTroll in best college match   
    Grajales vs Alton was not the best wrestling match due to some gas tank issues, but bah gawd was it exciting
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