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    rhino184 reacted to tightwaist in DeSanto goes down   
    Part of me pulls for DeSanto because of his style and pace. Part of me thinks he is a little obnoxious sometimes with his "what did I do wrong?" antics
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    rhino184 reacted to Billyhoyle in DeSanto goes down   
    I disagree because knee injuries don't exist. Didn't you see the flo doc?
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    rhino184 reacted to LordNelson in DeSanto goes down   
    Desanto gave Tucker's knee a little "extra" late in the match.
    Pretty low move from Desanto if you ask me.
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    rhino184 reacted to Billyhoyle in DeSanto goes down   
    Chaz Tucker went on a vision quest.
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    rhino184 reacted to TurdFerguson in Big 10 Championship Pick Em'   
    125: Nato
    133: Micic
    141: McKenna
    149: Retherford
    157: Kemerer
    165: Martinez
    174: Hall
    184: Nickal
    197: Sheed
    285: Coon
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    rhino184 reacted to Billyhoyle in Flowrestling documentaries   
    I don't remember Schute having a torn ACL.
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    rhino184 reacted to unbiased in The escape that isn't really an escape   
    IMO you should have to give the bottom man a chance to stand up and face. Tomasello let go of Mattin but he was still on his knees with his head down. If the bottom man doesn't rise and face in a timely manner then hit him with stalling but don't just give an escape point at the convenience of the top man so he can pounce on for another takedown.
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    rhino184 reacted to tbert in I didn’t enjoy the Luke Pletcher era   
    Too short of era
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    rhino184 reacted to WrestlingFan89 in I didn’t enjoy the Luke Pletcher era   
    And I’m glad it’s over.
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    rhino184 reacted to LemonPie in Tom Ryan accepts your apologies   
    The fans made him change a policy.  Under his skin so much that he tweeted about it.  This is a win for us, not Tom. 
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    rhino184 reacted to ThorsteinV in Flo Wrestling Immune or Allergic to feedback and criticism?   
    The answer is yes and it seems to start at the top.  At the decentralized, personal level most of their guys (CP, Nomad, even Willie) will address criticisms and entertain ideas and views opposite to their own.  Scale it up, however, and the default response is to ignore and suppress. Even if you have a legitimate issue, you’re likely getting nowhere with their customer support. 
    For example, after having a monthly membership for some time, I purchased an annual membership for $150.  Later on, I realized they were still charging me for the monthly membership.  I contacted customer support a day after the payment cleared, requesting a refund but they wouldn’t even refund the most recent duplicate payment.  Flo got $270 from me this year but they’ll never see another penny. 
    I’d be ashamed and embarrassed to conduct business in such a manner.
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    rhino184 reacted to TBar1977 in Flo Wrestling Immune or Allergic to feedback and criticism?   
    Finding videos of wrestlers is a lot harder now.
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    rhino184 reacted to TobusRex in Lame speech, no wonder they lost   
    Now I know what it's like to get a pep speech from Woody Allen. Thanks, Tervel.
    Ryan sounds like he's trying to sell a timeshare while completely baked on LSD.
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    rhino184 reacted to Idaho in Truly sad how wrestling accomplishments mean next to nothing in the real world (wore my state championship belt on a date)   
    They aren't impressed when you wear your 80's letterman's jacket either....not that I would know or anything. 
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    rhino184 reacted to CoachWrestling in I choose down   
    Yes, it was a horrendous, horrendous decision, at the time and in hindsight. You get ridden for 2:30+ with 5 restarts and still go down. HUGE blunder by the staff, huge.
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    rhino184 reacted to buf87 in WrestleStat computer rankings at 141. Ashnault with zero wins remains #1   
    It factors in history.  In situations like this, to much.  Also it takes awhile for a young wrestler with not many results to move up the rankings.  Computers!!!!
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    rhino184 reacted to OhioSpladle in Get on Kanen Storrs Twitter   
    Although this looks bad for the Iowa State staff, wouldn't it still be illegal for the paulsons to have contact with another teams wrestler?
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    rhino184 reacted to Plasmodium in 4 Raiders win for Clarion in their dual meet vs Davidson!   
    Four of Duke's starters are brothers - two sets of twins actually. The Finesilvers all went to Cherry Creek HS in Colorado.
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    rhino184 reacted to hammerlockthree in What happened to Thielke?   
    the amazing ting about the above post is that i don't know if its true or a sarcastic remark.
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    rhino184 reacted to wrestlingphish in Final X: New World Team Trials setup.   
    “Final X is not just an event series but a status,” FloSports co-founder and CEO Martin Floreani said. “Only the best American wrestlers of our generation make it to Final X, and those that become Final X have the opportunity to represent the most glorious country on earth.”
    I can't stop laughing at this quote. 
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    rhino184 reacted to MadMardigain in Final X: New World Team Trials setup.   
    Yes that’s some high quality sensationalism there. Suprised he’s not being vetted for a White House Press Secretary position or at least a circus ringmaster.
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    rhino184 reacted to Plasmodium in Trackwrestling let one slide   
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    rhino184 reacted to hammerlockthree in T-Row and Funky show   
    "He can squeeze more words into a smaller thought than anyone i have ever met" -lincoln
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    rhino184 reacted to TBar1977 in T-Row and Funky show   
    They were busy training for Midlands. 
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    rhino184 reacted to xander in How About Duke?   
    it’s a great family. I coached them in free style before.
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