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    rhino184 reacted to Housebuye in Flo 165 Rankings 'link'   
    IMar wins it this year.
    Cenzo places behind iMar and Massa
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    rhino184 reacted to denny in GrAb BaG of topics   
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    rhino184 reacted to redblades in "I'm a Jersey Guy"   
    Actually, it sounds to me the kid is trying really hard to take the high road here - wants to move on and look forward.  Good for him, and I hope it all works out for him.
    On the other hand, the fanatics who are just digging for ways to try to criticize Nick and his family... Meh.
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    rhino184 got a reaction from Roadkill in Pico   
    Maybe you should have listened when I was elsewhere harping about how Freeman was high risk matchmaking. They're risking the same mistake here. Just because people have been in the fight game does not mean they cannot make mistakes. They clearly made one in putting Pico in there with a large LW with title fight experience in a solid mid-level promotion outside of the UFC and Bellator. Justin Linn is another fighter with a lot of cage experience against guys fighting in the highest level organizations. Why after seeing what happened with Freeman you choose this fight over someone less experienced where Aaron could really get used to fighting outside of a controlled environment is baffling. There's a reason boxing promoters don't just rush prized prospects into dangerous fights early in their careers
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    rhino184 reacted to Frank_Rizzo in Pico   
    I can't believe they didn't learn their lesson last time.  I am at a loss for words.  
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    rhino184 got a reaction from Frank_Rizzo in Pico   
    This is another risky matchup for Bellator and poor management by team Pico. Linn has lost two in a row but to guys currently fighting in the UFC. Pico has under 30 seconds of real fighting time and he's fighting another guy who has been in the cage with UFC level opponents. There's a reason boxers and most promoters build up their fighters with tune ups over time to build skill and get them used to being in the ring/cage
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    rhino184 reacted to brickhousey in Isaac Jordan   
    Chris Perry and Isaac Jordan, screams offense!
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    rhino184 reacted to Tofurky in "And also a big special thank you to David Taylor..."   
    http://www.flowrestling.org/video/1246159-thank-you-david-taylor-for-the-motivation#.WaB-FMaQzIU - for those who haven't seen beginning at 30 seconds or so.
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    rhino184 reacted to MadMardigain in Cox Lost   
    When he starts going 0 and 1 or 1 and 1 at international tournaments I'll worry. When you are brining back a Bronze at a World Championship that's an accomplishment. Since Cox isn't a multi-time World Champion then that's an expected accomplishment. When you are against the worlds best in a random draw tournament you are going to loss occasionally. Sometimes you lose before the finals and sometimes it even to a person you had previously beat. If anything I'd say it's a game plan thing more than anything else. That guy had a better one to nullify Cox and JC didn't have a good enough one to find scoring oppertunities. Athleticism can't always find a way against guys who are stellar at shutting you down.
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    rhino184 reacted to reco87 in Cox Lost   
    People act like he should have gotten gold, everyone at this tournament is the best in their country he still took bronze. Until J'den when is the last time the US got a medal at this weight? Could DT have done better maybe but he couldn't beat a one legged man when it counted.
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    rhino184 reacted to hammerlockthree in Cox Lost   
    he looked fine
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    rhino184 reacted to Idaho in Best Nick Names   
    Carl Sanderson.......
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    rhino184 reacted to PD2 in Pat Downey To Iowa Official   
    This is all very entertaining...PD3 is a genius...a world class chess and checkers player. He never robbed and/or beat up a drug dealer...all charges DROPPED (after destroying his senior year of football and wrestling, but boy did he make up for it...winning NHSCA Sr Nats, Fargo, FILA Jr Nats (vs Storley in the finals), JWWT and a Jr World Silver.  People ask why he hasn't yet graduated...because he spent 1.5 yrs at the OTC.  He doesn't need Brands or anyone else to straighten him out...he just needs an environment, culture, and room as tough as him.  Has he made some bad chess moves along the way, sure...haven't we all?  But make no mistake about this Irishman...he will never quit, and none of you will ever break him.  p.s. He will beat Nickal, Martin, Weigel, Moore...the weight doesn't matter. p.p.s. Nickal got a gift at the Open.
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    rhino184 reacted to Idaho in Penn State blocking Suriano's Big 10 waiver   
    I believe that was actually their point FT since they were both out of conference transfers.
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    rhino184 reacted to JasonBryant in Great Youtube Find   
    Wouldn't recommend anything from Obsessed Wrestler. They're constantly stealing other people's intellectual property and reposting it as their own, tagging people left and right with spammy practices and then selling themselves as some social media outreach by tagging as many people as they can
    They tagged out Virginia Duals page hundreds of times and it took probably 4-5 days to remove all the tags and posts from the timeline.
    Sketchballs. It might look cool but they're not above board with how they do things. Fake names, etc.
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    rhino184 reacted to BigTenFanboy in What is Suriano's beef?   
    Anyone who thinks Cael is perfect is an idiot. Anyone who has to make this argument saying that hes not perfect is equally an idiot.
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    rhino184 reacted to VakAttack in What is Suriano's beef?   
    Maybe he just didn't like it there?
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    rhino184 reacted to headshuck in Penn State blocking Suriano's Big 10 waiver   
    Sounds similar to "We're not participating in National Duals anymore.  It's up to the rest of you."
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    rhino184 got a reaction from GranbyTroll in Penn State blocking Suriano's Big 10 waiver   
    Just let Suriano go have fun. What would Jesus do? 
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    rhino184 reacted to VakAttack in Penn State blocking Suriano's Big 10 waiver   
    The statement neatly sidesteps the issue of Penn State's choice to support or oppose the waiver.
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    rhino184 reacted to tec87 in Trouble brewing at Penn State   
    yeah "trouble brewing" and "penn state" in the same sentence doesn't always indicate it's about the wrestling program. 

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    rhino184 reacted to headshuck in Trouble brewing at Penn State   
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    rhino184 reacted to Jasonmitchell32 in Penn State blocking Suriano's Big 10 waiver   
    Personally - I hate all these transfer rules. I get that they don't want kids changing schools every year, especially in the big 2 (football and hoops). There is a similar rule in the ACC and Pitt had a player want to transfer to UNC as a grad student and Pitt wasn't going to agree to waive some rule (I don't know the details) and I thought it was BS on Pitt's end. They ultimately agreed to whatever they needed to agree to and he is eligible immediately. I only raise this as an example where the end result was the right thing to do. Not sure if it's even possible in the NS situation.
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    rhino184 got a reaction from Angry_Fish in Penn State blocking Suriano's Big 10 waiver   
    Just let Suriano go have fun. What would Jesus do? 
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    rhino184 got a reaction from pamela in Penn State blocking Suriano's Big 10 waiver   
    Just let Suriano go have fun. What would Jesus do? 
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