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    rhino184 reacted to Billyhoyle in Penn State blocking Suriano's Big 10 waiver   
    This is compounded by the fact that PSU's dynasty started with help from athletes transferring from ISU.  All were granted releases.  Not sure how this move is defendable given those circumstances.
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    rhino184 reacted to Pinnum in Penn State blocking Suriano's Big 10 waiver   
    Interestingly, this is where the RTC and Senior Level Clubs which programs utilize to their benefit can come back and hurt them.
    He wasn't interacting with Rutgers, he was interacting with the Scarlet Knight Wrestling club. He was interacting with a Regional Olympic Training Center Staff and Team not a College Staff and Team.
    This is just like how the Altons weren't training with Penn State coaches and athletes while in High School but rather the Nittany lion Wrestling Club athletes and coaches while in high school.
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    rhino184 reacted to Witherman in I've got some criticisms about PSU and Cael   
    you got a plan or somethin?
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    rhino184 reacted to SetonHallPirate in Top Young Wrestling Coaches that deserve their shot at a DI job.   
    Frank Beasley definitely deserves a shot at a head coaching job...the fact that he hasn't gotten one yet is, to me, amazing...IMO, he'd be a very good fit at Penn.
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    rhino184 reacted to IronChef in Odd Comment in Flo Rankings   
    Flo customer service would say the article is correct, but your internet speed is too slow.
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    rhino184 reacted to Chingadiculous in Odd Comment in Flo Rankings   
    I think Willie is being heavily influenced by Alex Jones and his ilk over at InfoWars. I wouldn't be shocked if he partakes in that group's after hours party in some Bilderbergesque meeting.
    It appears he is already trying to adopt some of Jones' mannerisms in FRL.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Saylor family.
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    rhino184 reacted to WildTurkey44 in TIME TO FESS UP   
    Gulibon top 4.. lol
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    rhino184 reacted to tigerfan9311 in So FLO doesn't offer monthly subs anymore?   
    My month-to-month recurring membership was cancelled after I requested and received a refund for the PSU dual.  When I went to watch the Open, I discovered that I no longer had a membership and the only option available to me was a yearly subscription for $150.   I emailed Flo and inquired about the situation.  Wait for it...no response yet.  Shocking, I know.
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    rhino184 reacted to PRyan2012 in I understand the naked Mongolians   
    After this US Open I am back hating Freestyle again. I was so excited in 2013 and actually started liking Free over Folk but then this US Open happened and I am just shaking my head at how incompetent our leadership can be. Why would you officiate a event like you just did? Why would you yellow card greats like Varner, Jamil Kelly and Slay and many other coaches for questioning refs who obviously made horrid calls that costs their wrestlers the match. This was the worst event I have ever seen. Now I can truly understand why the Mongolians took their clothes off. Please fix this for the better of our sport. We had the best rules we ever have had the last couple of years. Why on earth change that?
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    rhino184 reacted to HawkFanactic1 in Where was Teasdale?   
    "He's too small to be a 125" "he will wrestle 113 next year" and once he flipped his commitment, the narrative from 21 guns changed immediately
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    rhino184 reacted to HurricaneWrestling in Flo video feed   
    Good post, Martin.
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    rhino184 reacted to WRfan1 in Less Rules Not More   
    I see threads every year suggesting some subjective new rule designed to correct some perceived issue with the sport.  More subjective (new stalling rule is an absolute joke, couldn't be called more inconsistently if they tried), and confusing.  
    Part of the reason billiards and bowling are on TV more than wrestling is because you don't have to know much about the sport to understand who is winning and how they score.  We need to simplify wrestling.  Riding time needs to go - it literally rewards stalling. HS wrestling doesn't have it and is much more exciting.  New stalling rule needs to go.
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    rhino184 reacted to tightwaist in College Wrestling Rules - Move towards Freestyle?   
    I was watching another US Open match yesterday and suddenly the ref awards 2 points while hand-fighting in neutral.  Freestyle rocks!!  If you can't take your opponent down, no worries.  There is a good chance the ref will award 2 points to you at some point for...., I am not sure why, but you'll be happy when he does.   
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    rhino184 reacted to MadMardigain in Flo open up a gofundme to upgrade your servers. I would pay.   
    What you not impressed that Flo is on their 24th different vertical, FloDancing!?? I'm sure their stream of little Maggie's 5yo dance recital is going strong.
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    rhino184 reacted to hammerlockthree in Flo video feed   
    not if it takes you 2 hours to see that ten seconds
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    rhino184 reacted to Zebra in Flo video feed   
    Only if it's free. 
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    rhino184 reacted to tbert in Flo - will it crash? What is being done to prevent?   
    I would feel better if Martin got up and walked over to the camera and just gave me the middle finger
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    rhino184 reacted to sansbarksdale in Flo open up a gofundme to upgrade your servers. I would pay.   
    One of my issues is their product hardly ever works but then their personalities are all over social media acting like their **** doesn't stink and constantly putting down other forms of wrestling media. It wouldn't break my heart if they dropped off the map as a company.
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    rhino184 reacted to Billyhoyle in Flo open up a gofundme to upgrade your servers. I would pay.   
    I've decided that Flo has two main problems.
    1. They're a media company that wants to be a tech company. Martin and the gang are great at covering wrestling and building up hype. Unfortunately, none of the main players are programmers or engineers. The result is that they don't understand their own product (streaming video) and what's required to provide a quality product.
    2. Martin is not a CEO. Honestly, I think he's in over his head trying to run a tech company. He's not a Zuckerberg or Musk. He needs to bring somebody in who knows how to run a business. That's what google did, and you see it all the time when small companies get too big. The people who started the company can't manage the monster it has become.
    The second ESPN or NBC decide they want the rights to the US Open or WTT, they will get them (because they are reliable streams). Flo will have done all the work proving that there is a market for wrestling, but they will come up on the losing end due to poor tech.
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    rhino184 reacted to Housebuye in Flo open up a gofundme to upgrade your servers. I would pay.   
    Their support team loves to blame my internet 
    ...pretty confident that's not the problem guys. I don't have cable and stream all of my content. Don't have any problems except with Flo.
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    rhino184 reacted to Perry in What Downey Could Have Been   
    To be fair, Downey went through a grind in Dean and was rewarded with nickal 15 minutes later. I certainly would cheer for nickal in the match up but his advantage was very real.
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    rhino184 reacted to hammerlockthree in Mark Schultz did not stop Banach from being a 4-timer   
    actually banach was a 3 time champ so schultz did prevent him from being a 4 timer. Glad I could clear that up for you. 
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    rhino184 reacted to JHRoseWrestling in What is wrong with FLO?   
    I like flo, but this is really, really well done.
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    rhino184 got a reaction from Tofurky in What is wrong with FLO?   
    If you need a real upgrade just call Rocket Mortgage! 
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