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  1. Absolute joke that our idiot coaches can't figure out how to communicate to the wrestler that he's losing (or don't know which is worse). I mean, no wonder we don't win any medals, nobody knows what the **** they are doing out there!
  2. Shiraz, is this because you believe Guduev is a tougher matchup for Yaz than Burroughs or because you believe Guduev is better than Burroughs?
  3. Man you guys lack some serious prospective. Just because this guy teched our 3rd string 74kg guy (who was 1-1 in his only 2 senior level international matches before this one mind you) doesn't mean he is going to keep it close with Burroughs. Keep in mind this is the same Iranian who got absolutely mauled by Gadz less than 9 months ago at 70kg. Same guy who had an unimpressive win against the old washed up Aliyev at this same tourney by a score of 9-5. In fact I would bet that if Geduev and Yazdani were to face each other before Burroughs - Guduev would beat him 10-0. I think Yazdani is quite a bit below the elite guys at 74, let alone the world champ.
  4. Wow, talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! I thought only Americans were capable of that kind of meltdown!
  5. Can he beat Gatsalov? Or Gadisov? I'm sure we will find out at nationals. My money says he will be the 97kg Olympic rep for Russia
  6. My question is what happens if one of the medalists isn't in the olympics like Gadisov for example? Does the 2 seed just go to that country no matter who they send or does it have to be the actual finalist?
  7. Any chance Boltukaev is Russia's Olympic representative at 97kg?
  8. Dumb post is dumb. How do you seed someone who couldn't even win their conference tournament #1 overall? Anyway for all the people arguing for Gantt #1 why does it matter if he's #1 or #3...he will still have to wrestle Nolf or Imar in the semis. This the whole argument won't really matter when it comes to the matchups because no matter how it shakes out Imar, Nolf, Gantt and Miller will be #1-4. Which means if the seeds hold they will wrestle a combo of each other in the semis and finals.
  9. Am I right in reading that purevjav (the Mongolian that Burroughs beat in the world finals last year) just took bronze at 86kg? If so that's amazing, I thought the dude seemed undersized at 74...guess I was wrong?
  10. Anyone know what happened to green or Varner?
  11. Well I don't know what round it was but Burroughs beat his opponent 5-0 in the match I just watched (around 5:40 pst). Looked like he was in cruise mode. Played defense most of the match and only took 3-4 real shots. Converted a blast double while on the shot clock and a push out right at end of first period. Got behind his opponent off of a counter in the second for his second and last takedown. Also his opponent looked tiny, almost like a 65 kg as opposed to 74. Did anyone else see this match?
  12. I thought he beat Gatsalov head-to-head at Russian nationals a couple years ago. It's all academic I guess...he does have the best beard in the tournament though!
  13. Isn't the guy Snyder lost to Russia's #2? He made the Russian world team 2 years ago anyway. Varner has looked better since his first match but I'm not sure he's beating this guy in the Finals. Dude looks like an absolute monster, he flipped Snyder over to his back while he was laying flat on his stomach holding onto an ankle...hulk strength!
  14. Well I for one didn't think Varner looked that good. Seems out of shape and was easily taken down twice to an opponent that was clearly inferior. Met calf was completely dominated. Got blast doubled in the first 10 seconds and then easily taken down and rag dolled for the tech in less than a minute. Just terrible! Guaranteed his opponent loses the next match too just watch.
  15. I've watched nearly every JB match internationally and I can say without a doubt that was one of the worst matches he has ever wrestled at the international level. If you watched closely he only took 2 true shots the entire match...double leg that scored and low single that the polish guy easily stepped out of. His first TD was off polands offense. I don't know if it's first match jitters or if there is something wrong but JB needs to come out a lot stronger in his next match or he won't even make it to the Russian.
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