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  1. Just like the NBA slam dunk contest, Dake gets a 10 for that throw and fall. That’s the big story for Dake. :D
  2. Enjoyed the card. Thought the JB DT match didn't have near the intensity that both would show at a Trials or World/Olympic match. Almost looked like a "don't get injured, and get a nice paycheck" type of match. Or I could be wrong and that was 100% of their best effort? Not disrespecting either guy, two of my favorite wrestlers and obviously I have no idea what was in their heads. Still thought it was cool that JB bumped up for the challenge and maybe it's just that both guys spoiled me from all their highlight reel wrestling over the years.
  3. Jaroslav, nice article bro, as always. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6852673-jordan-burroughs-vs-david-taylor-betting-odds
  4. As I've posted before, I'm a huge Ben Askren fan. If they do fight this boxing match, wouldn't be surprised to see Ben take care of himself and hold his own. At the same time I could see Paul eventually landing that roundhouse/hook/haymaker to the side of the head behind the ear. Probably apples to oranges, but Dos Santos ko'd Cain with a similar punch and that punch looked like JDS didn't even get all of it and Cain still dropped. Sure, Paul's just a youtube celeb but he looks like a decent athlete, he's much younger and he punches hard. Ben's coming off a big surgery and he's not getting younger (maybe he should talk to Dake). Any chance they can fight mma rules? Really hope Ben talks about this on FRL.
  5. Wow, just went back and watched Askren-Maia and then Jake Paul's 2 fights. I definitely changed my mind. I don't think Ben should take this fight if it's a boxing match. Jake Paul can throw some bombs and his punches are quicker. Plus Paul has a much younger body. Would rather see them fight mma rules.
  6. Wait a second, I thought it was Askren that was least likely to strike? Everyone’s saying Ben is the worst striker in mma.
  7. I think Ben will be fine here. He was actually out striking Damien Maia in his last UFC fight. Damien‘s face was cut up, Besides, this will help keep Ben in shape for the Midlands next year.
  8. Thought Zain looked great but for whatever it's worth, Bajrang did wrestle 3 hammers in less than 2 hours just 4 nights ago. Was his body recovered 100% by tonight?
  9. Just went back and watched it again. Yeah, that sequence was slick right into the back roll. Don't know if it's exactly the same, but doesn't Spencer Lee hit a very similar throw by?
  10. I love the topic of throws, but respectfully I'm still not sure what your point is regarding throws. I consider throws pretty rare in freestyle (and folkstyle). Sure, throws can be risky but I think there's a time and place to surprise opponents and hit throws. Look how perfect Tiare's throw was on an over aggressive opponent Friday night. Went right with the flow and physical momentum of the match. Beautiful to watch, plus the pin! Couple of other examples: Anthony Valencia at Jr Worlds destroys his first two opponents and is winning his third match handily, then at the right time TUR pancakes Anthony for the fall. Kyven Gadson hits the "Gadson" and sticks Kyle Snyder at NCAA's. Gable Steveson wins 2017 Jr World gold, then at 2018 Jr World's UZB throws Gable for the pin. Actually in that match, UZB tried a lateral drop but Gable countered and scored 2 and almost pinned UZB. Then back on their feet, UZB hits a double overhook throw and pins Gable. There are many other examples, obviously. So my point about throws, is that they are not used enough and they can be an excellent change-up to leg attacks, head banging, fakes when the timing and mat strategy is right. Here's that Gable match with the 2 throws:
  11. My favorite move of the night was Bajrang's first 2 points against Lugo. Spins Lugo around for an easy 2. Just beautiful. Also enjoyed Bajrang's head pinch for 2 against Green. Nasty, then throws Green away as he releases the hold. Like a pro. ......and maybe even better than those 2 moves was Tiare's throw for the fall. I'm convinced that move is way more available than not, in MFS.
  12. Alright, I finally figured it out. nhs67 is Kyle Bratke! :D
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