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  1. Sorry, I really fell behind on this thread but will catch up. Haven't been as active on the boards due a busy schedule. But anyway, irani, could you hook me up with # 17? If not, # 8? They're beautiful!
  2. So Cox is the best, yet at this time he has no weight class.
  3. I’m sure there’s many, but I’ll throw out Lee Fullhart since he came real close to beating Cael for the Olympic spot.
  4. Yeah, Sanakoev is no joke. If I recall correctly, he gave Burroughs a very tough match but lost at the buzzer (or fairly close) when JB was on his undefeated streak. Just love how Sankoev gets on top and almost wills those turns.
  5. I was thinking something like this was a possibility too. Don't know if it'll happen, but would love to see Flo, Track, Ben Askren or someone interview Tom Ryan and/or Tervel on this. Would also like to hear from Cael and on top of that would really love to see some footage of the NLWC with Kyle and his new teammates in action.
  6. Yeah, throwing Kyle into the NLWC with all those killers at the upper weights should really sharpen and add to his tools.
  7. J'den has not yet announced which weight class he will enter. Therefore there's the possibility that J'den bumps up to 97, and if he does, Kyle's OTT just got a whole lot tougher. As Kyle, said in the article, he wants to improve and get different feels. So that's all, he wants to improve against all competition, J'den or not.
  8. Wow is right. Just speculation, but does this mean J'den is bumping up to 97? Either way, where ever J'den goes this still seems like a cool move and I'm sure Kyle will benefit greatly in the NLWC room.
  9. So, any word which weight class J'den will choose for his Olympic run?
  10. Where's Long Island Marty when you need him?! :D Seriously though, this is one of Spey's specialties with his heat maps. He's great with this stuff.
  11. Couple of other things with the Dagestani clothing. The hats are called papakha and Amazon (probably sold elsewhere as well) sells them in the $35-40 range and includes a Dagestan flag, so says the ad. Thinking about getting one for the upcoming winter. Saw a documentary but don't remember exactly, but pretty sure those big warm coats are made so the person can keep his sword or whatever weapon underneath with the opening in front for easy access. Didn't find these coats on Amazon yet. :D
  12. Correction: Sharifov actually won his Olympic gold at 84kg back in 2012.
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