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  1. Is Flo going to have Dake vs Dierenger live on Aug 17? Just wondering, since they're wrestling in Austin does Flo have mats in their facility or will this be held somewhere else in Austin? (Ok, I'm being a wise-guy here.) Is the Yianni vs Zain match on this card too? :D
  2. Flo honored your request. Thanks Flo, you guys rock! (Although the spoiler thing doesn't really bother me - I'm talking about everything else Flo offers.)
  3. 2td3nf

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    You know me, I'm always complaining when teammates from the same country are in the same half bracket and or even worse, the ridiculous chance they have to face each other in first round of an international tournament. This might be the only time where I really don't mind seeing 2 Americans match up in the first round of an overseas tournament. :D
  4. 2td3nf

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    Maybe meaningless, but I found this very interesting. Was watching the Flo video of Yasar Dogu preview that had Bader breaking down the Yianni-Zain Final X controversy. Anyway at about 3:02 into the video check at the referee to the right sitting at the table and try to lip read him. Does he think the call was bs?
  5. 2td3nf

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    As far as defending the flying knee (and Masvidal got a pretty good running start on this one), a poster on the college forum suggested defending the flying knee with (paraphrasing) a pivot, a throw by, or lateral drop. I am intrigued by the aforementioned wrestling counters against a flying knee. Would love to see the lateral drop version. Not being sarcastic here. I know, it's mma and not straight up wrestling, but still would be rad if Mike could hit something like this on Behind the Dirt. A throw by, or even cooler, a lateral drop wrestling counter to the flying knee? :D
  6. 2td3nf

    Yasar Dogu

    Went back to the Flo article and both Yazdanis are entered at their respective 86 and 97. Don't know what the seeds will be or who will advance in the brackets, but would be real nice to see Snyder vs Yazdani and Downey vs Yazdani somewhere in this tournament. Finals would be real cool.
  7. 2td3nf

    Yasar Dogu

    Was just going off the Flo article. Bajrang won Dogu at 70 last year. Thought Flo had him in the 65 bracket this year. Either way, looks like a fantastic tournament at most all weight classes. Really want to see Downey go deep into the bracket and see how he matches up with a bunch of world class 86ers.
  8. 2td3nf

    Yasar Dogu

    65kg should be fun at Yasar Dogu. Besides the Yianni and Zain entries, there's Bajrang, Rahimzade, Biabini, Opan Sat, Kilicsallayan and others. Once again, 65kg should be wide open for the taking here at Dogu, at Worlds, and also at Olympics next year.
  9. 2td3nf

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    That was a classy interview by Ben and to me it was a big relief to see him ok and answering questions less than 2 days after that KO. As disappointed as I was with the result against Masvidal it was really refreshing to hear his attitude in that interview. You still da man Ben!
  10. 2td3nf

    Dake Spain Results

    How can we get to Mat B? Can you link the stream? Thanks.
  11. 2td3nf

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    Beautiful flying knee by Masvidal. Big disappointment, I was rooting for Askren too. Ruined my ppv night. :( That's 2 in a row we didn't get to see Ben's funk. First JB lights him up at BTS (somewhat expected) and now Masvidal drops him in 5 seconds. Hope Ben is ok. Have to give credit to Jorge for a real shrewd game plan. Wonder if Yoel Romero had any influence coaching that flying knee right out of the gate? Worked perfectly.
  12. 2td3nf

    Zain - Yanni outcome?

    I have no idea what's going on with this legal action and where they are in the process, but from the outside looking in, doesn't look like it's easily dismissed. Again, I have no clue what's going on behind the scenes and Bob Dole (very knowledgeable poster, IMO) may end up being right. I like both, Yianni and Zain. I didn't like the way Match 2 ended (obviously many of us didn't), especially with so much on the line. Then again, we see big matches decided by controversial calls all the time. Yianni and Zain are two elite wrestlers. I'll be fine with either decision, re-wrestle Match 2 or just give the spot to Zain if they feel it was called correctly. Just want to see this resolved.
  13. 2td3nf


    It's cool JB won the spot again this year and has a chance to make another run. He looks like he's still in tremendous shape. Guessing JB will wrestle at the upcoming Yasar Dogu? Right now at 74kg, UWW has ranked: 1. Sidakov 2. Chamizo 3. JB 4. Kentchadze 5. Bekzod
  14. Taking a stab at the "tie goes to the runner" in baseball. There is no such rule. Either safe or out. MLB has replay for another look at these plays when needed. In leagues where there's no replay involved, the baseball ump has to decide safe or out and live with it. When the umpires truly feel it is a tie, one helpful rule of thumb they can use is - if the defense makes a nice clean play and there is that "tie" the ump bangs the runner out. Reward the defense. If the defense (let's say shortstop for ex) bobbles the ball a little, or boots it a little, or whatever, then throws to first and we get that "tie", umps can call runner safe. Blame the defense. (No, not out loud, just by making the out call.) Back to freestyle wrestling, they usually have the line under the points scored of the wrestler ahead on criteria with a tie score. That helps a lot. Since we're on rules here, if I may go off on a little tangent, I noticed at Final X that the clocked ticked down from 3:00 minutes each period. Not a real big deal here, but I do like how UWW starts the first period ticking down from 6:00 and then the second period at 3:00 minutes. You can just look at the clock and automatically know what period you're in.
  15. 2td3nf

    The Mt Rushmore topic

    Ok, fair enough. If it's just American freestyle wrestlers, I see your point. Just went back and looked at Spey's article and he did say to exclude NCAA results.