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  1. Interesting. I often wonder which is the best way to pick the World/Olympic rep for the country. Don't know if it's the best system, but as a fan and spectator, I loved USA's Final X process the past couple of years.
  2. IMO, this is one of the best threads on the forum. So much pure international wrestling discussion with some very knowledgeable wrestling fans. Also really enjoy when these posters back up their points of view with relevant wrestling videos, articles and interviews, with translations when needed.
  3. I sort of feel the same way. I had Dake as a slight favorite to beat JB at OTT based on Dake's back to back World gold and JB's back to back World bronze. Also the fact that JB had many very close matches the past 2 years plus it looks like Dake is extremely dangerous now with his upper body throws, from anywhere. Again, I'm not taking the interview too seriously (maybe Dake was playing it up, I don't know) but after dissing JB like that, sports karma might have JB giving Dake an old fashioned schoolyard beatdown. (Ok, now I'm playing it up a little.) But seriously, like I posted before, may the best wrestler win. Really hope both guys stay nice and healthy and totally looking forward to this showdown.
  4. Yup, I agree with this. I saw Reese doing a nice job calming PD3 down when Patrick was upset. Congrats Reece!
  5. Nice match - to the other Coach J! :D Geez, not trying to be a wise-guy, but that looked like a Greco match.
  6. Wow, that was great! :D Gosh, was Dake just playing the bad guy role for publicity, or was that really him? I was shocked how disrespectful he was to JB. But still very much enjoyed the interview.
  7. It would be wonderful and very appreciated if one of you Iranian fans could reply to Hassan in Farsi and tell him thank you for his message. Please also tell him many of us Americans are big fans of him and we respect the Iranian wrestlers and their great fans. (I will never forget how well they treated Jordan Burroughs over in Iran.) Hopefully we all get through this corona crisis as soon as possible and I can't wait to see everyone back on the mat, Americans, Iranians and the rest of the world. Thanks again for your post Hassan!
  8. Me too. I wasn’t a big fan of some of Gilman’s antics and interviews during his college years (although he did make me laugh - running through Ok St huddle, etc) but now I’m enjoying his results on the mat and his interviews. Huge win yesterday against Cuba. Also gotta love the Dagestani beard.
  9. And I get all that, that UWW sells the rights and of course, Track does offer a nice wrestling product. But one more gripe: What happened to Track's UWW annual Season pass for $50? I subscribed to that every year but now we only have the annual Gold package for $120 or a pay per view of $20 for each event. I'm not interested in the majority of folk style (middle school, HS, etc). Why can't we have the annual UWW season pass option?
  10. I don't like that the rest of the world gets it for free but we have to pay.
  11. Atta boy Thomas! Keep it going.
  12. Oh yeah, that rings a bell now. Ringer was announced in the lineup at 92. Some of us already talked about it. Duh.......My bad.
  13. They can have 2 USA entries at 86kg? Downey and Dieringer?
  14. Looks like they're having 2 sessions on Sunday as folows: DATES AND TIMES APR 04, 2020 DOORS: 8:30 AM STARTS: 10:00 AM APR 04, 2020 DOORS: 6:00 PM STARTS: 7:30 PM APR 05, 2020 DOORS: 10:30 AM STARTS: 12:00 PM APR 05, 2020 DOORS: 6:30 PM STARTS: 8:00 PM SOLD OUT DATE APR 4 - 5, 2020 PRICE $49 - $399 GATES ALL GATES GET READY M
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