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  1. 2td3nf

    Yarygin 2019

    Aw shucks, that would have been so cool to finally see Burroughs compete at the Yarygin. :( (Still gonna stay up late and follow the other Americans if the tournament is streamed.)
  2. 2td3nf

    Yarygin 2019

  3. 2td3nf

    Yarygin 2019

    Looks like Sadulaev won't enter the Yarygin this year: https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/sadulaev-sit-out-ivan-yarygin
  4. 2td3nf

    Richard Perry accident

    Wonderful news! Somehow I missed this interview on Track but thanks for posting pennsyrules. Atta boy Richard, keep fighting and keep healing! You look great!
  5. Rivera seems like a real nice kid in this interview. Happy for him and his coaches on the big win, and I'm a Spencer Lee fan. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6180176-2018-midlands-championships/videos?playing=6304496&limit=60
  6. Looks like another step in the right direction. Thank you UWW. Side note - according to the article, UWW is using the Yarygin as one of their ranking tournaments and they tout it as the "toughest wrestling tournament in the world". Wish they would keep it as the deepest and the toughest and not limit the Russian entries. Just for fun, and if it was up to me, I'd have at least 4 Russian entries in each weight class and would separate them into different quarter brackets. If 4 Russians make it to the semis in any given weight class, so be it. Toughest tournament, right? Another no-brainer would be to separate all teammates from same countries into opposite brackets so other countries get to wrestle the Russians and visa versa. Make it a true international and " the toughest" tournament.
  7. 65kg should be a barnburner for the 2019 spot. It's an Olympic weight and they all have to go through the bracket, no one sitting in finals. Whoever does win it has the chance to end USA's 65kg medal drought and if so, then a spot in Olympic trials finals.
  8. 2td3nf

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    The other thing is - if J'den does decide to bump up to 97kg for 2020, he's going to be on 100% horsepower by not having to cut all that weight. Clash of the titans with him and Kyle, if it does happen. It's still a while down the road so we'll see what happens when we get to 2020. Totally looking forward to 2019 Worlds where we can run 10 of our studs out there.
  9. 2td3nf

    Iran Wrestling News

    Wow, Taghavi is back? Wonder what kind of shape he is in with all this time off plus he turns 32 in February. Guess he is making another Olympic run? He was fantastic winning 2 World championships at the always deep 65/66kg weight class. As per some of the previous discussions here, perhaps Iran's wrestling team is having financial issues but would love to see Taghavi and other Iranians enter the Yarygin. Would be a great litmus test for Taghavi.
  10. 2td3nf

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    Yeah, it's just too bad we (or any other country) can't send the World varsity team right into the Olympics. Once again, gonna set up some huge drama for those 6 Olympic spots. In the meantime, 2019 should be a lot of fun with J'den and all the other medalists sitting in Final X best of 3.
  11. 2td3nf


    What about the feature, JO vs Zain? What happened?
  12. 2td3nf

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    The other interesting part is Dake is already sitting in Final X finals at 79 and Burroughs at 74. Do they just go with that in 2019?
  13. 2td3nf

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    Was thinking the same thing about Dake. Does Dake defend his title at 79 in 2019 or does he drop to 74 to set up a bye to Olympic Trials finals?
  14. 2td3nf


    There's a bunch of really good featherweight fighters but I think Zabit and Pico are the two of the best in that weight class.
  15. 2td3nf

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    Looking ahead to the upcoming 2019 season, guessing J'den stays at 92kg as he is already sitting in the finals at Final X?