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  1. Hancock got beat fair and square by UKR. That guy was a bull. Hancock's first challenge was a waste, he got torched there. And just saying this as a fan, did not like Hancock whining about calls the whole match and thought he was very disrespectful to the officials. I want to see another American beat him at 2019 Trials.
  2. 2td3nf

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    I have no dog in the race here, but have to say just love the way the PSU wrestlers come out and let it fly. Iowa had a nice pin party too. Great for the sport. Kudos to the Kent State athletes for taking on some of the giants, right off the bat.
  3. For the record, one of my friends just told me that CBS did show replays of Robles following one of the commercial breaks during the game.
  4. Did Anthony break the pull-up record? CBS didn't show it during halftime.
  5. 2td3nf

    Kamal Bey at worlds

    If true, this almost sounds like an epidemic on USA's senior Greco team. Hancock gets booted from camp, Thielke's interview and now Kamal's attitude? Unfortunate to hear all this negative stuff and then see all the poor results from the American Greco athletes. Really rooting for these guys and totally want to see some of them tear it up on the world stage. I'm not bashing Coach Lindland here. Although I have no idea what's going on in his training camps, I love what the guy has to say in nearly all his interviews. Plus I met him once and he was nice as can be to me.
  6. 2td3nf

    Kamal Bey at worlds

    Oops, my bad. Thought the link went straight to Kamal's throw, but it's still there.
  7. 2td3nf

    Kamal Bey at worlds

    Almost looks like (or it probably is) a misdirection right in the middle of Kamal's throw against China. Just beautiful. Artistic. (Heard Coach Lindland call Kamal an artist. :D ) http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/PortalPost.jsp?TIM=1541636948369&twSessionId=uzetualptm&postId=754061132
  8. 2td3nf


    Maybe Rick Sanders is related to the Satievs. :D
  9. 2td3nf

    Dennis Hall to Ohio RTC

    Not on the inside of this, but as a fan, why not? It can only help having some upper body expertise. Lock up and throw some guys for big points and pins. Why does folkstyle and freestyle always have to be leg attacks? Look what Dake did to Gadzhimagomedov in World semis. Threw around and dominated the #1 seed and 3x Yarygin champ. IMO, one of the best matches of the whole World tournament. Another example but in folkstyle - how about Gadson's upper body throw and pin of Snyder in NCAA finals? Gorgeous, clutch move.
  10. 2td3nf


    Is this freestyle or folkstyle, or hybrid rules? Kamal Bey and Robby Smith are potential draft picks. (Wonder if Kamal ever trains with Dake in Greco? Bet Dake could help polish Kamal.)
  11. 2td3nf

    Worlds Should be in the USA

    Another poster or two brought this up and it was discussed after 2015 Worlds in Vegas. Any possibility of a 3 day event (Fri, Sat, Sun) for all 3 styles in different cities? For example Greco in Budapest, WFS in Tokyo and MFS in take your pick city. Try to have them in cities that would have good to great fan turnout? (Saying this all with no clue on the logistics involved by breaking up the 3 styles.)
  12. I don't know what Spencer Lee's international schedule looks like for 2019, but if he's healthy, I have him as a gold medal contender for 2019 Worlds and 2020 Olympics.
  13. Teammates of the same country would probably face each other in the first round. :D
  14. Wow, you can really see Sadulaev clamp down and go. Slick. Sorry but gonna say it again - the USA singlets, what is that mustard and orange?
  15. Thanks Tbar. Any word if Zain is making the trip to Krasnoyarsk? Also, if Bekbulatov is entered at Yarygin, he might be up at 70kg? Maybe Chakaev up there too?