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  1. As I'm going through the videos of the World Championships, I'm noticing more and more how good Jason Bryant is as PA announcer. I'm no expert on PA announcers but we have talked about this before and imo he is fantastic at it. MSG material.
  2. Yeah, what did happen to Hancock? Thought he was right in the prime of his career. .....and his matches were always entertaining
  3. I still think if Yianni can keep himself in good position and get into nice scrambles (I know, easier said than done), he can put up big points on anyone in the bracket. But so many different guys can medal, this weight class is loaded! (Jon, all your weight class previews (with videos!) are great but the 65kg article was awesome. The 65 bracket is insane.)
  4. Maybe Cael and Bo helped coach Lehr at NLWC.
  5. Awesome execution, just beautiful! Now I want to see Kyle Dake hit something like that. :D
  6. Agree with all the good points posted in this thread. I also thought Sujeet looked huge and very strong at 65. Still not crazy about Yianni's dive in shot. Not effective at all against Sujeet.
  7. Jon, hopefully you stumble across this post. Excellent preview on Iran's freestyle team. Loved it. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7835248-early-preview-and-predictions-for-irans-2022-world-team
  8. That would be cool. But I'll go with Taylor beating Yaz handily and go up 4-1 in their series.
  9. How about the Kyle Snyder interview. Kyle was just about to explain why Sadulaev called him a few weeks ago, then one of the media guys rudely interrupts him and asks an irrelevant political question. Then we don't get to hear what Kyle was going to say about Abdulrashid. Thanks.
  10. Yeah thanks spladle08. Missed the first round but got to read some of your updates of results. Great job. (Not missing tonight's action!)
  11. Went back and watched it again. Lee hit his shrug (?) within 3 seconds off the opening whistle but it took him about 9 more seconds to wrestle Henderson down to the mat to score the td. Was just so impressed with the quickness and slickness of that move to start the match.
  12. Nick Lee’s first takedown against Henderson was lightning fast. Really cool how he snatched Henderson’s foot. Don’t remember exactly how quick it was after the whistle but once he hit the move it was very quick.
  13. Granted, not the highest level of competition Burroughs will see but still loved his gut wrench. I like what I see.
  14. Agree, that was an excellent FRL. So many good points were discussed. Would love to see MFFs addressed.
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