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  1. MFS Sat 10-2 thru Tues 10-5. Oslo 6 hrs ahead of NYC time.
  2. Is this what happened to Gabe Dean? I thought it was really cool Dean was going Greco after college, then nothing really happened. Was Gabe getting worked by the senior Greco guys?
  3. Can you post it? I did see the video clip of HYC walking back through the arena tunnels with his coach after the match. Looked like his coach tried to kiss him when the TV camera zoomed on them and Hassan sort of pushed him away. Was that the implosion you meant?
  4. Cool. I see what you're saying.
  5. Please, don’t ever let the wrestlers walk off the mat again without being penalized. The step out rule is working incredibly well, imo.
  6. At 65kg thought Bayramov (AZE) looked enormous for the weight. Loved Mamedov's (RUS) takedown of Bayramov with 25 seconds left in first period of gold medal match. Goes from a strong underhook to high crotch (?) but the transition was so quick and looked so easy. Keegan is a stud! Keep up the great work kid! Congrats to Braxton and Rocky on winning gold. All three champs had some great and very entertaining matches.
  7. Homer pick (no idea what he actually weighs): Vito
  8. That's what I thought. Just wanted to confirm in case there was some kind of stipulation with the fast turn around after Olympics. Thanks.
  9. Gotta love it and it looks like his injury healed up pretty good, whatever it was. Flo article said Gilman is seeded #4 for Oslo. Does Russia still get #1 seed if Uguev sits this out?
  10. Pretty sure Coach Tedeev said something like Sadulaev will just be focusing on the next Olympic cycle. I doubt Sadulaev will wrestle in this year‘s world championship.
  11. Oh I forgot, the Russians can't turn wrestlers from other countries, just American wrestlers. And all this time I thought the Russian wrestlers came from Moscow. Thanks for the education.
  12. And the theme continues. The Russians can turn opponents from anywhere. Twice, Sadulaev turns Snyder and scores easily on Kyle's attack. Comfortable win for Sadulaev.
  13. Yes, coverage was surprisingly outstanding. Got to DVR all the sessions. Still going through the tournament. Thank you NBC for excellent wrestling coverage on the Olympic Channel! Also loved having Jordan Burroughs and John Smith on the broadcast. (Yes, I get some of the criticisms of Smith's play-by-play - always coaching the match - but I loved hearing his technical analysis. Besides that, at least Smith stayed super focused on the match in front him, and didn't tell irrelevant stories while disregarding live action like so many other play-by-play guys do. As far as Burroughs and I might be wrong here, but I think he would be even better and smoother without any notes. He knows his stuff off the top of his head. And JB looks great on TV. All that head banging and wrestling wars over the years and he's still a very handsome man. Agree with many others here, hope to see JB on many broadcasts in the future, when he's not wrestling of course.)
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