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  1. 97 Pretty much the whole wrestling world has Sadulaev as p4p # 1. Along the same lines, Sadulaev has to be among the very best at efficiency - when he goes, he gets it. Having said that was surprised to see Sotiev fight off Sadulaev's gut in first period. Sotiev is a brute but Sadulaev wins 8-2. 86 Kurugliev wins 2-1 on a 30 sec point and a step out. 125 Wow, what an ending
  2. Zhamalov looks like he has a great gas tank, wrestled the full 6 minutes and had a lot of pop right up until the end. Thought he looked much quicker than Tsabolov especially in 2nd period. Also it did look like Zhamalov was giving up some size to Tsabolov? Maybe he doesn't cut as much weight? Maybe the looks were deceiving? I don;t know.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/fastest-40-yard-dash-time-by-position-in-nfl-combine-history/ar-BB10uO9V
  4. That's my bad. Muskaev and Tuskaev are totally different guys. Duh, Muskaev used to wrestle for Russia at 57 but now wrestles for Hungary and was up at 65 in 2019. How could I forget the epic Yianni comeback when Muskaev (HUN) gassed? Rashidov beats Chakaev 2-0. Not too much action in that match either.
  5. You might be right. I was just going by the beard, thought it was Muskaev? LOl.
  6. Muskaev wins 1-1 over Ugaev. Surprised, nothing but hand fighting. Thought there would be fireworks.
  7. You gotta be kidding me. I thought he was like a shotput or discus guy. Wow. Now I really wonder what his 40 time was
  8. 4.8 40. Not bad. Just for fun would like to see the 40 yard dash time of Mason and J’den as well. Mason was a football star and J’den expressed desire to play in NFL.
  9. Yes, and it looks like Vito has man-strength now to go along with his high-powered offense.
  10. I like Gwiz - 2 World bronze, NCAA stud, fun to watch as a HWT and seems like a quiet, humble good guy. Easy to root for. But after the dream bracket he had in 2018 (I know he still won a bronze, but thought he was good enough to make finals), then one and done in 2019 (I know, it was Iran - very tough guy), but then the way he looked against Zare last year, ouch (I know maybe he was banged up from the pro league). Maybe Nick peaked already in his career? Regardless, it looks to me like Gable and now Parris have surpassed him. We'll see.
  11. Just looked it up, 8-6 Gable. But iirc, that score was closer than the actual result (yeah, that makes sense). What I mean is, I thought Gable won handily and looked fantastic that match. Looking for a barnburner next time and won't be surprised to see one of these 2 guys win the spot.
  12. I expect to see Vito beat Fix, Gilman and Suriano. Continues to improve and imo he has way more offense than those 3. I think Vito will outscore them. I still like Spencer Lee as the top 57 kegger with Vito improving to #2. I think they're the 2 best in USA at 57 now.
  13. Oh yeah, and one of my biggest highlights of the tournament so far: Gadson hits "The Gadson" for the fall! Beautiful! One of my favorite moves in all of wrestling.
  14. Sort of the same in Final X match # 2. Gadson starts the match by blasting Snyder off the mat into the stands to go up 2-0. Kyven looked dominant. Then Snyder comes back to win easily, 10-2.
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