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  1. Cool, that will be great to finally see Bekbulatov at a World/Olympic championship.
  2. Really surprised Bekbulatov is up at 70kg, a non Olympic weight in an Olympic year? Is he just too big for 65 now? UZB is going with Rakhmonov at 65 instead? Rakhmanov just got hammered by Bajrang in the quarters, 12-2.
  3. I happened to meet a guy from Iran who lives in NY now and he told me that you can get all sorts of drugs in Iran including weed and hashish, even alcohol. He said just don’t get caught. Interesting.
  4. Revised as of J'den's announcement: 57 Lee 65 Yianni 74 Jordan/Kyle (May the best wrestler win. If I had to pick one - Kyle.) 86 Taylor 97 J'den/Kyle (May the best wrestler win. If I had to pick one - J'den.) 125 Parris
  5. Hey Coach, just to fill you in a little bit, Gilman started his trip all by himself in Vladivazkaz, Ossetia and trained at a Russian camp and stayed in dorms. There he met two brothers from Dagestan who invited him to go back to Dagestan and wrestle there. Gilman talks about traveling through Grozny, Chechnya then up into the mountains of Dagestan on old dirt roads with very small villages in the middle of nowhere. The two brothers hooked him up with rides and a place to stay in Dagestan. Gilman went 5-0 in a local tournament up in the mountains in a small village in Dagestan. He said the fans and the other wrestlers treated him very warmly. (I wonder if Gilman hooked up the brothers and the people he stayed with nice Iowa wrestling attire or Team USA gear. :D. ) Oh yeah, one more thing in the story, Gilman said his luggage was lost on the flight there and he only had one set of clothing throughout his whole three week trip. Hilarious the way he described it. Gilman told Bader that there was so much more to his story that he could talk about. Would love to hear a Part 2 of the interview.
  6. Gilman talks about his 3 week journey from Ossetia to Dagestan and then back in the Bader interview. Fascinating. Would love to hear even more about his time spent in the small villages up in the Dagestani mountains. No cell signal, no running water, they love wrestling, awesome hospitality.........what else? Love this stuff. Really enjoyed Gilman's interview.
  7. Taylor should be a heavy favorite to make the best of 3. (And win it imo.) Will be fun to see if the 2018 rep is on the other side and can make it back to best of 3 finals.
  8. Is Hassan Yazdani’s injury healed up? Will he wrestle at Asian’s?
  9. Wow. This sure goes against current grain of thinking, at least on these boards. Like I've posted already, after seeing the video of Cox right after weigh-ins at 2017 Worlds in Paris, I thought no way he would ever cut down to 86 again. J'den actually said that himself in the video. I have no idea what J'den's normal weight is but was thinking that the jump from 92kg to 97 is only 11lbs. So why not eat at heart's content and focus the training on wrestling and getting big and strong instead of putting so much time and effort into cutting weight. And then a 2 day weigh-in during competition, to boot? This is all speculation on my part and I wish J'den the best which ever weight class he chooses.
  10. Three things about the RBY-Gross match: 1. Some of Gross' counters were just fantastic and obviously, very effective. 2. Even though RBY lost the match, thought he looked great. Also thought RBY had an excellent gas tank. Looked he could have went another 7 minutes. 3. The 133 weight class should be spectacular this post season.
  11. So how does Gadzimagomedov do against you? :D What about Gadzhimagomedov? Is he still injured? Retired? Does he have a shot at Olympic spot at 74kg? Last question: So you think Uguev will be the 57kg Russian Olympic entry or does Tuskaev still have a shot at the Olympic spot, especially if he dominates Euro's? Thanks in advance.
  12. Burroughs wins bronze and gets a seat in best of 3. Dake wins gold at non Olympic weight and he has to wrestle both days. (Not saying yay or nay to this format, just pointing out.)
  13. Sure, tap, scream, do whatever, just let the ref know. They'll stop the match.
  14. Alright for fun and now probably opening a can of worms, but here is just one: https://www.cramersportsmed.com/first-aider/to-ice-or-not-to-ice-that-is-the-question.html
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