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  1. Great interview. JB's the man. Was really cool when JB gave nice respect to John Smith.
  2. It will be wonderful if we get to see Yazdani-Taylor and Zare-Gable in Arlington!
  3. Lots of good points on both sides. (Yeah! A nice wrestling thread.) Hopefully we get Yazdani vs Taylor in Arlington this February, and if we do I'm predicting Taylor to really open it up and make Yazdani chain wrestle for 6 minutes, or less. Looking for DT to win this one handily and maybe even another pin.
  4. Doc, no apology needed here. Yes, a lengthy post but a pure wrestling post that imo was pretty much spot on.
  5. Out of line saying this, but Taylor's effort against Yazdani in Oslo reminded me of Taylor's effort against Burroughs in the Flo match. (I'm gonna get killed on this post. :D)
  6. Thanks, we needed that G!.......Great job bringing home some Greco hardware!
  7. In the interview, Rich Bender said he's expecting USA's #1 at each weight class. He said Iran should be bringing their # 1's as well. My big question is how much Iran is committed to this? Will they back out due to whatever at some point? My other question is does Daton Fix wrestle for USA or OSU, or both?
  8. Yianni is an excellent wrestler and I agree with spladle that he is a coin flip with most of the world's top guys. I believe he can scramble and score on anyone at 65kg. My point was that those dive shots from space was the reason he lost in Oslo. And I've seen Yianni dive shoot in other recent matches as well. I feel if he can tidy up his neutral position on his feet he will be right there and can win a medal next year, of course if he makes the team. And while I'm at it, I'll pick Yianni to make our team and medal next year. Interesting against Bajrang, Yianni didn't shoot from space at all and scored nice takedowns off of tie-ups. Here it is:
  9. Having said all that still think Yianni's scrambling is world class. Was totally rooting for the kid.
  10. Seems like on the feet in neutral, Yianni's only setup or the only setup he uses is to shoot from space, and he often gets extended and countered as was mentioned above by other posters. Also seems like his opponents know it's coming. How about mixing in new setups or different types of takedowns? Throw-bys, slide-bys, something else. Look how easy Sadulaev (yes, I know I'm using the p4p king as example) took down Snyder with 1:25 left in 2nd period. Just a gorgeous underhook to throw-by and duck-under or whatever it was. Didn't have to touch legs. Spencer Lee was also hitting that same type of underhook throw-by in last season he competed. Just a keyboard scouting report here, but looks like Yianni is too one-dimensional on his feet and elite opponents know it.
  11. Congratulations Thomas! I was always picking Spencer to make our teams but now just love Gilman's all around game, especially his td to lace transition.
  12. That's cool. It is an amazing story, and just the way they both won their Olympic gold.
  13. MFS Sat 10-2 thru Tues 10-5. Oslo 6 hrs ahead of NYC time.
  14. Is this what happened to Gabe Dean? I thought it was really cool Dean was going Greco after college, then nothing really happened. Was Gabe getting worked by the senior Greco guys?
  15. Can you post it? I did see the video clip of HYC walking back through the arena tunnels with his coach after the match. Looked like his coach tried to kiss him when the TV camera zoomed on them and Hassan sort of pushed him away. Was that the implosion you meant?
  16. Cool. I see what you're saying.
  17. Please, don’t ever let the wrestlers walk off the mat again without being penalized. The step out rule is working incredibly well, imo.
  18. At 65kg thought Bayramov (AZE) looked enormous for the weight. Loved Mamedov's (RUS) takedown of Bayramov with 25 seconds left in first period of gold medal match. Goes from a strong underhook to high crotch (?) but the transition was so quick and looked so easy. Keegan is a stud! Keep up the great work kid! Congrats to Braxton and Rocky on winning gold. All three champs had some great and very entertaining matches.
  19. Homer pick (no idea what he actually weighs): Vito
  20. That's what I thought. Just wanted to confirm in case there was some kind of stipulation with the fast turn around after Olympics. Thanks.
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