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  1. Gantry, almost five years later and Ludwig is still there. Don’t follow much but looks like they had at least four NCAA qualifiers transfer out a year later
  2. Now that we roll into the season who do we think have stepped up or out as coaches. With teams holding wrestlers out off competition or allowing wrestlers to sit out themselves, what is everyone's thoughts. What are your thoughts f top programs holding wrestlers out or bottom tier programs having wrestlers sit out. Now that Midlands and Schuffle have passed what wrestlers will be picked from smaller schools. Do the princes stay, do wrestlers at midland stay. If you are a recruit, do you look at all of your potential coaches and ask them to get on a scale. With so little D1 teams , should they not all have a lightweight, middleweight and heavy coach. Or at last someone in the room
  3. Is it true he left OU this year
  4. It is a shame for our sport that no administrators made coaching changes this year for poor performance. Everyone sits back as and settles for status quo and then when the AD cuts the sport we all jump around and go crazy. We need to hold these coaches and AD's accountable for the poor performance
  5. Brought back up top. With no chances in coaching, how did these guts do in recruiting? How many of these programs are in risk of being shut down #5 Abovetheline1 Bronze Member Members 155 posts 0 warning points Posted 23 March 2015 - 11:08 AM Here are several that were discussed several pages back Posted 13 March 2015 - 02:09 AM Not sure what has happened in Idaho but with Arizona State hiring Zeke, Fresno coming on board and OSU seeming to move in the right direction there could be some changes coming down the road. Here are my list of schools that may need to look hard at making a change MSU, Minkel ship has sailed and it is time that MSU either makes a change or brings in a coach in waiting that can bring some excitement back to MSU IU- Goldman, same as above. Purdue - made a change to Estrand and I believe they had almost doubled their NCAA entries MSU?IU have been at the bottom of big ten for way to long and are just hurting the overall conference George Mason, Davidson ( Patnesky), Cal Poly (Buckley), Northern Illinois (Ludwig), do not seem to be moving in the right direction. But they may be what the administration wants in regards to sports with little off field issues and good grades. Eastern Michigan (Boyard) first year but may be way over his head based on where they placed at MAC. It could also be that the schools mentioned in this group outside of the Big Ten have limited funding to attract high level assistants or additional assistants. Like This Quote MultiQuote Edit Report
  6. We all will,admit , that MSU needs to make a change but it can not be Simmons. How did a school like IU hire him with his past in OSU hanging over his head. Sorry trying to bring this back to wrestling not cross country Ok, I have to admit this is the first I heard of the issue with Simmons., I googled the article and was blown away. Is it true that he as 25 and the other wrestler involved was a senior in high school there on a recruiting trip. I can not see how any school would offer a head job to him without a lot of questions and detailed answers. The pictures in the article speak volumes
  7. Seton, thanks for the auto correct. I get geared up sometimes and just type. So with the lack of accountability on the coaching staffs or AD do you want to throw out what programs are next to be shut down. I would like to say MSU or IU but they are in a conference that won't allow that to happen. My thoughts are Davidson, EMU and even with a new staff Buffalo. How do we get out in front of these or any programs that AD's feel can go by the wayside
  8. Seton, are you as supervised as me on this. Why are our coaches not held to the same standards of other D1 coaches?
  9. Bloate, I will have to agree with you on that point. Unless Milhoff can create a neutral offense and come up with a go to shot I think he will struggle in college. A lot of hype coming out of high school, but really seemed to struggle offensively in neutral in college.
  10. I have not seen much on coaching changes any changes out there happening. It is really telling how we sit back a settle for what we have in place. As stated before look at all of the changes in basketball compared to wrestling.
  11. Looking at OU recruiting class from Juco and true freshman, they have five guys coming in at 125/133, Why would they spend that money when they have Milhoff/ Rubio/ Brewer, do they have big holes in these weights?
  12. Yeah Zalesky's comments make no sense. Do you think he took Simmons comments and then just responded. There is a reason Simmons ended up at IU. The real issue is what happen to this eighteen year old at the hands of a twenty five year old coach
  13. Look at what just happen at CSU, everyone held the the AD accountable after his decision to drop wrestling. No one stepped up prior to hold the AD or coaches accountable. So build a supper conference for wrestling and let the best step,up. What are the plans at CMU, when Borelli retires? Do they follow the same path Eastern did and hire a assistant with no head coaching experience? What assistants do these programs have? If we do not hold schools, teams, AD'S accountable now, why attack them when they make decisions to cut teams.
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