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  1. Thanks for your honesty. Going off your statement of "Do I go see a DI match or a DII match on sunday ? Chances are I would opt for the D1 match." Please, let me ask you this: If you had the choice to watch that dual between a DI team that was ranked, say, 15th-20th vs. another DI team, a mid-major, who consistently struggles to remain competitive, or hit a tournament that features some of the best athletes in DII, DIII, NJCAA, et al, which would you choose and why? I make no claims that all levels are the same talent-wise. That would be foolish. However, are there really more fans for DI than there are for all other levels combined? DI accounts for roughly 20% of all college teams across all levels, but likely doubles or triples the attendance of the national tournaments of DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA and NCWA combined. For tournaments we attend, outside of the DIs that routinely hover in the top eight to 10, the depth /back ups are not all created equally. The Penn States, Iowas, Oklahoma States, et al have guys who are third on the depth chart that could reasonably start at other DIs that aren't currently as competitive. I'll give you just one of countless examples we see each season. An NJCAA kid who had never qualified for his state's high school tournament goes up against a DI kid who was four-time qualifier and three-time mid- to high place winner in high school and competes for a fast rising DI program. The NJCAA kid takes down the DI kid with a high crotch, then hits him with a cross face cradle, turning the DI kid and pinning him in less than two minutes. The DI kid's workout partners are two 2014 All-Americans. The NJCAA kid's partners were a handful of guys who all placed in high school once. On paper alone, this shouldn't have been debatable as to who would win, but it happened and happens with frequency. That said, are all NJCAA kids competitive with DI guys? No, but many are. Are all NJCAA guys who beat DI guys at open tournaments DI material? No, but many are. The point is that I believe that the wrestling community in this country really does the entire sport a disservice by ignoring most things outside of DI. We cheer and rah-rah for the Taylors, Dakes and Stiebers, but just as quickly poo-poo the Levasseurs, the Joey Davises and Meneeleys because they aren't wearing a DI singlet when they win their multiple titles. I understand most people have limited time and resources, but supporting wrestling--not just one level--should be more than saying, "I support college wrestling." Heck, Council Bluffs, Iowa will be the home to the NJCAA Championships the next three seasons. Omaha, while not New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, has nearly 1,000,000 people in its metropolitan area. Will the community, if notified of the event, respond or will it simply wave off the hard work and dedication of these young men because they're not Cornhuskers, Hawkeyes, Cyclones or Panthers?
  2. Does the NCAA not share advertising revenue between the divisions? I'm asking because I don't know. It would seem to me that the NCAA is the NCAA and they are in charge of, and one might think, promoting their three brands (I, II and III) similarly for the benefit of ALL student-athletes. The NJCAA does next to no promotion for anything. If I am not mistaken, they leave it up to the host city to promote the championship in their town. That's a major loss for us. I cannot speak for NAIA or the NCWA.
  3. Thanks for the replies thus far, guys. Staying on topic, why or why not do YOU choose to follow wrestling past the NCAA Division I level? If the NJCAA, NAIA, NCWA or NCAA Division II or III championships were in your area and you had some time to kill and could attend, would you? Why or why not? A question that most probably cannot answer, but why does Flowrestling cover more kids tournaments than non-D1 collegiate tournaments?
  4. In recent discussion with other coaches, we were all left wondering why wrestling in not supported equally. We weren't necessarily talking about financially, though that was certainly part of the discussion, but in terms of fan support. When looking at the national championships from each division and association, the drop off after NCAA Division I of support by both the overarching organizations and the wrestling community is massive. We needn't look much further than this board to confirm that. Why is that? What is the perception of board members here of the various divisions and why or why not do you place support beyond NCAA Division I?
  5. We teach the same technique for the same snatch single. We reinforce that it's not a stomp, as many others have said, but that you're isolating his foot with your own for a fraction of a second to gain access to the leg.
  6. The second session is over and the eight wrestlers at each weight have been decided and will wrestle again this morning to begin solidifying placings. Congrats to all the 2014 NJCAA qualifiers and All-Americans! 1. Northeastern Oklahoma A & M 111.0 2. Clackamas Community College 88.0 3. Northwest College 77.5 4. Colby Community College 60.5 5. Neosho County Community College 60.0 6. North Idaho College 54.5 7. Iowa Central Community College 51.0 8. Southwestern Oregon Community College 43.0 9. Ellsworth Commuity College 42.0 10. Harper College 41.5 11. Muskegon College 40.0 12. Iowa Western 39.5 12. Rochester Commuity & Technical College 39.5 14. Lincoln College 39.0 15. Darton College 38.5 16. Iowa Lakes Community College 37.0 16. North Iowa Area Community College 37.0 18. Labette Community College 24.0 18. Niagara County Community College 24.0 20. Jamestown Community College 22.5 21. Northwest Kansas Tech 22.0 22. Ridgewater College 19.5 23. Mercyhurst 18.5 23. Spartanburg Methodist College 18.5 25. Gloucester Community College 15.0 26. Northland Commuity & Technical College 14.0 27. Highline Community College 12.5 27. Nassau Community College 12.5 29. Itasca Community College 11.5 30. Waubonsee College 10.5 31. Western Wyoming College 9.0 32. Springfield Tech Community College 8.5 33. Bergen Community College 7.5 33. Triton College 7.5 35. Pratt Community College 6.5 36. Middlesex Community College 6.0 37. SUNY Sullivan 5.0 38. Minnesota West Community & Technical College 0.0 38. Wentworth Junior College 0.0
  7. The first session is over and the team scores look like this: Team Qualifiers Points 1. Northeastern Oklahoma A & M, OK 10 46.5 2. Northwest College, WY 10 37.5 3. Clackamas Community College, OR 10 36.5 4. North Idaho College, ID 10 29.0 5. Iowa Central Community College, IA 9 27.5 5. Neosho County Community College, KS 7 27.5 7. Colby Community College, KS 10 26.0 8. Southwestern Oregon Community College, OR 8 24.5 9. Rochester Commuity & Technical College 9 22.5 10. Darton College, GA 8 22.0 10. Iowa Western 6 22.0 12. Muskegon College, MI 9 21.5 13. Ellsworth Commuity College, IA 9 21.0 13. Iowa Lakes Community College, IA 7 21.0 15. Harper College, IL 10 20.5 15. Niagara County Community College, NY 10 20.5 17. Northwest Kansas Tech 7 18.0 18. Lincoln College, IL 8 17.5 19. North Iowa Area Community College, IA 9 17.0 20. Ridgewater College, MN 6 14.5 21. Highline Community College, WA 4 12.5 21. Labette Community College, KS 6 12.5 21. Spartanburg Methodist College, SC 7 12.5 24. Jamestown Community College, NY 5 11.5 24. Mercyhurst, PA 8 11.5 26. Gloucester Community College 9 10.5 26. Nassau Community College, NY 8 10.5 26. Waubonsee College, IL 2 10.5 29. Western Wyoming College 7 9.0 30. Triton College, IL 3 7.5 31. Itasca Community College, MN 1 6.0 31. Northland Commuity & Technical College, MN 2 6.0 33. Springfield Tech Community College, MA 5 5.0 33. SUNY Sullivan, NY 3 5.0 35. Middlesex Community College, NJ 2 3.5 36. Pratt Community College, KS 6 3.0 37. Bergen Community College, NJ 2 1.5 38. Minnesota West Community & Technical College, MN 1 0.0 38. Wentworth Junior College, MO 2 0.0
  8. The Tournament begins in a few days, so it might be nice to have some people following it. http://www.njcaa.org/sports_nationalCha ... =0&slid=22 http://www.nicathletics.com/wrestling/njcaatournament/ http://www.ihigh.com/njcaatv/broadcast_ ... verlight=1 - Finals Start Time: Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 6:30 pm PST
  9. http://www.njcaa.org/colleges.cfm - 42 NJCAA programs - no NJCAA programs in 31 out of 50 states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia or Wisconsin. http://s401.trackwrestling.com/tw/opent ... meSize=780 - 19 CCCAA programs
  10. Congrats to former NJCAA All-American (third in 2011), Adam Chalfant, on a big, big win. It's great to see the JuCo guys go on to have success at that level, especially in the Big 10.
  11. He's playing this one closer to the vest than the video lets on. Trust us on that! :shock: :lol:
  12. After the '08 Olympics, the education guy at USA Wrestling (Sam Barber at that time?) published an article in USA Wrestler regarding the scoring tendencies of those participating in Freestyle. I want to say it was the November or December 2008 publication where that was found. That had some good, useful info in there, too. Also, Dave Curby, the father of the late Jake Curby, puts out a lot of info in this same vein via his website: http://www.curbywrestling.com/sport%20science.htm. It tends to have a Greco slant in a lot of ways, for obvious reasons. This could be wrong, but didn't www.foeldeak.com have a section that had scoring analyses at some point?
  13. I agree with this 100%. I would even say recruiting is maybe 85%. BTW, I really find it annoying when people put this mystique around Gable that implies that he takes hard working turds and polishes them into gems. Gable was getting very good wrestlers when he was a coach. If you arent already a very skilled wrestler with the inclination to work hard, you are gonna get injured or cut in most college rooms. Iowa is no exception to that. Both of these statements couldn't be more true. As to olddirty's quote, "If you arent already a very skilled wrestler with the inclination to work hard, you are gonna get injured or cut in most college rooms." This is true at every level in college. The last thing any team needs is a lazy, but exceptionally talented s.o.b. who believes he's above the program and that special rules should be made to accommodate him and his poor work ethic. There's a rather high burn out/injury/release rate among guys of that mind set, both athletically and academically. We always tell our guys, "We'll meet you half way, but we cannot, nor are willing to do your half of the work." Some studs will rise to the occasion, others will allow the outside distractions to become priorities to their studies and athletic commitments. Overall, college coaches are teaching their guys some of the finer points and details (harder hand fighting, positioning, chain wrestling BEYOND two moves, etc.) that make their athletes' skill sets even more effective against improved competition. College wrestling is about making you much better at what you already do (through coaching and the team around you) instead of completely reinventing you into Jordan Burroughs, Cael Sanderson, John Smith or Dan Gable.
  14. The Tirapelle brothers at U of Illinois The Pariano brothers at Northwestern The Valenti brothers at Penn
  15. One of the great things to see, read and hear, specifically in this case, is that collegiate programs across the country struggle with many of the same things. Identifying and reacting to opponents' tendencies, not trying to be too fancy with things, BASICS WORK (EVEN TODAY), etc.! The best thing is that Brands is not about excuse making and does a great job of shutting down Zeb once Zeb begins talking about the excuses that COULD be made. Clearly he's not alone, as you'll find the same things with Sanderson, Smith, Koll, Robinson, et al. Brands is amazing. I'd pay to hear him do spoken word.
  16. Congratulations to Max Schneider! We will keep watching and cheering for you!
  17. Chance, if you're reading this, call us. ;)
  18. Please do not forget about the National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA) teams. Our national championship tournament was in Des Moines last year. Though we were at the fair grounds (a pretty nice venue, honestly) and not the Wells Fargo Arena, we seem to always take a back seat to everyone else. In terms of economics, we're in Spokane, Washington this year, much like 2011. I don't know that this makes the most sense for NJCAA wrestling schools geographically, but North Idaho is always a great and gracious host, so off we go February 27-March 1!
  19. Though we are not a four year program, we've been through the recruiting process a little bit and have a little insight into the thought process of kids and their families. The number one thing that is always brought up is money. We're not usually recruiting in the same league as the Cornells, PSUs, Okie States, Iowas, et al. Occasionally we are, but those times are quite rare. However, even your non-blue chip kids have been made to feel entitled to some sort of financial assistance from the athletics departments of the programs recruiting them. More recently, with the advent of wrestling "schools" and high level clubs, parents want a return on the financial investment they've made to have their kid(s) make the podium in high school or to simply qualify. "But my son was a state qualifier!" Great, so were 671 other kids this year (in Illinois). Receiving a cold shoulder from parents is pretty common for us. In terms of two year schools such as Triton, we find a lot of kids, their parents and in some cases their coaches, who think that the NJCAA is equivalent to JV2 wrestling at its worst. When we show them positive stats, it almost always reverts back to the "a four year school is where my son belongs" argument. Those are tough to win. Along with that, and similar to the athletic scholarships, a lot of high school coaches are interested in building their own resumes by sending their guys to four year schools only. I don't know if this means job security or what, but we come across a lot of coaches whose guys should probably be in a community college setting for their academics, but coaches and parents are telling them that they're selling themselves and their careers short by doing so. We usually see those same guys at the semester with their lousy university grades in tow and knowing they blew their entire year of eligibility at one tournament where they went two-and-out. After all of that, the next thing we find is what we like to call the "what have you done for me lately?" affect. It's natural for people to be drawn to and desire to be associated with winners. As someone said above, is the room competitive? Are you just recruiting good guys or developing them? For us, where do they end up after they graduate from Triton? We find that a lot of recruits rarely want to talk about academics, but we always remind them that wrestling doesn't happen with out them being a full-time student. For some it's in one ear and out the other. For others it's taken to heart. There's much more that goes into it from the kids' perspectives, and recruiting is a very tough battle for most schools, but the challenge of landing exceptional STUDENT-athletes is part of the fun.
  20. Here's Tony Cecchine in our room 10 years ago showing his stuff: .
  21. Triton College River Grove, Illinois http://www.triton.edu/Content.aspx?id=7157 Sat. Nov. 2 Rochester Open Rochester, MN Fri. Nov. 8 Muskegon Duals Muskegon, MI Sat. Nov. 9 Ben McMullen Open Muskegon, MI Sat Nov. 23 Concordia Open Mequon, WI Sat Dec. 7 Wisconsin Open Kenosha, WI Sat Dec. 14 24th Annual Art Kraft Open HOME - River Grove, IL Sun.Mon. Dec 29-30 51st Ken Kraft Midlands Evanston, IL Sat Jan. 4 William Penn Open Oskaloosa, IA Sat Jan. 11 Flash Flanagan Open Dubuque, IA Sat. Jan. 18 Lincoln Duals Lincoln, IL Sat. Jan. 25 Al Hanke Invitational Elmhurst, IL Sat. Feb. 1 Harper Invitational (unofficially known as NJCAA Non-Scholarship Nationals) Palatine, IL Sat Feb. 8 Harper Open Palatine, IL Sun. Feb. 16 Central District Tournament (National qualifying tournament) HOME - River Grove, IL Fri. Feb 28 & Sat. March 1 2013 - 2014 NJCAA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT Spokane, WA
  22. It's been said that taking a blast double from JB can immediately cure one of cancer. It's been reported that touching his new gold ASICS while he wears them makes god cry. Hence why no one has touched them to date. Rumor has it that JB once swam into the waters at the Jersey Shore to save a sinking ship filled with kittens, puppies and human babies. He put the anchor between his teeth and took off, all the while hitting counter offensive techniques on the hundreds of bull sharks that were circling the ship. Legend states that the main character in the new Robocop is based on JB, even if they couldn't make Robocop manly, powerful or exciting enough. The World's Most Interesting Man? JB was his mentor. Has anyone ever seen JB and Superman in the same place at the same time? Just sayin'.
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