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  1. Kennedy-King - Chicago Rend Lake - Rend Lake, Illinois Wilbur Wright - Chicago These three schools dropped their programs after last season.
  2. ^^^ This is correct. We had heard that Phil was competing again this last year, which ended up not being true.
  3. Same guy. Good eyes, JT1. I'm not really sure if this was his last go round. I'll have to ask Dale what the situation was the next time I see him.
  4. The "old" guy was Phil Rembert, former head coach at Northern Illinois before Dave Grant came on. The guy in his 30s is Mike Kelly. He's been on a number of world grappling teams and was a state champ in Wisconsin back in the 1990s. He's 38 or 39 years old.
  5. That was Mr. Dale Eggert from Libertyville high school in north suburban Chicago. He is a champion human being. Actually, this same year was coach Eggert's 12th Midlands and his first time placing at the tournament. He finished 7th at 126 that year.
  6. The bottom of the page also talks about now former-Iowa recruit Ed Cooper and where he's "landing".
  7. Andy, this is fantastic. Thank you for the time you put into this. We've been looking to do the same thing here, but our analysis is much, much slower. Do you happen to have a breakdown of most frequent scoring techniques from each position based on percentages? I remember USAW published similar data in USA Wrestler following the 2008 Olympic Games (and maybe again in 2012, I don't know) and I found it incredibly useful. Thanks again for this. Cheers, TCW
  8. Elmhurst took in Mike Benefiel (Northwestern/Oklahoma State) with just one year of eligibility remaining. He took a few lumps during the season, even from a couple of DIII guys, and then won the national title at 197. The Bluejays are rumored to possibly have another guy in the room this year with one year left who made a name for himself for a little bit. That remains to be seen. Marianetti and his staff run a top notch program. Ben won't lose a single step by being in that room, with the workout partners he'll have and under the watchful eye of Steve.
  9. http://www.intermatwrestle.com/tournaments - this is a pretty exhaustive list from LAST YEAR of most every open and invite in the country at the collegiate level. Most will be here this year and the date will change by just a day. I recommend finding some close to you, then going to the college/university's website for updated info as I'm not sure when this page will be updated. There's another site that I cannot find right now that has a map of the U.S. and physical placements of many of the tournaments you find listed in the link above.
  10. I just poked around the book a bit more and it has Jesse Montez wrestling for Triton College in New Jersey. Jesse, who finished as the runner-up at 126 in 1997, while Stas placed third in the same weight, is one of our guys, from Illinois.
  11. Unfortunately the NJCAA book has it wrong. Mr. Khaitlin never wrestled for us. Which school he competed for we do not know at the moment. However, Reggie Wilson accomplished the following: 1984 - NJCAA Champion for Triton 1986 - All-American (6th) for Oklahoma State University 1987 - All-American (5th) for Chicago State University
  12. Mr. Khaitlin never wrestled for us. Though the NJCAA record book erroneously has him listed a Triton wrestlers, we're not certain which school he competed for when he earned his accolade. However, Reggie Wilson did accomplish the following: 1984 - NJCAA National Champion for Triton 1986 - NCAA All-American (6th) for Oklahoma State University 1987 - NCAA All-American (5th) for Chicago State University
  13. Ben has multiple options that he is currently exploring. Not all of them are on the NCAA Division I level, but they certainly are not poor options either.
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